Dil Bole Oberoi 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shwetlana shoots Kaali. Kaali holding Gauri, falls down the cliff. Om tries to hold her hand and misses. He shouts Chulbul. Some time before, Gauri prays to Shankar ji for Om and his family. Jhanvi prays for her children’s protection. Om kicks the cage lock. Kaali says break the lock…. Tej takes the rounds. Om kicks the door. Buamaa shoots at Tej and Shwetlana’s ghatbandhan. They all get shocked. Buamaa shoots the chemical box. Jhanvi gets back.

Kaali takes the remote to release crocodile. The crocodile steps out of the cage. Gauri cries. Sheruns and pushes Kaali down. She stops the crocodile and shuts the cage door. Om breaks down the cage door and comes out. Kaali and Om fight. Rudra pushes the men and fights. Shwetlana thinks this is the chance to get rid of Kaali. She runs. Tej

turns and sees her gone. Kaali asks his men to beat them. Om and Rudra fight with Kaali and his men. Rudra takes Jhanvi. Gauri fights with a goon and runs. Kaali runs away. Om runs after him and catches him. They have a fight. Om recalls Kaali holding Jhanvi’s hand and beats him.

He says this is for getting Tej marry, this is for troubling all of us. He hits Kaali. Gauri shouts Omkara ji and runs to him. She asks Om is he fine. Om sees his wound. Gauri cries, Kaali gets up and catches her. Om gets shocked.

Rudra, Tej and Jhanvi come there. Om asks Kaali to leave her, else he will kill him. Kaali moves back. Shwetlana hides far and looks on. She says I won’t get a better chance than this, Kaali will die and take Chulbul along, one arrow and two targets. She shoots Kaali. Om and everyone look on shocked. Shwetlana smiles. Kaali falls down, along with Gauri. Om tries to hold Gauri’s hand. Jaane nahi denge tujhe…..plays….. He holds Gauri’s hand. Old moments are shown. Gauri’s hand slips. Kaali and Gauri fall down. Om shouts Chulbul. Saathiya….plays…. Om recalls Chulbul.

Tej says my deal is over, it would be better that I leave from here. He leaves. Om goes to lower level road. He sees the car leaving. Gauri shouts to Om. Kaali drives the car and catches Gauri. Om runs after the car. He gets tired and sits. The car leaves.

Jhanvi calls Buamaa. Shwetlana says its good I got rid of Kaali, before Tej forces me to marry him, I will marry him. Rudra calls Om and asks did you get Chulbul. Om says no, I m sure Kaali took him to Bareilly, I m going there. Rudra asks what, why are you going alone, you know Kaali is dangerous. Om says I know, so I did not take you along. Rudra asks what’s the need to risk life. Om says its needed, Chulbul did a lot for me, I have to save him, take care of mom, did Tej come back. Rudra says not yet. Om says he will do something, take care of mom.

Rudra says fine, take care. Jhanvi says make me talk to Om. Rudra says he is fine, Shivaye has sent him for deal. She says I hope Buamaa is fine. He says I will find her. She calls Buamaa. Shwetlana comes to her and asks why do you look worried, I don’t want any misunderstanding to happen, I genuinely went to help Om, Kaali forced me to marry Tej. Jhanvi asks why are you telling this to me. Shwetlana says you are Om’s mom and my would be sasu mom. Jhanvi says I have no time for this nonsense. Shwetlana says I think we should prepare for my and Om’s marriage. Jhanvi says Buamaa did not come home, Tej is missing, Om is not here, you are thinking for yourself. Shwetlana says Om signed an agreement, he has to marry me, you also start preparations. She goes.

Om enters Kaali’s haveli and shouts Kaali Thakur…..I have come to your haveli, come out. He sees Gauri there. Gauri comes to him. Saathiya….plays…. Om recalls Gauri.

Om says I came to meet Kaali, not you, where did he hide Chulbul. She asks who is Chulbul. He says my friend, my secret keeper. She says how can anyone be so good, he would be cheating you. Om throws the aarti plate. He says don’t dare to take Chulbul’s name. Kaali comes and stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    Two logic questions–Why did Bua ma shoot the wedding gatbandhan first and not the chemical??
    Why didn’t the chemical corrode the floor??
    Why didn’t the bullet and the fall injure Chulbul and KT?

    But I liked the Jane nahin denge tujhey part..
    And loved today’s ending. Looking FWD to Gaurikara romance and hopefully a smart and capable Om..
    I hope Om discovers Gauri’s situation and reveal as Chulbul soon..
    I hope Swetlana and Tej will be forgot for a few days .
    Btw where is Bua ma?
    I am so happy to see a fury filled Om and the gorgeous Gauri back in the show..

    1. Nivedita

      *Three questions ???
      **..not the chemical container?
      *Tej will be forgotten​ for

      overall a promising track.

  2. 2day i was studying about drugs which suddenly reminded me of Omkara…& his phenomenal acting when he depicted his helplessness during that blackmailing phase of Ranveer!!!! Those were some of the best scenes of KJ on the show…& honestly…till now… No other actor (lead role) has been given such roles…completely different… & now whatever he’s doing on the show has been already done by 100s of other actors in 1000s of other shows… I don’t understand why they are wasting KJ’s extraordinary acting skills by showing such ajeeb o gareeb tracks instead of showing some real interesting & for God’s sake atleast 0.01% of something that happens in reality… They have really turned it into some unnaturalistic one… Fed up of all this now… Badly missing our old ZULFI SINGH OBEROI….????????????

    1. Nivedita

      Yes, I hope with the Bareilly track they will change our Omkara back into IB days Romantic&Sensitive Kara..
      And even at the begining of DBO- DashingFightingForJusticeKara..

      KJ and SP are great leads for this show..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Drawinism and Lamarkism…

  3. goood episode
    expecting rikara romance soon

    1. No romance just hatred will be there till Sweat lana there.

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    Guess what girls.. I am up to watch the repeat telecast @ 1: 10 PM. First time in the history of DBO . I am going to watch it twice..
    Badrinaath ran towards the cliff.. Chulbul get concerned then Magadheera scene happened with out breaking any bone…
    Meri Ankhen toh pavitra ho gaye Gouri ko uss khoobsurat saari mein dekhkar..
    Thnx. designer to shut the mouth of all the people who are against Shrenu..
    Gouri instigate Om very cleverly in the last scene.

    1. Nivedita

      Lol magadheera scene! ??
      I agree, I loved Gauri in that gorgeous saree. ????Now I hope the romance will start.. ??with DBO my expectations get raised and then they fall flat within a few days of slow / silly story progress..??

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Nivedita.. I watched for third time @11:30 AM..Magadheera lol…

    2. Nivedita

      Wah kya baat hai 3 times watch.. I did want to re-watch that last scene in Bareilly again, that was superb! ????

  5. Today’s episode was far better…. Bua maa bani revolver rani….. But bua should have hit the acid container first…. and instead of hitting that gathbandhan she should have shot the lock of the cage….. But any ways every one in full Action avatar…. Rudra was liking waiting for Omkara start the action first…. even chulbul aka Gauri also showed some of her moves……
    And kaali thakur for u today’s episode was like “BHAAG KALIYE BHAAG”….
    But I am shocked to see Gauri in bridal dress in KT’s house…. Omkara just use ur brain yrr… the girl who ran way from her wedding with KT without robbing him…. why will be she again go to that hell???…. just save her , aada karo apne pati hone ka farz like gauri did…. and clear ur misunderstanding…..

    Today I thought to break my silence….. Guys plz stop bashing Shrenu…. Have u ever thought how will u feel if some one bashes u like this that to without any
    fault??… Sheena is such a beautiful, talented actress…. plz don’t be too judgemental…. If I don’t like the show then stop watching it… It’s the simplest method…. And if u don’t want to see shrenu then close ur eyes when her scenes comes…. but dear bashing like this is definitely wrong… I agree that we all have likes and dislikes… But plz don’t express ur dislikeness like this….
    Sry if I have hurt anyone…. But its just my point of view… Sry once again…

    1. Nivedita

      Ha ha ha, Maahi I had the same response first chemical tank then cage.. but I guess after having showed a laachar Omkara, they wanted to show us super man Omkara! ?? So chose the stupid gatbandhan shot instead..
      I wouldn’t have minded if it was a super shot like break the cage lock and then the bullet richochets to break the gatbandhan..

      I know I hope we get a smart, suave, sensitive and saviour Omkara in Bareilly like DBO and IB Omkara combo..

      Please make Omkara aware that Gauri and Chulbul are same ( on his own analysis and not because someone else points it out) and soon, please CVs! ,????

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi and Nivedita….in the previous month April I too tried to knock some sense in to the dog- tail- coiled brain( if at all they have peasized brain) about not bashing Shrenu.. . I think there are actually a lot of intruder in our DBO page.# some Nakli fan…

      1. Nivedita

        Yes, I remember those past comments..I don’t think they hate DBO as much as Shrenu..because of Shrenu’s marvellous performance in DBO I watched her in IPKKND2 too and became her fan.. she is such a sweet gal and is really so versatile in her acting..?? totally unfair to be negative about her..
        If Chulbul / Gauri wasn’t there..I wouldn’t have watched DBO in the past 2 month.s. ( rest everyone was behaving too illogically).. Chulbul was consistent in her faith and love for Om throughout..??

  6. Kiya

    Its nice….. But how many times Om misunderstood Gauri??? Oh God please do something….. Swetlana’s secret is not reveled, now this Kali thakur…. My question is , Is this Kali Takur much power full than Oberoi s… And Every time Shivaye senses his brothers danger but this time he can’t…. I know he is busy with Annika but the theme of the show is brothers… Right???? Then….

    1. Nivedita

      Brothers theme is totally forgotten and only resurfaces on audience demand for 2-3 mins every 2 weeks.. unfortunately..??

  7. Alvia

    The precap omg

  8. Meena4801

    I want om in ib’s old hairstyle.. In this he looks like a dumb man.. With no sense of dealing the situation.. I’m looking forward to another action sequence n hopefully instead of any other man, kaali should die.. Plz get back the old omkara.. ?? n shrenu looked gorgeous in the outfit.. She literally looked like a thakurain.. By far shrenu’s best look…?? want some soumya n rudra scenes.. They seem to be disappeared from the romantic frame of ib n dbo.. Reports said dbo is specially for romya.. But it looks like makers really love swetlana.. Also kaali.. Thts why they can afford some 2-4 min solo scary scenes on repeat but can not show 1-2 min romya scene.. One more logical thing.. They are not able to maintain connection between ib n dbo.. They should show whole family in both.. ??

    1. Nivedita

      I think Om does need a personality rewind to IB and DBO beginning days..

      And his previous hairstyle too.. but I do want a few of the ‘jatadhari hippy’ dialogues first. From Gauri…??

      1. Meena4801

        Yeah but still.. I love his old hairstyle more… Actually i don’t have much problem to this look.. But his previous hairstyle made him one of my favorites.. n yeah gauri’s funny dialogues are always the best element of the epi.. N that “jatadhari hippy” is my most favorite one.. ??

      2. Meena4801

        Oh no.. I did it again..?? Replied on my comment instead of yours.. That comment is my reply for urs.??

  9. So everyone is just going to ignore how weak and pathetic Janhvi is? Tej is like the scum of the the earth but Janhvi’s behaviour is sickening. Which woman will still want a man and marriage after all this crap.
    Writers need to strengthen Jahnvi’s character. No mother will put her son in such a position as Omkara is. Mother’s protect their children with their lives not give for the sake of a man who does not deserve it. Imagine that was about to commit suicide and leave her children in the claws of death.
    What a joke!!

    1. Nivedita

      Agree about Jahnvi, but that should be Tues epi comment.. I agree CVs are ruining Jahnvi’s characterization..????

  10. if om don’t came to know the truth i will start hating this serial

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