Dil Bole Oberoi 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Bole Oberoi 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaali says I had to come Mumbai, I came to take something precious. He looks at Chulbul/Gauri. Gauri gets tensed and drops the tray. Kaali holds her hand. Some time before, Kaali says you just paid money for land and took land and wife, now I want wife and land too. Om looks at him., so this deal is cancelled. Om says you can’t do this. Kaali says I can do anything, I got a new partner and did the deal. Om says you are lying, none can give 1200 crores for that land. Tej comes and says but I can give it, because I m Tej Singh Oberoi, I hope you have met my business partner, Mr. Kaali Thakur. Om says it was my deal. Tej says now its mine, registration is needed which you did not do, after all father is a father. He asks Kaali to come. Kaali smiles and thinks I told you I will take land and wife, I did not say I will take your life too, I have to make you pay for my brother’s death, my brother was my strength and Gauri was my weakness, you snatched both, now its my turn, I will attack on your strength and weakness.

Shwetlana asks really, is Tej’s business partner Om’s friend, I did not know this, how does Kaali look. Maid praises Kaali. Jhanvi says what can we expect from Tej, I heard everything, he cancelled your deal and did deal with Kaali, I asked him for 2000 crores, I m sure he did this deal to arrange alimony, it means he will give me divorce, its all over Om, now none can save our family from breaking. Om says trust me, I won’t let this divorce happen, I will go to any extent for this, don’t you worry, don’t you cry, your son is with you. He hugs her. She cries. Gauri looks on.

Shwetlana says I think I have to meet this Kaali, it will be good fun in the party tonight, I will meet Kaali and announce my and Om’s wedding date, I have old relation with this name Kaali. Om angrily hits the glass wall and breaks it. His hand gets hurt.

Gauri comes there and worries. Om says I don’t want this, why is everyone after my mum’s happiness, that Kaali has come in my house and threatening me, Tej has become my enemy, he has cancelled my deal, who is such father in this world. Gauri says I know its a problem, but don’t worry.

He says its all because of that girl Gauri, if she did not come in my life, Kaali would have not come here to take revenge, its all because of that characterless girl, I blo*dy hate her. She cries. Om says I hate that girl a lot. She thinks Om trusts Chulbul and hates Gauri. She says I understand your sorrow. Om says no, you can share my pain, you can’t understand my sorrow. He asks her to leave. Om sits crying. Gauri sees him and cries recalling Om’s words.

Tej signs the papers and says we have now become official business partners, we will have a drink, even if party is there in evening. He stops Chulbul. Gauri sees Kaali. Tej says I thought I have come Bareilly to sign deal, its good you came Mumbai. Kaali says I had to come Mumbai, I came to take something precious. He looks at Chulbul/Gauri. Gauri gets tensed and drops the tray. Tej asks what the hell, where is your focus Chulbul. Gauri says I will clean it. Kaali holds her hand. She gets shocked.

Kaali says name Chulbul, and wrist is like Bulbul, your facial features are also like girls. Tej asks what do you mean, he is a girl, not guy. Kaali smiles and says undoubtedly. He leaves her hand. Gauri picks the glass pieces and goes crying.

The party begins. Shwetlana says what’s the matter, you look happy. Tej says yes, I have won, I m happy, you know I proved you and Om wrong, you went to Om for 1200 crores, I got that deal, you have bet on weak horse. She thinks I was going to announce my wedding date in party, Tej turned the game, Om has got poor, I won’t get even my 100 crores, I have to change my plan and priorities too. She says sorry, prewedding shoot pendrive, I have to throw you, sorry Om, one who has money will have Shwetlana. She says come on Tej, you know Om was not my love, I need a real man like you. Tej smiles and says I knew your decision will change after deal gets finalized. She asks about his business partner. He says he will be coming. She thinks I m eager to meet Kaali.

Kaali comes there. She turns to him and gets shocked seeing him. Some flashes are seen. She thinks oh Kaali, I love you so much. Tej asks what happened. Kaali says ladies get mad seeing me, I m joking, I m Kaali Thakur. She stares at him. He forwards hand. Tej says Shwetlana, shake his hand. Kaali and Shwetlana shake hands. He gets shocked. He says pleased to meet you, why are your hands cold, I m meeting you for the first time, but I feel I have seen your eyes before, its said people change, faces change, but eyes don’t change. Tej makes them away and says you are dialling wrong number, she is going to become Mrs. soon. She says you are mistaken, we did not meet before. Kaali says when did I say we met, your eyes remind me of someone. He bends to her and says she liked this essence a lot.

Om gets shocked seeing sindoor and asks Gauri did you apply sindoor. Gauri worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivedita

    Felt so sorry for Gauri- when Om says he hates her and blames her for all his troubles..???
    Poor Gauri– while KT is in Om’s life because of Gauri, he should blame his mother’s troubles on his father and his parents poor relationship..
    I really wish for both Om and Jahnvi to develop some spunk and act smartly and bravely against their troubles. I really don’t like them so broken up.. especially Om, his character needs a bit more spunk and smartness like SSO..

    First thought on seeing Swetlana–Why oh why is Swetlana back today??few more days they could have spared us seeing her..( Kal Maine is liye khushi nahin manayi when she was gayab..??)

    But the ray of hope – if the CVs play this right- she and KT have a past– so is she going to kill KT and then end both the KT and Swetlana menace for us??

    Did KT recognise Gauri today as Chulbul? I hope not.. that would make Om so much dumber..To not have recognised her in so many days..

    I hope the precap means next week we will have Gauri reveal..

    1. Even I was thinking that if kt could recognise Gauri in just two meetings ( in buama’s room and in chulbul getup) why couldn’t Om do so even after so many days of being with her. BUT I got my answer.
      KT is a vella prani (idle person) who is just after girls. Hence he always hunts for them everywhere. Om is preoccupied with his ever crying mom, Swetlana me peeche lage Mr.Oberoi and his so called fiance Swetlana. He hates Gauri so much that he does not want to see her face even on coming face to face with her (if it ever happens again according to him). Then he trusts Chulbul (who is helping him dig out Swetlana’s secrets) and would not think of doubting him and assume any similarity between Chulbul and Gauri. Kt is now sure of all the info he needs to trouble Om and Gauri like gauri being in om and Om’s Barreilly incidents unknown to his family. He is accordingly planning his moves but our Om has not even imagined in his wildest dreams that Gauri would come to Mumbai for him.
      Hence maybe Om is not able to catch Gauri pretending to be Chulbul. HOPE I could convince you.

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah Nitika, it makes sense that Om can’t imagine that Gauri would have come to Mumbai and he is preoccupied with Jahnvi’s problems and Fakelana shadyantra..
        But the reason, for me to be upset if Om doesn’t recognise Gauri first, is because I want Om to be shown as smart and clever..
        And Gauri has been there for weeks..And he himself has observed how similar Gauri and Chulbul are…So uska bulb kab jalega??

    2. ha ha ha. Kaali Thakur first got 800 crores then 1200 crore for the same land. And how can he simply sell the land to someone else after already selling it? I mean there must be some legal documents regarding the transaction. Logic ki to oh my mata kar dete hai ye log.

      1. Nivedita

        The reason they gave in this instance is that the deal with Omkara wasn’t registered yet, so i guess in the government records Kali’s land was still available for sale.. Anyways since it’s a grey area, it would take years to settle if Om tried to contest Kali in court.

  2. hi guys i am a silent reader nd commenting for the first time. Waiting for the next epi.

  3. ??????????????????????????????????? kya raita faila Feklana KT ki girl frnd ???????,!!!!!!!!??????? I am laughing like mad. ???????
    SWETLANA +KT= KATILANA .oh my god?????

    Today swetlana eyes wre really scary.koi eyes main asi make up lagata he kya?????????? grey, yellow black wahh what a combination ???????

    It is really going to be very interesting.

    I am really feeling bad for omi .but plz plz plz don’t blame my gouri ???? she is innocent i know you can’t see tear in your mother eyes gouri is also.soo stop blaming her.???

    Gouri is also helpless. Waht can see do?? She is also very tensed after seeing KT.

    Tej you are the most cheap father ???????????? how can you fall sooo low?? Etna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi you can’t understand that swetlana is a cheap girl.who is only after money ?????? .for her.you cancel your son’s deal.
    I don’t want to see your face.

    tell me kis kis ko KT hot lag raha he?????????

    Swetlana i don’t want comment anything about you.i don’t want to waste my time??????? GO TO HELL.

    1. He got 2000 crore for a single piece of land. And not to mention wo saara sona jinse usne gauri ko tola tha. Swetlana marry Kaali because currently, he is looking way lot richer that Oberois.

  4. wow i am the first to comment

  5. Shiv

    Did Writers are reading our comments!! There is going to be past love track for Kali n swetlana omg I can’t believe it as I mentioned they will have very good chemistry but they already had chemistry n physics LOL! It’s funny with this elderly love triangle swet kali tej !! ? Plz clear the miss understanding of om abt gauri exactly the same like anika n daksh I am
    begging here !!!
    Bit kind of dragging have to get lace like IB!!
    But always enjoying watching om n gauri !!!??

    1. Omg ROFL???, I was actually disappointed when om hating gouri was shown.




      I think SWETU, might have had a bad experience from kt , so is hiding her identity and doing rvng as kapoor sister to oberois.

      Actually we have superb writers in this comment section, isn’t it shiv?

      1. Shiv

        ? ? Yes shraddha ! Really enjoyed watching swet looking scared that y 3 episodes before itself I guessed n wished if Kali love chase swetlana dropping gauri it gonna be fun for swetlana haters and I feel like our wish of revenging her got gratified but Kali thakur look majesty dunno y may be since I watched him n many South Indian movies as villain he sounds so for me
        Writers plz develop Kali thakur n swetlana love though its elderly they will make majestic pair?

  6. Aastha_Reddy

    OH my Gul maatha.. you definitely had installed Hidden camera in TU page…we all only wanted KT and Plasticlana as couple and you made them lovers….
    Yeh nafrat pass aane na de.. mohabbat door jaane na de.. iss benaam ishqbaazi ko kya naam doon!!! Hate Gouri.. loves Chulbul..Om in double mind about a single Bulbul…
    few days back omkara Singh Oberoi told that for a clap.. two hands are needed and by saving the broken marriage of his parents.. is he trying to make “chutkki” in single hand..
    Arre haan.. my prediction about the land deal also came true #Astha you have got MP and UP in your mind(mp and up refers to reddy movie)…stop praising yourself bahut hua zameen pe aaja ab…
    Ab tera kya hoga Kaali.. lene aaya hai Gouri ko and mila ussko Ex-lover.. Beta Kali teri toh ek ke saath ek free summer offer chal raha hai… Chal chood haath Kali varna kaala bhi nahi rahega.. Om will turn you in to blue by kicking your body hard.. Tum Om ki long hair and Chulbul ki short Hair kuch bhi Hila nahi sakte… just take Plasticlana and go back to Bareilly….
    Jhanvi back to her cry baby mode…No badi maa don’t loss any water on that useless husband of yours….
    Just want to try how strong a mard Tej is..by hitting his head with bottle.. (I can borrow from Kameeni).. ki mard ko kitna dard hota hai…
    Om.. my helplesskara and worriedkara.. bro don’t worry yaar.. every thing is gonna be OK.. I will not console you like this… Just go and make every thing alright soon…

    1. What’s to say yaar, totally mind blowing humorous comments

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        You laughed ..didn’t you.. Its my aim to earn smiles…Happy morning Shraddha dear…

    2. I kept laughing after reading ur commebts,so true KATILANA :)):)):)):)):)):))!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Love pair————–Kawab ka haddi
        Om-Gouri——————-Kali Thakur Tej-Jhanvi——————-Chudail Tej-chudail—————–Om,jhanvi
        KT-Lana———————-Tej ,Gouri
        After solving the equation last mein jo bacha wohi toh chudail (lana) hai…so she will be out…

    3. Shiv

      Helplesskara n worriedkara wow astha u go girl !!??

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Nahin . Its not go Astha go..Be with us Astha always forever…

    4. Nivedita

      Astha– seriously u were right about the revoking of the deal by KT.. ??
      I seriously didn’t like the weak Jahnvi and helpless Kara and worried Kara.. i feel they are turning our hero a bit to helpless.. shouldn’t at least one of the leads be strong when facing KT– and not with words but with some smart thinking and proactive action..

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Nivedita….Audience mein Unbelievable mental imagination power hota hai yaar..it is so true in case of DBO and IB..Hum log bass Wish Karte hai.. and Cvs usko pura karte hai…

      2. Nivedita

        a bit *too helpless..

        Astha– there much mein ghee Shakkar.. IB me CVs toh sudhar Gaye jaldi.
        Ab DBO me CVs bhi kuch chamatkar dikhayenge toh accha hoga! ?
        IB jaisa smart and bubbly banao DBO ko please..
        They have a good villain in KT.. and they only need to write something good for our heroes and villains..

    5. Lol astha… katilana…muderlana…scientificlana…. plasticlana…. botoxlana….
      Kal se doodh, dhaniya aur pudina bhi lana….

      1. Party ka kya hua astha… just send me the address ….. I will be there….

  7. Mere mann ko toh pahele se he pata hai ki svetlana toh number ki cheapo hai …. par uska connection direct Kali thakur se…..
    Iss svetlana ne toh pata nahi kahan kahan kitna raita phailaya hai….
    Isne toh bade GUL khilaye hai…. aur GUL ne bhi ise bade paise diye hai show mein bane rahne ke liye…..
    First kaali thakur THE ALL BLACK…. phir Tej singh oberoi THE BLUNT BRAIN… and then bechara Omkara singh oberoi THE INTENSE EYE HANDSOME….

    Svetlana has completed hatrick….
    All 3 got hooked up with a chudail…. Svetlana bahut chalu hai… sab ka pappu banati hai…. doo ko toh unhliyon par nachati hai… aur teesre ke sar par naachti hai….

    By the way congo svetalana aaj ka episode deekhne baad Cvs has proved that they are tot-talli in love with you… ab nahi lagta ki tumhara jaldi exit hoga (as said by spoilers svetlana truth will be out firming the party)…. again have to bear ur stupid illogical, unscientific, mind eating, rubbish raaz….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Shraddha.. emotions overloaded..couldn’t find the right words… volume speaking silence..good,very good

      2. Omg you have guessed it right?

    1. Nivedita

      Lol love all the adjectives for KT, TSO and Om.. but seriously i cant take this rona dhona in DBO..
      It’s like the writers of DBO thought of making a diametrically opposite series from IB..
      While IB is filled with fun, family bonding..
      DBO is filled with negative family fighting..
      IB has interesting villain ( Tia with her Universe and reiki obsession) DBO has unending Fakelana saga ( with no redemptive qualities at all– though i guess they are trying to soften up Fakelana character by showing a tortured past with KT)..

    2. Nivedita

      Lol! Seriously Swetlana plotline is so horrible that whatever they reveal we won’t care!??????
      We just want her character to disappear without a trace. ?

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi..Title of the DBO…
      One thing is confirmed to me..we are hell bend in making fun of them here.. TU page nahi laughing therapy hai yeh …like Nikku said the other day…

      1. If your BP increase by watching DBO, just come to this page and laugh your heart out?

      2. Very truly said astha… hume mazboor kiya jaa raha Hai to make fun of them….

    4. Oh no maahi, now we will get your shayari only when a good omri scene is shown, and I dont think one will be there for this week?

      1. Just pray for good romantic gaurikara scenes shraddha….. my shayari will automatic be here….

  8. Now kaali and shvetlana should get togethrr and leave oberoi mansion
    Its looks like svetlana had a affair with him before changing face

    1. Nivedita

      Lol! That’s what we want both KT and Fakelana to exit OM..
      But I would be sad to see KT exit so soon.. simply because RD is so perfectly menacing and evil..
      While i want Fakelana to exit ASAP..

  9. hello evryne here commenting after long tym my examzz are over now and i missed many epi and i still dint get what is swetlana actual raaz per abhi tak yeh dbo me he yaar muje laga she would have gone aur kaali bhi agaya more suprise but okk with him and chulbul bhi abhi tak bulbul nhi banni uff..
    yeh baap he ke koi teenage clg ka ladka jo ek ladki ke liye itna marrr rai he ..stupid cvs eho are showing so much negitivity..and om i miss my old om with khule baal baddi smile irritateting his bros telling shayri and his old dressing style specially abhi kya officialltly businessman bana he kya? chod diya kya putle banana socha hoga ghar mr itnee putlee he toh kya kare

    1. Nivedita

      ROS- welcome back you didn’t miss much..
      Swetlana raaz is that she is Fakelana and got plastic surgery done to replace her face with Realana’s face..( we don’t know yet if she did this before becoming Tej’s secretary..But i suspect she must have done this before- because Realana– was shown to be a bechari abala nari– wearing simple saris..)
      Realana– the girl in the freezer trunk was alive all these months( living in the trunk??) and Realana– and Fakelana were friends.

      The raaz with KT- looks like she knew him before she turned into Fakelana..

      1. Hey Nivu, realana and fakelana?

    2. Nivedita

      Aajkal Om na hi business Karta hai na hi sculptures banaya hai.. jab see he has come back from Bareilly he is busy either stopping Tej from making Jahnvi cry, hurting Jahnvi or he is chasing Fakelana mystery– but without any single step that brings him closer to her mysterious past..
      Iss beech. Fakelana tried to turn him mad by using a girl who he thought was dead and also tried to turn Om into murdering his mom..Of course Chulbul helped him in solving these.. right now DBO is all negative with irritating villains winning all the time and Om being so so different from his IB and DBO beginnings..

      He just says smart dialogues, but the writers don’t know how to show him win at anything when it comes to Evilana and Tej..

      1. omm itna sab hogaya ab aur kya kya hga thanyou for the info nivedita

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi ROS … welcome back yaar

      1. thankyou astha how are you??

    4. Nivedita

      You are welcome ROS..
      Shraddha ??!

  10. the first guess a when a guy sees red things on another guy’s head is… ‘ looks like blood. Are you injured?..’ . But he straight away asked, ‘ why did you apply sindoor?..’ seriously….!? Like seriously… What were the writers thinking?? Making the smart , charismatic om to dumb , ghost – believing guy. Anyways, after a long time , he got good lines. Liked the peeping chulbul..!!

  11. RD, just like in the movies, he is still the best villian. Good body language, and for such character one doesn’t need much lines. Btw, he perfectly executed the scene with chulbul, just like a scene between 2 guys.

  12. The first thing a guy asks when he sees another dude is, ‘ looks like blood? Are you injured?..’ but he straight away asked ‘ why did you apply sindoor?’ like seriously..! What were the writers thinking? Making a smart charismatic om to dumb ghost believing guy. Anyways, after a long time, he got good lines. Liked the peeping chulbul..!

    1. Good one. Logic ( Rudy style)

  13. KT knows more about gauri, and om knows less about her, even after her living in the same room, is the fact that KT liked her all the is time and om hated her.
    Funny fact though, they always showed what gauri was thinking when she meets him as a girl, but they never showed om hating her , just himself remembering the past moment with a strange girl..!
    It was dragging this whole might be due to a single track, and now that KT has come along , chances are two plot lines parallel and simultaneously mingling might hopefully, bring less screen space of Svetlana.

  14. Pixie

    Why can’t this stupid svetlana go and die somewhere!!!! And now kaali Thakur!!! Seriously!!
    I want svetlana track to end!!!!!! Please!!!!!

  15. How about this.. since KT and fakelana have a past, KT might kill her so that she doesn’t reveal his dark side, and that she was, too , once upon a time his ..’ bird ‘.. who escaped like gauri. Now that he has set his eyes on gauri, and knowing the ugly side of fakelana, might end that character. This , he might know when they are exposing her past during the party.
    Hopefully, KT will not only bring omri together, but also will bring shivaay and rudra in DBO again. ( Mom is his weakness and brothers are his strength ).

  16. Hey guyss!! I am commenting for the 1st time… After all this raita.. :p that drama will start that gauri and anika are sisters cause remember when anika had fake memory loss, gauri and anika had a talk aand anika was like I think I know you (or something alike) soo yeah I think this is gonna come up like in june or july??

    1. Nivedita

      123go we all want that??..But DBO main abhi tak Annika Ka koi naam nishaan aur zikar nahin..
      And hardly any crossover between IB and DBO..It does not seem that they all live in the same house anymore..??

  17. Hii ishqies…. Omkara state is depressing… God!!!! When CVS give happiness to omkara…
    Astha dii… Maahi dii… UF.. ros… shradha… nive… And many more my sweet ishqies.. How are you all…
    And astha dii your comments is awesome… Plz update your ff soon… Because I am in a bad mood (crying state) please…

    1. Hey nikki dear… what happened…. r u fine… don’t cry sweety☺☺☺☺☺☺

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      @Hi Nikku good evening dear..with a magical hug.

    3. Hi Nikki, so happy that you have mentioned me ?

  18. Hi Astha, Mahi,nivedita, sarojini and all DBO fans.. What is this going on in DBO? I dnt wan’t rona dhona types daily soap, I want it to be like IB which tears are shown less and smartness and intelligence is shown more. Om what to You ? you were very smart and intelligent in IB but here in DBO you are believing in Atma,bhoot and all. If you rememeber ep 80 or 100 In IB its was shown with mallika where anika,mallika,preetu and soumya play prank on OM. Ayways that maya bhoot track is over. Atleast its time for team OMBUL to find the ROBO. How much time will they take? throw out swetlana from Oberoi mansion before chulbul turns gouri.In the episode its shown gauri touching buama and jahnvi feet again and again .. strictly speaking I dnt like this because its shon routine in all soap serials. I didn’t mean gauri shouldn’t touch feet of elders but she can respect them once tats enough. I dn’t want this DBO to turn as a some daily soap where they show 100% perfect ideal lady. It should be like IB. The twist should be like Tej will also spy on swetlana and should act as if he wants to marry her.He might have got doubt after seeing her strange behaviour with KT.Afterall he is Tej the lead owner of empire. He should use his brain.

    I watch the serial only for JAI.. I love his hair,his attitude, his action and his eye lashes. His eyes really speaks a volume. He expresses more with his eyes. After seeing his hair I got jealous and I started taking care of my hair. JAI YOU ARE IMPECCABLE..

    1. Nivedita

      DBO is anti IB.. has too much tons dhona and too less light hearted moments right now.. pata nahin kab DBO change hoga?!

      1. Nivedita

        *Rona dhona

  19. Hi astha, Mahi sarojini, niveditha and all DBO. Maahi aapki shayri toh laa jawab hai.. Astha Im also from andhra and I like Jai’s action because of which I m watching DBO daily though its draggy these days. Its happy to see you guyz giving prediction which are almost turning true in serials. Ok the bye all of you.. TC goodnight

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Shree good morning. I will call you green shree…
      I have another Shree from my academy SBSA whose dp is brown..

  20. please join gauri and om .

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