Dil Chahta Hai – Episode 8

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Ishu and Khushi come back home after some meetings

Khushi:Can I get a juice?
Ishu:Sure…No formality
Ishu calls out a servant and asks to bring two juice…The servant goes.
Arnav and Aarav enter happily and runs to Ishu hugs her and lifts her and says zor se bolo jai mata di.Khushi looks on.
Ishu(irritated):Keep me down idiotsss….
Arnav:We have 2 good news
Ishu(standing down):What?
Aarav:We are going to London!
Ishu:I never knew that.
Aarav:our concert is in london.
Arnav:And mine too
Ishu:So…Why should I come?
Aarav:Your contract with that madam (looking at Khushi)
Khushi stares at him.
Arnav looks at Khushi.
Arnav:Ok so she is our new business friend
Ishu gives him death glare as she knew he was about to do some mischief.
Ishu:Yah…Khushi.Kumari.Gupta…Ok both of you have fun…Go Go
Arnav:Aise kaise meheman ka swagath toh karlu (Not easily….Let me welcome the guest well)
Arnav moves to Khushi.
Khushi:You have already welcomed me really well yday during your sleep walk.
Aarav laughs hard and does Hi-Fi with Khushi.Khushi smiles…Ishu hides her laugh.Arnav feels embarrassed and walk out from there rubbing his hair and looking somewhere.After he left All laugh…Aarav enjoys Ishu laughing.
Aarav(to himself):Wow Khushi has brought Khushi in my di’s life
Aarav looks at Khushi with grateful eyes.

Its evening,

Ishu,Arnav and Aarav in traditional wear goes out…Khushi looks on…All were busy in some or the other work.Khushi thinks somebody is coming and goes to change into a decent wear……After sometime,
The trio enter with a old lady.Aarav’s and Arnav’s Nani and Ishita’s Dadi
(Subha and Shalini are sister in laws…And Dadi is our own Ipkknd Nani)

Arnav:Finally! This house is going to be lively
Nani:Aww…So chweet…U are so happy on my entry ah?
Arnav:Not because of that….I get to see your daily dose of drama….there is need for switching on TV also
Nani beats him playfully.Aarav laughs.Khushi comes down in a beautiful green/red combo floor length Anarkali with golden borders and red chudi with a Green shawl with golden border.Arnav gets mesmerized seeing her.
Nani(to herself):Whose this new entry?…Anyways she looks pretty
Nani notice Arnav standing dumbstruck seeing Khushi.
Nani:Arnu is this your present gf?
Arnav breathlessly nods NO…..
Nani:What? I cant understand.
Arnav takes a deep breath and says No
Ishu further explains everything.
Nani:Oh….Hi Beta
Khushi(to herself):God! Till when will I have to fake in front of these people.
Nani:Kya sochke kadi ho aayiye aashirwad lekar jaaye (What are thinking….come and take blessing)
Aarav:Nani todi na Devyani Raizada Devi hai ki sabko free ashirwad deti hai (Nani is not Devyani Raizada Devi to give free blessings to everybody)
Arnav:Not a bad idea lets make some money
Aarav:The proper country fellow thinking only about money
Arnav winks.Aarav gives an you are impossible look.
They have fun with Nani.

Bhalla House,
Ruhi is in her room studying….She gets bored and looks for her mobile and finds her old diary and decides to read that….The first few pages brings back the memories of her CHOTU….The person whom she had met once or twice in her primary classes in school.

Small Ruhi is in school and was playing in the ground with her friends…..She falls down and other students in her class tease her saying:Earthquake….Oh my god! Fatty has fallen…
(Ruhi was fat back then)
Ruhi starts crying and a hand holds her shoulder and looks at her with comforting eyes….A Boy fat like her with black/brown eyes with fair complexion…Looking cute for all the aunty’s who knows him.He has a naughty smile.
Boy:She is fat doesn’t mean you all can tease her…..Do you people even have the confidence to sing in a stage? She has…Do you people have the heart to help a person who has fallen down? She has.Dont underestimate a person with their appearance…Everybody are different.
(Ruhi sings well from her school days)

Ruhi with tears in her eyes says Thank you…The boy smiles and goes….Ruhi admires him
Fb ends
Ruhi(to herself): Where are you chotu? I miss you…(she kiss on the book)
She sleeps off

*From next epi its going to be a new start….U all must have guessed it…..YES All Are Leaving To London.Hope it get updated in ipkknd ek jashn page.

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  1. nice episode pls give ishra scene also

    1. Veronica

      Thnx jyoti

  2. Kumud

    Awesome ff

  3. Episode was nice….but where is Raman…and today also no ishra….

    1. Veronica

      Tnx ishan and sorry yaar ishra scenea are on the way

  4. Wow nicechppy…and that ashirwad sceme s the bes????

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Arshi di

  5. Jasminerahul

    Nani arnav aarav dialogues were funny.Arnav lost in khushi’s beauty.wow.the best scene was ruhi chottu one.

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Jasmine

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