Dil Bole Oberoi 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shwetlana says man should be like you. Gauri hides under the bed and records them. Kaali romances with Shwetlana. He steps on Gauri’s hand. Some time before, Gauri lights the diya and asks Lord what are you thinking, I light diya every day as Chulbul, how did I become Gauri today, a suhaagan came to you, I came to complain, you always tested me, I did not say anything, my belief can’t get shaken, stop this now, don’t trouble Om more. Buamaa and Jhanvi look on and smile. Gauri says Kaali came here because of me, make him away, was Shwetlana less, than you have sent Kaali. They get shocked. Gauri says you will show the way to come out of problems, I m ready to go to Kaali, if you thought any other way, make this flower and give sign, show right way to stop Kaali. Jhanvi says Gauri.

Kaali sees a crocodile on laptop, and says how are you, you are hungry, I will get food for you tomorrow, Om will find Gauri and then my revenge will be fulfilled, then Om will become your food, I m coming with your food.

Buamaa asks what did you mean saying that. Jhanvi asks Kaali wants to hurt Om because of you, what’s your enmity with Kaali. Buamaa asks do you know Kaali. Shwetlana comes to Om. Om says I know why you came here, to say that you are leaving me, as my deal went to Tej, remember one thing Shwetlana, I won’t let you ruin my mum’s life. She says I want to help you. He asks do you really expect me to believe this. She says your fight was with me till now, now its with Kaali, so I want to support you, after all its my duty as I m your would be wife, don’t worry, I won’t go to Tej, I really want to help you. He asks why do you think I will take your help. She asks do you have any other option, think well, I m here to help.

Jhanvi asks Gauri to say, why did Kaali come here. Buamaa asks her to say what’s Om’s enmity with Kaali. Jhanvi asks why did Kaali come here. Gauri says to take me, Kaali and his two brothers want to marry me. She tells everything. She says Om just helped me, he also got stuck in this problem, its happening because of me, forgive me. Buamaa hugs her. Jhanvi says Kaali should apologize. Gauri says Kaali came to take me, he will go if he gets me, so I decided I will go to him. Buamaa says don’t think this, Om did less, such men should be more beaten up, no need to go to that dog. Jhanvi says Buamaa is right, fate made you and Om meet, you came in this house by fate, not because you go back to that hell. Gauri says Kaali can spoil your life. Jhanvi says I don’t care, let Tej and Kaali do anything, if Tej gives me divorce and marries Shwetlana, I don’t care, think Lord has united you and Om, he won’t let you get separated. The flower falls down. Gauri sees this and says if this is your wish, fine, I won’t come in front of Kaali, now you have to show me the way.

Its morning, Tej stops Jhanvi. Jhanvi asks what happened, your day gets spoiled seeing my face. He says I can take a day risk if life will get better. She asks what’s this. He says its the divorce papers which you gave me, its written you want 2000 crores alimony, I signed on it, you and your useless son can manage companies, let me live my life like a free bird, I forgot to say good news, we made a plan…. no, I can’t give you this info, its our little secret. He goes. Gauri looks on.

Gauri says Tej was not saying this, Kaali was saying this from within, I have to find out their plan. Om drags Shwetlana and asks her to leave from his house. She says you are misunderstanding me, I m trying to help you. He says I don’t want to listen, women like you never help anyone, or have some greed, when Tej signs deal, you will run to him, look at my mum, she is not happy with marriage and trying to save it, you are trying to break her marriage. Kaali comes and hears them. Om says you trapped Tej, I gave you 100 crores greed, you came to me, now Tej is going to sign that deal, you will go to him, I hate your face, get out. Kaali smiles. She goes. Buamaa says Jhanvi, atleast something good is happening, come. Kaali sees Om. Om goes. Kaali also goes.

Gauri says I m trying to lessen Om’s problems, but problems are increasing, now Shwetlana will go to Tej, he will give divorce to Jhanvi, I can’t forgive myself, its happening because of me, its time to become Dabangg Gauri Sharma. She throws and eats the candy. She says be careful Shwetlana, I m coming. She gets inside Kaali’s room and says I have no option than finding proof against Kaali.

She sees crocodile photo on laptop and asks does Kaali see this. She gets marriage certificate in a file. Kaali walks in. Shwetlana holds him and smiles. Gauri hides under bed and records the video. She thinks Shwetlana is so shameless, she is marrying Om, has affair with Tej and flirting with Kaali. Shwetlana says Tej and Om are kids in front of your manhood, man should be like you. Kaali asks her to think, if he shows manhood, she will get worried. Shwetlana gets tensed. He holds her close and says you made me much restless. Shwetlana says even I was restless, I just think of you. He asks really and bends to her.

Gauri thinks Shwetlana is talking such bad things with a stranger, she is cheating Om for Kaali, I wish to slap her and stick her to wall, my Dharm will get spoiled hearing them, I can record them, Om will get reason to kick out Kaali and Shwetlana from home, even Tej can’t do anything. Kaali says if you like strong perfume, you should have chosen strong man, I wish I got you before. Shwetlana recalls past moment. She dances with him and flirts. Gauri thinks I can’t record much of their romance, this proof is enough. Kaali steps on Gauri’s hand. Gauri gets hurt. Shwetlana asks Kaali to look at her. They fall on the bed. Gauri crawls and leaves. Kaali hears the door sound and asks what was this sound.

Gauri runs to Om and says I have to show something, I got a proof against Shwetlana, she went to meet Kaali, I took her video, see her truth. She shows video and says now you can hit Shwetlana and Kaali to wall, see what is she doing behind your back. Om says no, she told me and did this, in fact I told her to do this. FB shows Shwetlana asking Om to nbelieve her once. She asks what did you think, do you have to fight alone or do we have to fight. He says we have to find when will this deal happen. She says I m glad hearing we, leave it on me, I will find about deal. He says don’t double cross me, what’s the plan. She says you have to insult me. FB ends. Om says we acted to fight in front of everyone, so that Kaali gets sure that there is some tension between me and Shwetlana. Gauri says yes, but… Shweltlana comes and says you are not part of this plan, you don’t need to use your mind.

Gauri goes to Kaali’s room and says I will find out Kaali’s plan. She gets shocked seeing Kaali talking to crocodile. Kaali says I know you are hungry since long, my work will happen today and your stomach will be full. Gauri gets shocked. Kaali catches her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hiiii everyone! ! Today episode was ………… i don’t want to say anything

    Precap is scary

    Guys there is a video on insta look like kali and houri face off like it was new promo.

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    Shaadi Om se …chakkar Sasurji se and romance Kaali se…
    Be happy Chulbul..she left you without romancing.
    Gouri and her past is open in front of Buamma and Jhanvi..very good line is this..revelation and they are ready to risk the life of their son for the protection of their Daughter-in-law..they trust Om and Gouri too…Pinky kuch Seekho apni jethani se (in Shwetlana style)…
    Tej Singh Oberoi…seeti toh aise maarta hai jaise ki bachchan sir ne iske ghar petti bhar ke “Navratna” Oil bhej diya hai…thanda thanda cool cool… maar le beta jitna marna hai seetiyan…
    Shwetlana … oh bete ki..bach ke bhaag gayi thi ab yeh chirraiyya back to the Kaali..for Omkara..kya love hai Sultanaji… what a couple..what a fight..kya acting karte ho jhagda ka..
    A crocodile in a dry land..Again !! Are we looking like insane to them!!! Crocodile Vs the colourful crocodile Botox Kumari….
    Gouri..”swagat karti hoon tumhari”… to the room of Kaali to get a hurt from Kaali at your neck..
    Buamma and Jhanvi ko saare sach pata chalega na unki bhi sar jor se chakkar khelega..
    Om and his strong expressionless face irked me a lot.. and Chulbul was hurt at her own flop plan.. Felt sad for Gouri ..How can you Omkara ignore the chirota who was with you all the time…during your problems.. please share the plan with her too..
    I am afraid we may end of feeling pity and sorry for Shwetlana and her future…

    1. Cheequ

      Ha ha ha! Kya comment hai.. Seriously Swetlana ka next Shikaar Chulbul bhi ho sakta hai..
      Swetlana kabhi nahin nikalegi Dil Boley Oberoi se– Usko audience jitna yucky samajhthi hai.. writers utna hi pyaar kartein hain.. Nahin toh instead of giving some smart ideas to Chubul and Omkara, they keep giving smart ideas to Swetlana. I don’t know how Om can think of even working with Swetlana?
      And Kali ka yeh kya faltu obsession hai to share a wife with his brothers.. My skin is just crawling seeing today’s episode..

  3. I love this serial….bt don’t make it drag the same theme which make viewers really boring…I think fan fictions are better than this one..

  4. I love this serial.. bt don’t make it drag the same theme which will make viewers really boring…I think fan fictions are better than this one….

  5. Om, you should have said something, atleast ‘chulbul’ this is my game , stay away. Don’t meddle. I can handle this.

    Jealous chulbul..!! Want to see that look..!

    Poor girl, caught by KT. I’m sure KT should have identified her by now that it’s gauri. He knows about bout her from head to toe.

    I’m guessing that she herself will turn in for om’s sake. Or what if their new fraandship drama gonna prolong the climax…!?

    Anyways, Svetlana is doing justice to that character.. making us hate her presence..! ?

    All in all, new twist every day since last week. So it’s okay, I guess.

  6. I’m really confused..in past track they were showing swetlana as kapoor sister but now in dbo they are showing her fake..so yeh fakelana hi kapoor sister hai kya????

  7. If i was in such type of problem i would have run from the by creating a big mess which will be safer for my family

  8. It is run from the house

  9. Omkara and Svetlana really looked good in yesterday episode..it is nice omkara took the help of Svetlana and not that chulbul..really irritated and fed up of seeing her eating that sweet..its not at all funny..gauri can donate her tears for dat crocodile so dat it can have a pond for resting..well gauri is good at dat only. Flowing tears and tears crying crying and doing pati paramedhwar jap…so much blah blah.

  10. Oh my god asthababy you are sooo funny kaha se aise 10000000000 rupees wali soch late ho.episode dekh kar mood kharab hogayithi but now i am feelng relax.??
    Bacchan sir navrtana oil ??????????????????????? i am laughing like a mad. Mama ne toh mujhe pagal samjh liya hasti rahi main ????
    Love you soo much for this hilarious comment.

    Again a big warm tight hug to you .

  11. Labiba dear, Cvs ki memory loss hogayi he???????????? .iss liye kuch bhi dikhate rahete he . don’t get confused.

  12. @asthababy i don’t sure but itcwas nilash dear, who was wrote about sulbul in her ff romance.socho such main aisa hua hota toh.????????? i can’t even imazine

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