Dil Chahta Hai – 40

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Two old people-a lady and a man enter through the gate and comes inside the house. All the 6 are happy to find them.

Lady:Who are you people? I dont know you at all.
Khushi:We have come from a far away place to meet Aaliya
Man:Who is that?
The lady thinks:They know my real name……. I dont want Adi to hear the past……i can’t lose him.
Aaliya:I think you are mistaken nobody named Aaliya stay here…. My name is maya and he is Rishi.
Adi:Guys…..you are at the wrong address

Seeing Aaliya’s tensed face. Ishu,Khushi and Ruhi find something fishy. They decide to change the topic and sign eachother.
(Aaliya and Adi is played by garima and sashi of ipkknd)
Ishu:Khushi you are changing name as per your wish… Its Maya not Aaliya.
Ruhi:You have become a crazy Aalia bhatt fan that you forgot the real name also bhabi…. Very bad ah?

The boys looks on confused

Ruhi:We came here for Maya only.
Khushi: Yah…..we came here for Maya…. Sorry actually we were talking about Aalia bhatt that i accidentally said the name.

Aaliya/Maya thinks : These people are smart……i must be careful while saying each word.

Adi/Rishi: So you guys came to meet Maya….. Ok for what?
Raman:We came to meet her for asking about the rental house.
Adi/Rishi:Oh! Actually i had given the advertisement. Ok please sit in.

The six goes inside the house and sit.

Arnav:This house is beautiful!
Adi/Rishi:Leave all that….. Where do u people come from.
Arnav:We come from Bo…
Raman(interrupts): Boss road in Lucknow
Raman signs Arnav.
Adi/Rishi:Oh…we were there a few years back.

Aaliya/Maya:Shall i take coffee
Adi/Rishi:Dont ask dea just take and come.

Aaliya/Maya smiles and goes in .

Khushi, Ishu and Ruhi:Can we join you?

In hall,

Adi/Rishi:Are u six people staying together?
Adi/Rishi:Who is the one gonna stay here?
Aarav:All of us.
Adi/Rishi opens his eyes wide.

Meanwhile in Kitchen,

Aaliya was staring at Ishita and Khushi while the girls asked her about the house.

Aaliya/Maya:Where do u people come from?
Khushi:Are u based in Delhi?
Aaliya /Maya:Yes…..we were born and brought up in delhi. This city has lot of memories for us (A small drop of tear escape from her eyes)

Ruhi notice that and signs Khushita. They confirm that its the same person.

Ishu:Oh your childhood memories?

Aaliya/Maya nod

Ruhi:How many years have you been married to Rishi sir?
Aaliya/Maya(laughs):We arent married…. He is my uncle’s son. We are one family.

Khushi, Ishu and Ruhi looks on.

Aaliya/Maya:Give this coffee to them. If u dont mind.
The 3 nods and goes with the tray.

Aaliya/Maya thinks:Why am i feeling connected to them? No Aaliya you cant waste your time thinking about these. You must take care of Adi first.

Aaliya goes to the hall and sits beside Adi. Adi holds her hand while speaking…… She looks at him lovingly. She then thinks something and gets up and stand near the girls .The girls looks on.

Raman:Will u both mind if we 6 stay here for a day and after that can we decide about staying as paying guests.
Adi/Rishi:Yah sure…. We will love to serve you dinner today.

Raman,Arnav and Aarav goes to take bags. They come with three suit case and three bags on shoulder.

Maya/Aaliya:Why so much of bags?
Ishu:The three suitcase are for these three boys and These three bags are ours.
Maya/Aaliya:Rishi…..usually girls have a big suit case for a 2day journey…..here it is reverse.
Rishi/Adi:Ok keep ur bags inside the house…..we will talk. I loved talking with you all.

Maya/Aaliya smile hearing this.


The boys were chatting.The girls were helping Aaliya/Maya to make food. She starts loving the trio. Their happiness in small things….. Their love for eachother etc.

Aaliya thinks:There is so much Love between.They enjoy their togetherness. Oh! How i miss you mom now. Ishita and Khushi look similar to both my mothers. God gave me two mothers…..but fate choose to give me a lone life…. (she goes in to washroom and cries)

The girls notice this…. Ishu asks Ruhi to go behind. Ruhi goes behind Aaliya and stand near the washroom with phone in her hand. Aarav seeing Ruhi going with phone follows her. He hugs her from behind scaring her. She turns to look at the person but slips and he holds her….. Both look into their eye…….Enna sona kyun rab ne banaya…. Plays……

Ruhi hear Aaliya opening the washroom door and push him to a side…And she stands there with phone….Aaliya’s face showed that she was crying.

Ruhi (holding her):What happend Maam?
Aaliya/Maya:Nothing dear….. Something went in to my eyes.
Ruhi:No…..its evident you were crying
Aaliya/Maya(in the verge of tears): Can i please keep it personal.
Ruhi:I am sorry….. Meri maa kehti hai dukh baatne se kam ho jaathi hai (My mom says if u share your problems… It gets lessend)

Aaliya/Maya breaks down crying hearing this….Aarav seeing that couldn’t stand there any longer…..he went to the hall through another door. He cries recalling how Aaliya was in the verge of tears and how she broke down.

Aarav(to himself): why am i not able to see her cry? Why is destiny playing games with all of us? What happend to her that she is crying?….Aarav! You cant run away……You have to be with Ruhi and help Aaliya maam solve her problem.

Aarav runs back to the same place and lifts Aaliya/Maya.Aaliya smiles weekly at him… He hugs her and comfort her… Ruhi smiles.

Aaliya/Maya:I lied to you all that i am Maya and he is Rishi
Aarav:We knew that…. We didnt want to leave you so we decided to stay here.
Aaliya:My name is Aaliya and he is Aditya….Our parents died when we were just 9yrs…. Adi had a shock after seeing Our parents deadbody….. And after treatments for many years he was normal. After that we went back to our house in lucknow and stayed there for so many years with different name.I found about our ancestrol property and the deposits which mom and dad had made in my name…. I didnt want him to know the truth so i didn’t utter a word to him about his parents deposits..the documents were in our name and i sold that to many people and bought this house and did Adi’s treatment. He get shocks at night…..So i got scared when you said that you people came in search of Aaliya.

Ruhi:Can i know how you treated Adi sir….without any money?

Aaliya(laughs):I got him treated in the hospital were my mom’s friend worked and i made sure that she doesnt leak any info about us to anybody. I was so scared but with the help of that aunty i treated Adi. She and her husband supported us in difficult times….. She taught me basics of English and i studied english well and i was a teacher at the age of 20 without degree.

Ruhi and Aarav hugged her.

Ruhi(holding Aaliya’s hand):i will make sure that Adi never get shocks at night because of us….

Aaliya thanks rurav through eyes.

Rurav leave to hall…. They inform this to others through whatsapp group.The six decides to say Aaliya why they came there.

*Hi guyss after a long gaap i am back…. Hope i will be able to regular from now. My finals are nearing and i am a bit tensed so i am not able to concentrate on ff. Hope u all are ok.

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  1. Superb!

  2. Kumud

    Nice but not really long ff

  3. Awesome ff. Hope to see ur next episode soon

  4. Superb dear update soon

  5. nice yaar

  6. Jasminerahul

    finally they met adi aliya.when they were lying i thought truth wont come out.but surprisingly aliya revealed about adi’s condition.sad.hope he recovers.mayb ishra can help him 2 get cured.but i cant imagine our shashi garima as adi aliya’s middle aged version.ha ha

  7. nice one dear…

  8. arrey wow its nice.

  9. nice update it was emotional but one thing is confusing ishra daughter name was ruhi so how come its aaliya now best of luck for ur exams

    1. Veronica

      For making you ppl understand i said Ruhi is Ishra’s daughter.Their name isnt the same. There is diff.

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