Dil Bole Oberoi 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Bole Oberoi 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Om walks inside the house. A cage falls over him. He gets shocked seeing a caged crocodile brought there. Some time before, Gauri knocks door and asks someone to open the door. She sees the idols and says Om’s life is in danger, he went with Shwetlana, Buamaa and Jhanvi went to temple, what shall I do, help me go out so that I can save my husband. Jhanvi does charity at temple. She sees Tej going with Kaali and says where is Tej going with Kaali, Om is going with Shwetlana, I think they are following Tej and Kaali, Om can be in problem. She drops the plate. Buamaa says where is Jhanvi going, I need to follow. Jhanvi leaves in car. Buamaa sits on wheelchair and gets holding grip connected to the car.

Rudra dances hearing music. Gauri says music sound, it means someone is here, who is there, get me out of house. She sees Rudra and shouts to him. She says he is not listening, I will call him. She checks phone and says its battery got over. She shouts to him. She cries and knocks door.

Om and Shwetlana reach the place. Om says why did they come here to sign deal. She says even I m surprised, we should go inside and see, its huge place, we should go in other directions, I will call you if I get them first, else you can let me know. He says fine.

Gauri sees the robot and recalls robot sticking to her phone. She keeps her phone at the door. Robot comes towards the door and sticks. She moves the phone and keeps it back. Robot hits on the door. Om walks inside the place. Rudra sees the robot and says what’s this doing here. Om looks around the place. He goes upstairs and comes back. A huge cage falls over him. Om gets caged. Kaali looks on.

Shwetlana comes to Kaali and looks on. Kaali says even Lord can’t understand my smartness, Om is just a human, what’s your name, Shwetlana, thanks.

FB shows Kaali asking what’s this sound. Shwetlana says there is no one here Kaali. He says shame is woman’s jewelry, but I don’t like jewelry. She says some games can’t be played by keeping shame, even you don’t have any shame, you cancelled deal with Om and dealing with his father. He says what should I do. She asks when is your and Tej’s deal happening. He shows her a small tong. She gets shocked. He holds her angrily and removes her mask. Kaali asks did you think I will not identify you. He recalls identifying her by the burn marks on her back. He thinks of burning her back by the cigarette. She asks did you get mad. He asks why, did you not hear, love gives pain, its to test your love. She hugs him and thinks its my greed that I m bearing you, its not my love, once I get your money, you won’t get me. He thinks this is my stamp, so that you don’t get away from me. FB ends.

He asks Shwetlana why did she come here and catches her neck. She says for the first time, I wanted to help Om genuinely, but I got trapped here, don’t know when will my past leave me. She recalls Kaali giving her a drink. He asks her to say it on her own. She says I m doing this on Om’s saying, Om wants to know what’s your and Tej’s plan. Kaali asks did you come here, its good, you did not get scared, tell me. She cries. He says I can understand Om, people struggle before death, why did you come here, what’s your profit. She says I was just helping Om. He says but now you will help me, game is same, but you will play our moves now, you have no option, you know the result of refusing to me, you will go to Om and tell him what I say. She nods. FB ends.

Kaali asks Shwetlana what happened, just few crores loss for you, don’t worry, what we are going to do now will be your profit too, smile now. She smiles. Rudra sees the robot and thinks why is this robot hitting head on door. He opens the door and asks why are you shouting. Gauri says Om’s life is in danger. He asks who said you. She says Om went with Shwetlana, Kaali will kill him. He says Kaali or Bahubali, none can touch Om till I m here, tell me where did they go. Gauri says I don’t know, he went after Kaali. He asks where will we find them in this big city. She says don’t know how is Om, where did he go.

Om gets shocked seeing a caged crocodile brought there. Om recalls Gauri’s words. He gets back holding the cage. Rudra calls Om and says till he answers call, we can’t know where is he. Gauri says we have to do something, we got late. She prays for Om.

Jhanvi sees Shwetlana and Tej’s cars, and says it means they all are here. Kaali’s man points gun at her. Jhanvi asks where are you. The man asks her to come silently. Buamaa looks on and says where did they take Jhanvi. Om’s cage is opened. Crocodile enters his cage. Om gets scared and sticks to the cage. Crocodile is pulled back. Om’s cage door gets shut. Kaali asks did you get scared, don’t worry, I m not Jallad to kill you in one instant, I m a player, I will play game and kill you.

Kaali says play that game where there is chance to get saved, house, game and moves are not yours, meet him, this wild animal is my pet, he is hungry since 3 months just for you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    Why are the CVs of DBO obsessed with using different types of wheeled items (roller skates and wheelchair) for pursuing someone by car?? Both times it was too much OTT! ???

    Why was Tej’s villain music playing for Omkara entry?? I know he was going to get trapped, but still it sounded odd…
    That masked Swetlana’s unmasking- seriously which normal person will think, that’s a mask and not plastic surgery change.. koi visible lines weren’t there for the mask..does KT have x-ray vision too.. apart from his creepy cruelty traits..??
    Chewing gum sey bhi zyada kheech te gain DBO ke story ko..???

  2. ???????????????????????????????????????? i am seriously laughing.? seeing the DBO

    Poor buamma????????????? wheel chair pe woh bhi car ke piche??????

    Omi when you became sooo duffer.bolatha enemy ke saath mat jao. Lekin tum gouri ki baat sunte khan ho .ab fas gaye na!!

    Eere baap re KT toh badi chantomind nikla use pehele se pata tha.??????? fekana ke baare main.

    Pyar ka dard kitni definition he iss dard ka i mean kitni type ki he ye dardatrd???????

    Precap now rudy my buddy and chubulwill come to rescue .of omi and janvi.

    Where is tej????? Dar ke maare chup gaya kya???

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Baahubali.. I am sure Prabhas Raju Uppalapathy must be happy as Pehelwan Rudra Singh Oberoi remembered him today..#friday release…
    I am confused to hate Shwetlana or feel pity at her condition..and laughing like thik hua hai Plasticlana ke saath..Kali kali..Kali..Kali..
    Buamma..Umaah..Did you work as a principal in the same school where Plasticlana was a student…
    Om…Omky shomky..A delicious breakfast for that crocodile…Phaans gaya bechara..
    Ru…Mere bhai Hamare OM ki Baahubali..help Bulbul bhabhi to kill that Kaali..and save your Ooooo…mkara bhaiyya…his strong and long hair is in danger.. Robot ko Gouri se pyaar ho gaya hai…Attracted to a chirraiyya…Aap to bade chantumai Enthirann ho…
    That stupid mobile..and their situationally ending battery is as old as the Hills in Indian movies and Telly world..
    Jhanvi..Some one save Badi maa please…These cheppade!!!

  4. Akiatta

    I loved this show when it launched, but now, I simply am tired. I can’t even get the strength to watch the show. For starters, look at what they have done for the three months the show’s been on. The only thing that happened is Gauri accidentally married Omkara (Again, copying a lot from Ishqbaaz). Gauri changes to boy, joins Oberoi house as Chulbul and starts to help Omkara expose Swetlana. That’s all that has happened for the whole time. Every week, they tease that Swetlana will be exposed now… And every time, they play the viewer for fools. I don’t have any more energy to keep up with this. And this is not just DBO… Even Ishqbaaz has the same issue (Though, Ishqbaaz is rather tolerable.)
    If they are not exposing her next week, I am almost on the verge of giving up on the show and stop watching both Ishqbaaz and DBO. And I don’t want to do that.

    1. I am with u, so read here first and feel its worth watching then only otherwise don’t waste ur time.

  5. Svetlana genuinely wanted to help Omkara but she couldnt coz of that evil Kaali I feel really bad

  6. everythings the same as in ishqbaaz all the three brothers were forced to marry uder certain situations niether of them loved their wives …yet they got together to save the family….same old story and now om will be trashed by kali’s goons janvi held captive and most likely gauri will save om’s life by risking her own life ….she will be injured and om will feel guilty ..however there would be a slight chance that gauri’s real identity will come infront of everyone

  7. isn’t there anything new to give on the screen same old stories with same old scenes caged om with a croc and then pulled it back co’m on guys grow be a bit realistic and practical we ate not in 90’s

  8. Nikita_jai29

    CVS n spin off ka Pura band baja diya… Issee accha hota vo dbo ko on air na krte… Phele fake svetlana.. Fir snake.. Fir alligator…
    Mere to Pura Mann ho raha h ki m dbo ko quit k do….

  9. What about Dr. Dang and who saved Dr. Dang who is that gal and can alive people can stay in ice? For what reason..? Madness

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