DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 64

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Bruno comes into the kitchen, waging his tail.
Anika: good morning Bruno! How are you?
Shivaay: Anika…
Anika ignores him and keeps talking to Bruno.
Shivaay: Anika…
Anika ignores….
Shivaay: Anika!
Anika: just a second Bruno baby, I’ll handle shivaay. (she turns to shivaay) kya hai? Can’t you see i’m talking to him?
Shivaay: that’s what is the problem! You’re talking to something that doesn’t understand you nor can talk back!
Anika: how can you say that? And he can understand me i’m sure. I know he can reply back but only in a language I can partially understand.
Shivaay: you can understand dog language?
(Bruno barks and wags his tail)
Anika: those who want to understand, automatically understand!
Shivaay: how?

Anika: okay, tell me what you see, when you see him.
Shivaay: (looks at Bruno) I see a banking dog who can’t keep his mouth shut.
Anika: see that’s the problem. You don’t want to understand him…you want to know what I see?
Shivaay: what?
Anika: I see a loyal companion who is so happy at this moment, I don’t know why. Am I right Bruno?
(Bruno barks happily)
Shivaay: he…he listens to you?
Anika: yes, and i’m sure he’ll listen to you as well, only if you’ll put in an effort to understand him, the same way you understand….
Shivaay: understand you? No I don’t, cause you didn’t let me. (nazdeek hai dil ke…plays)
Anika: but i’m telling you to forget that letter. I’m sorry, it was my mistake.
Shivaay: I would have easily forgiven you if you tell me why you wrote it in the first place!
Anika: I would have told you long back if I could. Do you trust me shivaay?
Shivaay: yes.
Anika: then why is it so hard for you to forget that letter?
Shivaay: because YOU wrote it!
(just then Om and gauri come)

Om: Guys! We were looking in the whole house for you and you end up being here! I should have remembered, shivaay will be there in the kitchen of not any of our rooms!
Shivaay: waise, kaam ki baat kare? Did you find anything?
Om: nope…but just that his guitar and music CDs were missing.
Shivaay: what! How is that possible? I’m sure he would have kept it somewhere else.
Om: we searched the whole room shivaay! We didn’t find them anywhere!
Shivaay: that’s strange!
Om: exactly! Oh hi Bruns! How are you! Sorry, didn’t realise that you were here too!
(Bruno barks)
Gauri: I wish at least he could tell us if he saw anything.
Bruno barks and bites the edge of om’s kurta and pulls.
Om: what are you doing Bruno? It’s new!
Gauri: I think he wants to take us somewhere.
Bruno barks.
They follow him.

Shivaay: I bet it’s nothing or just a stupid rat.
Anika: patience shivaay, patience.
Shivaay: whatever.
Om: why had he brought us to the garden?
Shivaay: only he knows.
Anika: shivaay, look over there! It looks like something was burnt here.
Shivaay: you’re right. (he bends and checks the Ashes.
Om: it looks like something was burnt last night itself. We have to search some where here, we might find something.
(they search, gauri finds a small piece of wood attached to a snap piece of string )
Gauri: ee kya hai? (she picks it up)
Shivaay: this looks like a piece of a guitar.
Om: (shocked) his guitar! No it can’t be…
Shivaay: oh no! What did he do!
Om: that means all his music CDs too!

Anika: I don’t think rudra would burn these himself! I’m sure there must be someone else!
Om: maybe you’re right bhabhi! Last night he got a hurt in his hand too. Maybe that’s related to this somehow.
Anika: thanks to Bruno, we got this clue!
Om: thank you so much bruns! I love you! (he picks him up and holds him, he notices a bandage on his leg) what happened? Who put this bandage?
Anika: bandage? Did Bruno get hurt?
Om: yes, seems like. He has a bandage put on his leg.
Shivaay: who must have put it?
Anika: I think it had something to do with all this. We must find out as soon as possible.
Gauri: don’t worry, but first we must finish preparations for Rakhi before the evening.
Anika: yes, you’re right. Come..
They go…

In the evening…the preparations are done and the house looks very colourful and bright. The whole family is together…
Anika: so, shall we start?
Shivaay: wait for sometime, what’s the hurry?
Rudra: I know right! Lets wait for sometime.
Anika: but why? Everyone is here.
Rudra: bhabhi, just wait for sometime.
Anika: okay fine.
shivaay: he’s here.
The door opens and khanna brings some kid inside…
Anika: (surprised) sahil!!!
Sahil: Anika Didi!! (he runs and hugs her)
Om: aw!
Rudra: how are you my best friend?
Sahil: i’m good! I missed you all so much! They don’t even let us call frequently in the boarding school!
(he hugs shivaay)

Rudra: how did you like our surprise bhabhi?
Anika: you all did this for me?
Om: of course, we are family and family isn’t complete without sahil.
Anika: thank you so much!
Om: well, it was shivaay’s idea first. We agreed to help him.
Anika: shivaay? (she looks at him)
Shivaay: I did this for sahil, I didn’t want him too miss out raksha bandhan when he had a sister.
Anika: thank you.
Sahil: thank you shivaay Bhaiya!
Shivaay: any thing for you.
Prinku: so, shall we start?
Shivaay: sure, why not?
Prinku: sit all three of you.
The brothers sit.

Precap: the family members see a video on a large screen when the lights are turned off.

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