Dil Bole Oberoi 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Bole Oberoi 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gauri sees servant asking something in juice. She says the rat died after drinking that juice. She runs to Om and sees him having the juice glass. Some time before, Kaali hears Gauri’s scream and turns to see. She sits down. He misses to see her. He says I got mad finding her, I m seeing her everywhere, maybe this is called love. He leaves. Jhanvi gets Gauri home. Buamaa calls out Om to stop him from turning. Jhanvi hides Gauri. Shwetlana says Om is not a kid now, he is going to get married. Buamaa taunts Shwetlana and says he will always be a kid for me. Tej says excuse me, wait, I have to tell something imp, I kept a party to celebrate a deal cracking, I want you all to come. Om says you cracked many deals, what’s special, who is this business partner. Tej asks him to see tomorrow. Shwetlana says we can announce marriage date in the party.

Tej asks her to wait, maybe after signing deal, your decision and groom change. She says that’s so sweet of you Tej, Om learn something from your dad. They go. Jhanvi gets sad. Buamaa asks Gauri to come in. Gauri sees Om’s pic burnt and says who has burnt this, who can do this, Shwetlana would have done this, but why will she do this, she wants to trap him, some outsider would have done this, I have to find out.

Buamaa asks Jhanvi not to worry, Shwetlana can’t do anything as Om is already marriage. Gauri comes to them. Buamaa says look at her, because of her, Om’s life got saved, Shwetlana can’t marry Om, Gauri is our house bahu, now you have to give that necklace to Gauri in shagun. Jhanvi gets necklace and thinks. She says I m not getting it. Buamaa says I will look for it. Jhanvi stops her and says its not there. Buamaa says fine, I will give shagun tomorrow, Gauri go and change, Om is finding Chulbul. Gauri says you are elder, I just have a small request, I don’t want necklace in shagun. You accepted me as this house bahu and gave me respect, this is my shagun. She takes their blessings and goes. Buamaa asks why did you lie and not give necklace. Jhanvi says I don’t trust Gauri. Buamaa says I can understand your fear, we will take Chulbul’s test and see her love and devotion. Jhanvi asks how. Buamaa asks her to see. Buamaa cuts some thermometers. Gauri sings aarti. Om says Chulbul I told you many times. Gauri greets him. Om gets glad and hugs her. Saathiya….plays……She gets emotional.

Om says I was finding you since long, your phone was also off. Gauri says I was busy in some work. Om says you could have told me and went, I was stressed and was looking for you. Gauri says yes, its good you had some exercise. Om throws pillows on her and runs to catch her. Humse dosti karlo…..plays…..Gauri says I liked someone in Jagrata and was after her. Om says don’t lie, you are married and love your wife a lot. Gauri and Om lie down on ground and laugh. She thinks I was going away from you, but my fate got me back to you, I will be with you. Om says you know when you were not there, I felt I m alone, don’t leave me next time, its good you came back fine, you know what’s there at home today. Gauri says I know, its party. Om says but there is a problem, Shwetlana is going to announce our wedding date in party, I can’t let this happen, we have less time, Tej is going to final 3000 crores deal, she will go back to him, my family will shatter, we have to expose Shwetlana, let’s think what we have, one clue which Dang left for us, those two red dots, we have to crack it, honestly I feel we are close to her secret, we are not able to see it. The robot is seen.

Gauri goes to take Om’s breakfast. Servant says Gopal is on leave, I m on his place, tell me what to make. Gauri tells him. She says you don’t know anything about Om’s likes. She gets call and says fine, I will send juice in lawn. She asks servant to give juice to Om. She goes. He smiles and signs to Buamaa.

Tej talks to Kaali and says there is party at home today. He stops Gauri and says Buamaa was praising you, that you take care of Om, so you do this, my special guest is coming today, he would be staying with us, just take care of me, think he is special as Om. She says how can anyone be special than Om. He asks what do you mean, my guest is not special. She thinks how to explain Sasur ji what’s Om for me. She says you are mistaken, I meant, how can anyone be special than Om, I will take care of your guest, I will go, thanks.

He goes to kitchen and sees the servant adding something in juice. She goes and sees some broken thermometers. She asks why did that guy add this in Om’s juice. She sees the rat dying and says he died having juice. Gopal comes. She says you were on leave. Gopal says no, I went out to get pickles. She recalls the servant and runs to Om.

Servant gives the juice to Om and signs Buamaa. Om takes the glass. Gauri runs to him and takes the glass. Om asks what’s this misbehavior. Gauri asks did you have this. Om says you took it before I had it, I will have it, its my routine. Gauri says I will get other juice. Om asks why will I have karela juice, do I look ill. She says no, there is a big fly in it. Om asks where, I don’t see it. She says its inside, give it to me. He asks what’s there in juice. She thinks how to say, that rat died after having juice. He says you have no answer, I will drink it. She takes the glass from him and drinks the juice. She gets dizzy. Om looks on.

Om gets shocked seeing Kaali. Kaali hugs him and taunts. Om pushes him and asks how dare you come to my house. Kaali says you paid money for land and took land and wife, now I want wife and land too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pooja26


  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BTDCCcgDEns/?hl=en

    Chulkara pic?

    Is it insta story or upcoming story

    1. Nivedita

      I hope it’s an upcoming scene..

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Haan.. humne dosti karli hai..ki tumhare bina ek lamha nahi guzarta hamara.. when you come infront of me.. a genuine smile crept on my lips… this is the true friendship… and cute moment between OmRi… now the prayer became his favourite which was irritating him the most… tum aadat hogayi ho.. doosre womaniyya ke peechhe nahi bhag sakte .. his trust on chulbul’s love clear..
    Then comes Gouri’s love and devotion for her husband Om..a love test for Gouri right after the test of friendship …
    Jhanvi…smart lady.. good to see her love for Omkara…old lady what will you do with that neck lace.. that belongs to Gouri now ..neck lace hai yaa thrown of king jo har koi usse kabja karna chahta hai…Jhanvi give that to your bahu or chudail will one day steal that…
    Buamma.. Bass kijiye Dollyji aapki smartness se humara ankhen bhar aaya….
    Omkara…his solace is back yo him…his best buddy and a genuine smile appeared on his dry saddy worried face..you are his sunshine Chulbul…
    Finally some conversation between Tej- chulbul happened..Sasurji wait and watch ki khayal kaise rakhte hai aapki special guest ka.. Only om is special for her(him)…
    Husband is the only special and important in wife’s life.. rest at back seat.. she drank poisoned orange juice.. no.. aisa math kar.. passed love test with a first class distinction.. Jhanvi ab hua khushi aap ko…
    The funny moment is imprinted in my heart today.. and a single sentence for Shwetlana.. jai ho Cvs ke ( for toddy only) …
    Om- KT.. wow!!! amna samna interesting.. buddhu log jiske liye ladh rahe ho pehle usko search toh karlo…Where is Gouri.. na husband ko pata hai na lover ( blind) ko…
    Shwetlana ho back to Tej..naseeb main to Amresh puri hai hi.. You were fool so went after handsome Allu Arjun…you doesn’t even deserve Shakti Kapoor( sorry kapoor fans just kidding)… Paisa paisa karti hai.. jaldi marja tu…main baarish kardoon paise ki jab tu marr jayegi…
    Gouri.. her sanskar.. I thiught that scene look incomplete as she touched feet of Buamma only and left Jhanvi.. agar dono ke ashirvaad leti jo thoda achcha lagta..plus Jhanvi ki thodi standard insult bhi hota…

    1. Itni emotional

    2. Nivedita

      Throne of king – urf the necklace! ????

    3. Nivedita

      Yeah, it was weird that Gauri didn’t take Jahnvi’s ashirwad..
      Tej- is the alternate villain of DBO to fill in for Swetlana or KT..?
      I sure hope Swetlana doesn’t stick around with Tej, once Gauri Om marriage is revealed!

  4. Wow superb episode.
    I like chulakara scenes.there is sizzling chemistry between them.
    Buamma testing is also superb.
    I wish to SPA award 2017 for favorite wife goes to gauri kumari sarma from dil bole oberoi. It is not a wish.it will become true because she do everything for om and his happiness.
    What is the reaction of om when he relize chulbul is gauri? Really exited for that.
    Chulakara/gaurika-awesome ???adorable ?????cute ???best couple forever.
    Love you gaurika ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????????

    1. What u said is correct…Gauri should get best wife award…The character deserves it…Par starplus put bilkul Baroda nahin Hein…Pata nahin DBO ne kuch nominations mein hota ki nahin…Let’s hope…?

  5. Sweety79

    Hello all..This was my first comment and I guess I am first to comment..??
    How come there are no comments today on DBO.. it is getting bored to watch and read DBO.. acc to some spoiler buamaa is also villain but showing as positive one.. very confused..

  6. Exited for tomorrow; kaali entry in oberoi house ,recalling gauri in omkara mind.
    We like kaali takur more than Svetlana.
    Because Kaali takur is the way of reunion of gaurika.

  7. Loved chulkara scenes…. Omkara’s smile after seeing chulbul was awesome…….
    Jhanvi ur so smart and have Morden thinking, plz don’t be a typical saas like pinky, doing O my mata of Gauri… Just1 trust her once….
    Buaama was rocking as usual….

    PRECAP-kaali thakur teri zubaan bhi teri tarah kaali hai…. you are asking someone to give his wife to u ….. But kam se kam iss bahane Omkara will care about Gauri and support her…. bas ab jaldi se GAURIKARA ke MU sort out ho jaye….



  8. Today’s episode is good and Om-chulbul(gauri) part is cute and lovely…


    Yeh buama and jhanvi ka plan flop na ho jaaye ya ulta na padhh jaye… or gauri tell truth to om before kaali say or announce publically and kidnap you..

  10. Changed my name to Omri from Gaurika

    Omg..What crap..With this security and a mansion of 100 crores there are rats also..What yaar..They could have some other animal and what happened to that robo now a days it’s not to be seen.

    1. Nivedita

      Didn’t they show the robot, sitting on an open shelf..I guess it’s battery finally ran out..? cause i wondered how it ran through out the mansion for months..?

  11. Hiiii everyone! ! Sry actually main na11.15 tak wait karti he.uski baad so jati hun so 2 din se thodi late upload ho raha he ye page sayad.

    Janvi I really don’t expect this from you.

    Buamaa -I can’t understand taht should I praise you or scold you.you accept gouri ok but how can you put your om’s life in danger for only know about gouri’s love? ? ? Like really? I don’t want to see your talent.

    Swetlana how can a girl fall so low? ? ? ? Now she is like dhobbi ka kutta sometime with tej and some time with om. Some time she says tej learn something from your son and sometimes says om learn something from your father.
    And forgot to mention the funny part was swetlana photoshoot episode ????

    Chulkara part was really cute.?. They prove that every story is begins from frndship.
    And plz give some rest to my omi. Swetlana is already there to make om s mood ka gangaram and now kali thakur .chulbul.tske care of your husband. He needs you.

    Kali takur eye part is scary ??

    And it is high time for chulbul and annika didi meeting .thida darsan de do dono ek saath.
    I want to see jelous singh oberoi. That to be for chulbul annika bond??? it will be fun to watch.

  12. Astha baby your comment is sooooo funny ??????? I am laughing like a mad.OMRISH PURI.???????????

  13. Chulkara part is awesome…After so many days, smile on Om’s face…Precap is superb…Ab toh Om Ko Gauri ke baare mein sochna hi padega?

  14. Astha dii.. Your comments is nice and funny… Maza aagya…
    Waiting for the today’s episode…
    Bahu k mamle m janvi pinky sab ek jaise soche lahte h…

  15. Nivedita

    Loved chulkara as usual..
    But it’s getting a bit awkward to see them hug..Even the actors aren’t sure what to show there in the hugs- cause Gauri can’t openly show her love for Om.. and Om can’t show anything except a buddy feeling towards Gauri- which is quite hard I bet since in actual Kunal knows it’s a woman..

    Anyways- why did Gauri drink the juice- i mean wouldn’t it be more logical to just drop the glass.. who does that knowing it’s poisoned. And why would she not tell Om that it’s poisoned??

    Also where on earth was Swetlana taking Om?? They already did the photoshoot downstairs.. seriously the script and scree play is shoddy at times.. the writers just don’t think things through..

    Also KT thinking he is just seeing Gauri everywhere.. i understand if he thinks that when he thought he heard her in the market place..
    But wouldn’t it be logical for him to expect Gauri in OM– since that’s the reason why he came to OM because he knows Om married Gauri?? He doesn’t know like us that Om left Gauri- so hearing her in OM shouldn’t be taken as a delusion?

    Why do all DBO characters behave contrary to logic??

    1. I agree totally. Why didn’t Gauri drop the glass or inform Om? And why was Swetlana following Om aimlessly?

  16. Eeeeks they have rats in om???

  17. Aastha_Reddy

    Arpita… I am signing this comment deal only for this profit…. your smile…all your smile….

  18. Good episode

  19. One of the good serial . love you om????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I love you this much

  20. Guysssss…DBO’s TRP increased & is on 10th position ??

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