Dil Chahta Hai – 37

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thank you all for you comments….i couldnt reply all… Sorry. The epi starts,

After breakfast. The guys ask girls to get ready and assemble in the hall… The girls came and saw the boys sitting in sofa. They asks the girls to sit.

Arnav:Raman,Aarav i will start and you people continue
Arnav:Actually….we have made you three stay back in delhi with us for an important purpose.
Raman:I hope everybody remember what Anjali ji told in London
Girls nod
Aarav:We have found the kids.
Girls exclaim.
Ishu:Sach? (is it true?)
Arnav nods.
Arnav:But girls…..we have some clue that the lady is staying near Ashok nagar. But no idea of the exact place….so we will move as pairs to find her… Her name is….ah… I forgot yaar Raman.
Raman:Her name is Aaliya.
Ruhi:Nice name.
Aarav:Come Ruhi lets search for her.

All the three couple leave to Ashok nagar for searching the lady.They ask some nearby shopkeepers… They say they dont have any clue about a person like that.

A shop,
Ishu and Raman enter,

Ishu hits accidently hits an old lady. She feels it is Aaliya.
Ishu stops the lady
Ishu:Ji is your name Aaliya?
Old lady(turns):No beta…. My name is Mohini.Jaiswal.
Ishu:Do you know somebody named Aaliya staying here?
Mohini:No…do u know how does she look? Ishu:Actually No. She is an old lady i suppose.
Mohini:There is a old lady staying alone in the end of this street…opposite to the theatre. She doesn’t talk much to anybody… She is too old.you can go and enquire there.
Ishu:Thanks Aunty (Mohini leaves)… Raman!

Ishu calls Raman and explain what Mohini said. Raman and Ishu leave to the house.

At a house,

Rurav were standing infront of the gate.
Ruhi:Is it right?
Aarav:Then what shall we do?
Ruhi:Lets ring the bell and ask them directly.
Aarav:What if they refuse… So we will hide and sneak inside the house.
Ruhi:I am scared Aarav
Aarav:Tumhare jaise bacche darthe hai (Kids like you get scared)
Ruhi:Aarav dont show heroism now… We will be in big problem….it’s not Mumbai baby.
Aarav:So what…..its my fathers place…. Delhi.
Ruhi:Aarav…you are not understanding… Dont go and sneak in
Aarav:Baby…dont get scared…. Nothing will happen.
Ruhi:Aarav! Listen yaar
Suddenly a person taps on his shoulder… A stooping man of about 70years old.

Man:Why are you people arguing like this?
Ruhi:Nothing uncle ji….
Aarav:Yah uncle nothing much
Man:Dont fight like this…. Waise i havent seen you people here before.
Ruhi:We are new here…. We are from mumbai
Old man:Oh!
Aarav:Ruhi we will ask to this uncle about that lady.
Man:Which lady?
Ruhi:Lagtha hai aap har ladki ko jaante ho? (I think you know all the ladies?)
Old man blush.
Aarav:Dekho uncle is blushing.
Ruhi and Aarav laugh.
A kid joins the old man.
Kid:Nanu can we go now..
Old man:Yes beta
Ruhi:Uncle ji dont go….. Do you know where does a lady names Aaliya stay?
The old man is shocked.
Old man:Aaliya bhatt stays in mumbai….why did u people come here in search of her?
Aarav:Not Aaliya bhatt uncle ji….. Aaliya.Bhalla
Old man:Oh yah… The lady who stays in the end of the street……opp to the theatre.I hope her name is that. She doesn’t talk much to anybody.
Ruhi:Thank you uncle
Old man:Jeete raho beta

Rurav leave to the direction.

A theatre,
A security was sitting there .Arshi reach there.

Khushi:Arnav we will ask this security.
Arnav:Ok….(to security) bhaisab does anybody named Aaliya stay in this street.
Security:Dont know.
Khushi:Can u please think again ?
Security:I stay in that street…..i know most of them…. I dont know anybody names Aaliya
Arnav:She might be about 65yrs
Security:An old lady stays behind this theatre….she doesn’t talk to anybody much. Ask there.

Arshi run to the house….the three couple reach the spot together from 3 direction.Arshi comes through the back gate of theatre….Ishra comes from left of the house and Rurav joined Ishra in a T road.

All:You people here?
Ruhi:So that means this is the house.
Khushi:I hope so.
Ishu:Wait! Can i know why are we finding about Them?
All look at eachother
Raman:Dont know.
Arnav:may be We want them to know that we are the season 2 of their parents.
Khushi:No….i think its all destinys game….. See we are aimlessly searching them.
Aarav:I agree with you Khushi babhi.

Ishu:Anyways we will go in…. I too feel Khushi is right.

All open the small gate of the house…. The house was a well maintained single storyed building….A garden was set up in the front area adding beauty to the house painted in blue and white.The car porch was transformed to a room filled with tables and a few books in the shelf…..a glass door covered the area.

Ishu:I must say its a well maintained house…. So beautiful…..can we stay here today?
Khushi:Yah…we will sleep in floor
Aarav:Yah…i think we should stay here today.
Armaan and Ruhi:Can u people shut up… We will think about it.

Ishu. Khushi. Aarav look at them. Arnav rings the bell. A lady with broomstick opens the door.

All look at eachother

*Sorry for late update i was busy with my project….. Will update soon. And i will not update on feb as i will be having my exams.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    They have reached the house.meeting the last.so exciting. Can’t wait for the next part

    1. Veronica

      Tnx Jasmine

  2. Jasminerahul

    Sorry.I meant meeting the lady

  3. Nice dear.update soon

  4. nice story!

  5. Kumud

    Nice can’t wait for suspense anymore pls reveal the person in the next ff

  6. Rashita

    Nice dear…..update soon……

  7. Nivedha

    Hi Vero.. Sry I was busy and couldn’t read or update… Today I ll read in one go…

  8. nice update pls continue soon

  9. superb episode yaar…loved aliya bhatt part l…it was very funy….

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