DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! ( an ishqbaaz ff) Episode 68

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In the afternoon:-
Dadi: (comes to the brothers) puttar, you remember right, that mishra aunty’s daughter is getting married.
Rudra: what should we do dadi? See, shivaay Bhaiya is happily married with anika bhabhi, om well I don’t know his married life status but he’s still married to gauri bhabhi, and as for me! I think of sahana as my sister! I can’t dadi, don’t even think about it!
Dadi: oh khoteya! Thats what i’m trying to say! All of you find sahana like your sister. That’s why you all should come with us and attend her marriage.
Om: dadi, Rudy is mad! Don’t listen to him. But dadi, after what all is happening in our house, I don’t think we can leave everything here and go.
Dadi: waise, even I don’t want to do that now. I think I’ll just call Mrs.Mishra and tell her that we won’t be able to come.

Om: dadi, you all can go. All of us will stay here and look after each other.
Shivaay: Om is right dadi. And I too have a lot of paper work yup complete. Anyways, We all have attended her engagement before, so I don’t think that she’ll be very angry with us.
Dadi: are you sure, that you all don’t want to come? And will you all promise to take care of yourselves?
Rudra: yes dadi, we will take care! but you can ask prinku. Sahana and her were best friends from childhood. So, she might want to go.
Dadi: I asked her. She said that if you all aren’t going, even she won’t go. She’s still a little freaked out about that blood incident.
Shivaay: okay dadi, well take care of her. She’ll be fine.
Shivaay goes to prinku’s room.

Shivaay : so prinku, I heard that you don’t want to go to sahana’s marriage.
Prinku: yes Bhaiya,I don’t want to go. I’m not in the mood of going to any wedding.
Shivaay: prinku, whatever happened yesterday, someone really wanted to scare you. They didn’t mean any harm. Please try to forget about it and go and enjoy!

Prinku: (she hugs him) i’m trying to forget about it, but it scares me.
Shivaay: what do I always say? Prinku pehelwan is the strongest! So i’m sure, you can forget about this. So you should go!
Prinku: that’s why I don’t want to go. I feel safe with my brothers that I don’t want to go anywhere. And without you guys, it won’t be any fun. Only elders and I’ll get bored!
Shivaay: aw! Okay then, I leave the decision to you.
Prinku: thank you Bhaiya.
Shivaay: my pleasure.
(he goes)

In the evening:-
Jhanvi: take care you yourself, children.

Rudra: ma, I’m not a child!
Jhanvi: for a mother, her child wool always be a child.
Rudra: now I got to know!
Om: what?
Rudra: where you get your genes from! Mother also deep meaning talks and child also!
Om: rudra, will you shut up?

Rudra: fine. No one understands me.
Anika: bye dadi, take care!
Dadi: you all take more care!
(everyone say bye to each other and then shakti, pinky, tej, jhanvi, and dadi leave.)
Gauri: looks like only we all are there!
Anika: shall we do something fun?

Shivaay: like what?
Anika: lets watch a movie!
Om: okay! Bit which type? Horror, romance, drama, comedy , action or thriller?
Gauri: action! salman khan movie!
Anika: why are you stuck to salman khan movies when you have such good horror movies!
Shivaay: I can handle this torture also for anika.
Anika: aw! Thank you shivaay!
Gauri: he sankar ji! In my dreams also I don’t want to watch such movies!
Rudra: comedy is the best okay!
Om: they do such stupid things to make you laugh! But its not even that funny! I would go with romance!
Rudra: in your life no romance, and you want to see other people’s romance?
Om: did you say anything rudra?

Rudra: no nothing at all.
Om: good!
Prinku: why don’t we stick with family drama?
Rudra: prinku, everyday we see family drama in our house, why do you want to see more?
Gauri: you said it right Rudy Bhaiya!
(they give high five to each other)
Om: are both of you done?
Gauri: yes!
Soumya: thriller is the best okay?
Shivaay: okay, why don’t we just make chits and pick up one and watch that movie?
Om: good idea! The person who wanted that will get to choose a movie we all are going to watch.
(they make chits)
Shivaay: now, who will pick it up?

Rudra: let the superstar do the honours!
Om: you mean me! Thank you thank you!
Rudra: ji nahi! Not you, I want talking about the actual superstar that is me!
Om: (laughs) that’s only in your dreams!
Rudra: haha very funny! I’ll bring good luck you see!
(rudra picks up a chit, opens it and his face turns pale)
Om: what happened? You said you’ll bring luck right?
Shivaay: what is it?
Rudra: Anika bhabhi won. Its horror.

Om: oh no!!
Gauri: salman khan film nahi ho paye ga…
Rudra: anika bhabhi, you have to choose which movie we all watch.
Anika: ek thi dayan!
Shivaay: what’s that?
Anika: you don’t know this? You seriously don’t know this?
Shivaay: can you tell me anika! Actually, I’ll tell you a better one. Lets watch ‘the ring’!
Anika: can you watch anything other than English movies! Lets watch ‘ek thi dayan’ !
Shivaay: fine.
Rudra: i’m going, I can’t watch all this.
Om: no no, (he pulls him back) you picked up the chit, you can’t go. You also have to be a part of the luck you brought us.
Rudra: your mean!

Om: just like you.
(they all sit down to watch the movie. )
Om: see, what I got! Popcorn!
Anika: yum!
(they see the movie, after sometime rudra , prinku, Soumya,shivaay, anika,fall asleep)
Om: looks like we are the only ones watching this gauri.
Gauri: hmm.
Om: shall I switch it off?

Gauri: let me watch!
(after a few minutes, a scary part comes and gauri screams and hugs om, they look at each other,saathiya plays)
Om: its okay, i’m with you.
Gauri: that…that was so scary.
Om: shall I switch it off?
Gauri: yes. Anyways is too late.
Om: ya. (he switches the TV off)

Precap: gauri sees someone holding a knife in the kitchen.

and btw, please tell me, shall i introduce bhavya now or not? (honest opinions please)

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