Dil Chahta Hai -Episode 12

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Arnav’s band and Aarav’s band were practicing in two rooms.

Aarav’s band,

Aarav tries to concentrate on the song but is not able to because Ruhi was looking beautiful in a black crop top and blue jeans her hair open and she was smiling….But Aarav’s heart was burning seeing her talking with a boy named Rahul….Who is in charge of drums.He bangs his fist hard on a table nearby with grinning teeth.He shouts at the servants for no reason.
Aarav(to himself): I cant let her be his….Why isnt she understanding that he is flirting with her?….She easily understands when I talk…I mean flirt with girls.

Ruhi turns to him and asks what?
Aarav:Woh….Yah today evening we will have to go home by ourselves…Your bhai said he is going somewhere.
Ruhi(sad face): what!?…Nevermind.
Rahul:Oh gawd Ruhi…when I am there why are you getting sad
Ruhi:Abbe donkey….Who are you to take me home?
Rahul looks at her shocked.
Ruhi:Shut up and do your work
Aarav become happy hearing this
Ruhi says something to herself and turns and see Aarav standing there smiling widely
Ruhi:Don’t smile like an idiot
Aarav makes pout face
Ruhi laughs at his cute face
Ruhi:You look so cute like this!
Ruhi pulls his cheeks…he let her do like that.Suddenly she stop and turns to the other side as if something strike her and walk.Aarav smiles naughtily.
Ruhi(to herself):I am mad what,was the need for pulling his Cheeks…Pagal kahinki

All gather for dinner.
Khushi:Ma…Make kheer tmw….they would like it.
Ruhi:Tmw is a holiday for us…So shall we all cook
Garima:I will give everyone jobs assigned
All nods.
Garima gets happy to see Khushi being excited about the things which she hadnt even cared before

Next day,
All in apron and ready for cooking comes to the kitchen.
Arnav:Ishu will make Chicken Kurma….
Ruhi:Arre then what will Raman bhai make…He only knows to make Chicken kurma and its just delicious
Aarav:Idea….Both of them will make together
All nods…Ishu doesnt feel happy.

Khushi:I would like to make Kheer
Aarav:Ok..Arnav bhai will make fried rice
Arnav nods
Ruhi:I would love to make Paneer fry
Aarav:Yummy….I would love to eat all these
All:We will love to kill you.
All laugh…Aarav makes pout face.
Aarav:Ok then I will make chapathi.
All nods
Arnav:At least now you are going to do something!
Aarav smirks.

All were busy in cooking,

Ishra were doing with chicken and cutting few vegetables to add in Kurma.Arnav was cutting vegetables for fried rice…Khushi had finished making kheer….Ruhi was busy cutting vegetables for Paneer fry.Aarav was surfing in net for kneading wheat…..Seeing Aarav struggling…Garima comes and helps him.Khushi finish making kheer…Arnav see that and something strikes his mind

Arnav:Khushi can u help me with this vegetables.
Khushi stands close to him and cut vegetables….He moves close to her…She didnt notice as she was engrossed in cutting.He gets happy to see his Choti close to him.
Arnav close to her: Can u pass me the tomatoes?
Khushi gets startled and the onion in her hand rolls up and she loses her balance and is about to fall down but Arnav holds her and both get lost in eachother.But the eye lock didn’t continue for long because the onion which rolled up hits Arnav’s head and he gets pain.
Khushi laughs hard in his arms…Arnav admires her.
Others who saw this starts laughing but Arnav was just lost in her.

After sometime,
Ishra were busy doing the filling and frying part….Ishu hurts her hand while frying…Raman holds it and puts it under ice water….Ishu gets touched.
Ishu(to herself):Why did I think about him as a stupid? He is so sweet….I was wrong.
Raman:Are u ok Ishita ji?
Ishu nods
Raman smiles
Raman:You can take rest I will handle rest
Ishu nods smiling
Aarav see Ishu’s hand in ice water and looks at her.
Aarav to Ishu:What happened di?
Ishu:Nothing its just that oil fell on my hand while trying to fry chicken
Aarav:It hurts a lot right
Ishu caressing his hair: I am ok dea….u don’t worry
Ishu and Aarav hug
Other go aww seeing their bonding.
Arnav:U people always forget me
Ishu:How can I forget my first brother
Arnav smiles and hugs Ishu and Aarav.Ishu calls others…Ruhi,Khushi and Raman also hug them…They share a group hug.


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  1. Arshi

    wowow soo cute… its a superb chapy.. i loved ruhi aarav part.. aww they r soo cute

  2. it’s….super….cute…episode….all the couples scenes r very cute….

  3. beautiful episode everyone cooking together i loved that scene group hug was cute

  4. Kumud

    Woooow just too cute

  5. Jasminerahul

    Jealous aarav. Ruhi pulling his cheek was so cute.arshi eyelock interrupted by onion. Ha ha.Raman caring for ishu was so sweet n this ishu is melting. Wow

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