DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Episode-2)

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Hi ishqbazins. Hope you guys are well. Thanks your comments. It’s supporte me alot. So her is the second part of my ff. So let’s start. This is again orchid signing in the ff.


2 years back,

Shivaay and Mallika is dating eachother for a month. They madly love eachother. But Mallika was orphan. She has been bought up by the owner of the orphanage. She used to call him dad. They come to know eachother for a business purpose before 2 month. From there they start friendship and then liking eachother. On day Shivaay introduce her to his family. Everyone of Om like her. Pinky also but she has some doubt in her mind about her. So she called her P.A.and asked him to give the details about Mallika. So in the next day she get call from her P.A.
P.A.: Mrs.Oberoi the details you asked from me about Mallika I have got it.
Pinky:So what’s have you come to knows about that girl?
P.A.:Mam she is an architecture and well known in India. But she is orphan and she has been bought up by the owner of the orphanage where she used to live. Don’t know anything about her family.
Pinky:Ok. If you gets any information about that girl aware me
P.A.:Ok mam.

Pinky(in mind) Us Mallika ki itni himmat usne meri hira bete ki jindagi me entrys li.???Uska to mai asiki tasi kar dungi. Aur mera beta bhi na kisi ko bhi apne lifes me entrys karne deta hai. Uski bhi kaya galti us ladki nehi to mera hira beta ki fassaya hai use to main nehi chodunga.(How dare that Mallika enter in my hira beta’s life. I will not spare her. And my son is also too much he allows anyone to enter I his life. But also what is his fault that Mallika must have trape my hira beta)
Then she go to the hall thinking of some plan to get rid of Mallika. She saw Shivaay talking with Mallika in phone.
Shivaay says:Can we meet today plz.
Mallika replied.
Shivaay:You say where?

Shivaay:Today evening at coffee shop near the park. Bye.
He hangs up the phone and saw Omru standing and Rudra says(in a teasing tone) :O someone is going somewhere.
After finishing his sentence Pinky says:No one is going no where rudra.
Shivaay look at her and says:Why mom? What happened is everything alright?
Pinky:No Shivaay nothing is alright.
Shivaay:Why what happened mom.
Pinky( shouting):Don’t you know what happened? Are you kiddings Shivaay?
Shivaay:Mujhe kuch samaj me nahi araha hai. Bataoge kaya bat hain. (I don’t understand anything. Will anyone tell me what is the matter?
Om:Yes choti ma tell us
Hearing Pinky shouting everyone gathered there.
Tej:What happened Pinky why are you shouting?
Pinky:Jehtji aapko pata hain o jo ladki hain na Mallika o na orphans hain. No family no status. You know na.(Jehtji you know that girl,Mallika,is orphan. She has no family and status. You know.
Shivaay:So what. Why are you shouting?
Pinky:What are you saying Shivaay. That girl is orphan. And you are dating her? Are you mad? You are the heir of Oberoi empire and you are dating a middle class orphan girl?
Shivaay:Watch out your language mom you have no right to insult her. And for your kind information I love her and if I even get married I will only and only marry her no one else. Do get that?!!
Pinky:What did you said Shivaay. You are arguing with your mom just for that road side lame girl?
Shivaay(angrily): Mom!!! Don’t you dare to say another cheap word toward Mallika. Or else.
Pinky(in a breaking tone):Or else what Shivaay. That girl have washed your brain totally for that girl you are raising you voice on me. Really Shivaay I didn’t expect this from u.
Shivaay(calmly):Mom I didn’t mean that.
Pinky:Looks Shivaay I don’t want any further arguments in this chapter. You are not going to meet Mallika now and forget her for ever.
Shivaay:Mom plz try to understand I love her I will die without her.
Pinky(clapping):WOW! My son has become like this and I didn’t even realize. You have changed Shivaay.
Pinky turns to leave and when she turn she saw Mallika standing behind a little far away. By her’s face expression it is clearly understand that she heared everything.
Pinky:Oh so you have comes heres also. Which magic you have done to my Shivaay. Huh?
Shivaay:Mom plz stop it.
Pinky(to Mallika):Even now also he is defending you. What is so special in you that my son has become mad for you. Look Mallika I am warning you get out of my son’s life or you will suffer.
Mallika:But aunty I love Shivaay and he also love me and…..
Pinky:ENOUGH! What do you have do you have any surname or family? Do you have any status or lineage? Nothing no. Then why are you stuck in my Shivaay’s life? What do you want? MONEY? How much? Just say how much amount will you take to get out of my Shivaay’s life?
Shivaay:Enough is enough mom don’t say anything about money to her. She is not after your money. She loves me and want to stay with me for the rest of her life and I also love her.

Mallika:No Shivaay plz don’t argue with your mother. She is your elder and perhaps she is right. (In a cracking voice)What did I have? I have no surname,no family, even i don’t know whose blood is flowing in my body. I have no right to love you even I don’t deserve you. You are so rich, you have surname,you have family but I have nothing. My identity is only Mallika. Only and only Mallika. And she start crying Shivaay tries to console her but she ran away from the OM and goes to her house. Shivaay is still in a shock. He comes out of it and shouts at her mom.
Shivaay:Mom what have you done? Do you even realize what did you do? Oh My God what is she must be thinking? I should apologize to her. She tries to go but Pinky hold his hand and said:Look Shivaay don’t you dare to go to her or try to contact her if you do so she will suffer. Keep this in mind. Do you understand? Dont dare!
Shivaay: Mom why are you doing all this I have already explained it to you that I can’t live without her.
Pinky:Then learn to live Shivaay! I am not goona accept her as my bahu she has no surname.
Shivaay:How many times I have to told you that I don’t believe in this surname,blood,family or lineage.
Pinky:But I do. And that is enough. Concentrate on your business and don’t try to contact or meet her. Or else both of you will suffer.
Saying this she goes from there lefting a shatter Shivaay behind.

That night Shivaay’s room….

Omru come there and saw Shivaay standing in his window. They goes near him. He sense them. He turn to them and says:What has happened omru. What has happened? I love Mallika whole heartedly but because of mom I have lost my love. I lost her.
Om:Shivaay plz tu ro mat. Tu usse payaar karta hain na vho tunjhe samjhegi. Tu fikar matt kar. Payaar tuna kamjor nahi hain.
Ru:Ha bhaiya o thik bol raha hai. Aur issi bat mein ek shayri to banta hai.
Shivkara:Nooo Rudra.
But Rudy is Rudy.
‘Kamjor nahi hain payaar utna jitna hum sochote hain,
Mallika di ko bol dena sorry aur hum tumse bohut payaar karte.
Jee nahi sakte tumhare bina,zindegi hain adhura
Maaf kar do galti meri aur tum zindegi kar do puri.’

Shivkara give him a question mark wala look. But he is busy praising himself. At last they have a O’bros and then they sleep together.

Although Pinky has has warned them not to contact but they did. And Pinky got all the news from her P.A. After a week Pinky anger is out of control. Before some time her P.A. has informed her that shivaay is going to marry Mallika today evening secretly. She goes to Mallika’s house and warned her that if she stepped out of her house she will kill her.

In the evening Shivaay come to pick her and heard everything. He goes from there. But that was a cursed day. That night Shivaay make a plan of run away and call Mallika.
Shi:Mallika can we meet plz plz.
Malli:But Shivaay your mom.
Shivaay:Do you love me?
Mallika:Of course.
Shivaay:Do you trust me?
Mallika:More than myself.
Shivaay:Then come.
Shivaay:For the sake of our love.plz.

She come to meet him. He was waiting in the park where they meet for the first time. Shivaay told her about his plan.Mallika in a teary eyes said:You love me so much? Shivaay replied:Any doubt? They both hug eachother
BUT it was the last hug of their life. Their story ends here before starting. As they hug suddenly Shivaay hears a sound of shoot and he shake a bit. He then notice that there is something wet in his hand. He move his hand toward him from Mallika’s back and saw it was drenched in blood. He call Mallika 2 or 3 times but no response. Then he break the hug and saw Mallika her eyes was closed he couldn’thold her anymore. He lye her and checks if she is breathing or not. But…. He call her, asked to open her eyes, he shouts but ppl don’t wake when they sleeps forever. He suddenly look up and saw the P.A. of his mom. He was holding a gun and in shock. Shivaay tried to catch him but he run. Shivaay also run behind him but suddenly another fire happen and the guy fall in the nearby pool.
Oberois got the news of this murder. They immediately go there. Shivaay was crying. Omru try to console him. They do Mallika’s al post death rituals. Shivaay narrates the whole story. Shivaay accused Pinky for all this as it was her P.A. but Pinky keeps saying that she haven’t done it and says that she dosen’t know about it. But Shivaay didn’t agree. From that day he used to hate and avoid Pinky. He brakes all his relation with her. But Pinky keep saying that she haven’t done anything.
Fb ends………..

Dadi says:But puttar we don’t get any clue or proof against her na. So how can we accused her?
Shivaay:But Dadi I know she did all that. I saw her p.a by my own eyes.
Dadi:Ok dear bygones is bygones. We can change it. Now forget it and go get ready for the aarti dear. Hurry up?
Shivomru:Ok Dadi. Aap ki hukmu sarakho par.
Dadi:Nautanki! Now go!
They all goes from there. But Pinky has listen all this from outside and she cries and says Shivaay tu mujhe kitna bhi galat samajhle mane kuch nahi kia or tu bhi ye ek din jaroor manega.(Shivaay no matter how much you misunderstood me but I haven’t done anything. One day you will agree also

Scean shift to a car….
A girl is driving it.
Girl:Oh my god I am so late my client will be waiting for me for the case papers I should wake up a bit early. And she accelerat the car. And suddenly she saw a girl taunt by some goons. She come out of the car and goes there.
Girl:Hey what is happening here? Huh why are you disturbing her?
Goon.1:What is your problem we are not disturbing you.
Goon.2:And if you say we will disturb you. Ha ha ha.
And they do a high-five.
Girl:Hey chepde(cheapster) mind your language or else….
Goons:Or else what?
Girl:You want to saw? Then see.
And then she beat them black,blue,white,red and what not. Finally the goons fall on her feet and say:We are sorry plz forgive us. We will not do that again. Plz let us go.
Girl:Get lost. I should not see your face in near 100 miles of this area or else….. She couldn’t complete her words the goons ran like Usine Bolt. After the goons run away a guy come and say to that girl:What happened miss is everythingalright?
Girl:Yes actually some goons were taunting this girl..
Then suddenly a voice said:But didi has beat them white and blue.
They all turn to that voice and they saw another girl there.
This girl:Hi! I am Gauri. I am passing through here but I saw you beating them and I stop to see the fighting.
Boy:Hello! I am Ranveer.
They shake hands. Then they look at the girl who is taunted by the goons. She is a bit afraid but ok.Ranveer go to her asked is she is ok or not.
She say:I am ok. (Looking to the girl who saved her) thank you didi.
She says:Welcome by the way what is your name.
Girl:Soumya. My name is soumya. I am a film director.
Gauri:Sowmya sowmya sowmya I have heared it before but where. Oh I get it you are the film director Sowmya Bijlani right?
Sowmya:Yes didi your’e right.
Ranveer:Oh so you are that. I am ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa.(according to his adopter uncle)
Gauri:So you are a cop huh you should arrest the goons who taunted Sowmya but I think the way didi has beated them they are not going to gather courage to taunt anyone else. Anyway didi may we know your name?I
Girl:Ya sure but first tell what do you do?
Gauri:I am a professional doctor.
Girl:I am Anika. Detective Anika Singhaniya. (according to sahil’s bua)
Trio of them cup their face as Anika is so fam2in all India. Gauri screams:Is this dream. Let me check. She tried to pinch herself but due to over shock she pinched Ranveer. And Ranveer shouts out of pain. She says:Sorry sorry galati se hogaya maff kar do.(Sorry sorry it happened by mistaken plz forgive me)
Sue to this fighting and chitchat Anika forgets about her client. She says:Oh God I have totally forgot about him. Let me call him. Sh excused herself. She calls him and wait for him to hang on the call. But suddenly she heared a ringtone. She turn to see whose it is and then find Ranveer’s phone ringing. They look at eachother and understand. Ranveer was the person to whom she is going to give the papers of case. She give it to Ranveer. Sowmya invite them for a coffee. The all agree and goes. They have a good time chit-chating and they build up a bro-sis bond between them. Although they feeling a deep connection among eachother.(Normally guys they are Brother and Sisters)

In the venue of mahaarti,
ShivOmRu reaches there. All the media’s are asking them one question only who will do the aarti and who will be the Oberoi empire? ShivOmRu just slightly go from there. But suddenly Khanna come and give a letter to them after reading the letter they just left shocked.

Scean shifts to a very big villa,
A mid aged women is shown. She is sitting in a swing and holding a photo frame. She looked at the photo of the frame and cries. A mid aged man comes from behind and place his hand on her shoulder and try to console her. She says:Whose evil eye fall on our family Avinash. Why did God take our childrens away?
Avinash:Don’t cry Avantika. Have faith on god he will surely give us our childrens back.
In the photo frame there is a photo of 4 children smiling and held eachother’s hand.

Precape:Mahaarti shock revelation——-Shivika meeting———some nok-jok and villains revelation.

So that for today guys.
This is orchid signing off now.
Hope you like the story.
Plz comment.
Bye bye for now.
I will post the next tomorrow.

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