DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 14

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Hey guys I’m back with the next episode! Hope you like it!

Shivaay: (to gauri) thank you for saving my brother’s life…you’ve done something that I would personally never forget..
Gauri: Bhaiya, please don’t say thank u …I just did my duty..how could I just let him…
Om:(angry, walks away)
Shivaay: I think we should go now..(he walks away) come rudra…
Rudra:(looks at gauri) Didi, if i’m not wrong then you want to speak to O right?
Gauri:(looks helpless) haan! Please rudra, I want to clear the misunderstanding…I know what I did was wrong but I swear that it was for a good intention..a good cause…
Rudra: that’s why I’m here Didi…I understand your problem..I’ve seen the care for you in o’s eyes…
Gauri: really?
(shivaay shouts from the car ‘ rudra! Come fast! We’re getting late! ‘ )

Rudra: don’t worry didi! I’ll make sure o comes and speaks to you…thank you by the way for all that you did for him…
Gauri: please don’t say thank you…
(rudra smiles and goes to om)
Rudra: I think you should talk to her…
Om: why will I talk to her?
Rudra: because she saved your life…you should thank her…
Om: are you mad? It’s because of her that I landed in this place ..and got into trouble…
Rudra: but o, she still saved your life..
Om: so? Even I saved her’s! We’re equal now…
Rudra:(gives his thinking expression) technically, no…she saved you two times…and you saved her one time…so I
think you owe her a thank you…
Om: but rudra…
Rudra: just go! (he pushes him towards gauri)
Om: (balances himself somehow) woh.I…
Gauri: woh? I wanted to tell…
(Om and gauri at the same time….)
Om: thank you..
Gauri: thanku..
(they smile at each other)
Om: anyways…I just had to say thank you…i’m late..bye..(he begins to go)
Gauri: omkara ji! Wait!
Om: what do you want?
Gauri: see omkara ji, I really want to clear this misunderstanding…I am not like the person you thought I was…
Om: what do you mean?

Gauri: I hated kaali thakur from the beginning…he wanted me to marry him…and when I denied, he forced me…pulled me away from my mother and my house…he didn’t even care about his own wife…he crossed all the limits when he wanted me to marry his brothers too…I ran from there…he almost killed me omkara ji… ( she cries) but you saved me…i’m really not a bad person omkara ji…
Om: all…all this time I thought that you were responsible for his wife’s suicide…
Gauri: no omkara ji…I would never become like Sultana ji…
Om: hmm…but you still lied to me…you became chulbul, helped svetlana…
Gauri: no..no omkara ji! I swear on myself! I would never even in my dreams do such a thing…and I really wanted to tell you that I was gauri but you hated gauri so much…then you would never let me help you against svetlana…that’s why I couldn’t tell you…
Om: oh! I never thought of it that way…are you really saying the truth?
Gauri: yes Omkara ji…please believe me…
Om: thank you gauri…I never knew that you could do this for me…I misunderstood you…underestimated you…i’m sorry…

Gauri: i’m sorry too omkara ji…I played with your feelings…i’m sorry…
(om hugs gauri, saathiya plays )
Om:( after the hug) but..but I still don’t believe in this marriage…
Gauri: no problem omkara ji, all I ever want is to see you happy…even if you stop believing I will still believe…if you want, I will go back to bareilly…
Om:( thinks for a while) after what you’ve done for me, I would say…that we can always be friends…and I don’t want you to go to bareilly now…I think for a few days you should stay in oberoi mansion…calm yourself down , after all so much has happened…then we’ll see…
Gauri:(her face lightens up) sach omkara ji?
Om: haan…but this time, don’t become chulbul and come!!
(both of them laugh, shivaay and rudra see this and smile)
Om and gauri go to the car…
Om: shivaay, is it okay if gauri stays with us for a while?
Shivaay: if you’re okay with it…then what problem will we have? ( shivaay and rudra look at each other and giggle )
Om: okay…if your done making fun of me then can we go?
Shivaay: okay…
( they sit in the car and go to the oberoi mansion )

Precap: jhanvi hugs om and everyone is delighted to see him back…later a doctor comes to Oberoi mansion…

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  1. Awesome uupdate pixie!
    Harharaike post karo!
    Lots of love from myside .
    AM SO glad you cleared rikara ‘ smu

    1. Pixie

      Thank you!? It really means a lot!!

  2. Nice update….?????

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      Thank you!

  3. Awesome

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      Thank you!

  4. Awesome part don’t show main MU kab clear hogi. But it is nice

  5. Sry it ‘s show main kab clear hogi. Galat typing.

    1. Pixie

      I know right! Can’t wait! This stupid svetlana is soooo irritating!

  6. Finally misunderstandings cleared superb dr and next part soon dr….

    1. Pixie

      Thanks! Will post soon!


    1. Pixie

      Thank you!

  8. Have u ended Priveer??

    1. Pixie

      Not yet Neha… Will think about it soon! To be honest I really forgot about them!???

  9. Amayaa

    Amazing pixie amazing
    Thank God all de misunderstanding between them is clear
    Post de next part soon dr ??

    1. Pixie

      Thanks amayaa!??

  10. All is well that ends well. It was a bit odd that Om got convinced so early anyways its good mu got cleared. 🙂

    1. And it was cute of Rudra to push Om to talk to Gauri.

      1. Pixie

        I agree!☺️?

    2. Pixie

      Actually majority wanted the misunderstanding to be over very soon… This was the quickest way I could think of… But he still hasn’t considered her as his wife… He’ll take time in that…?

    1. Pixie

      Thank you! You

  11. Awesome epi

    1. Pixie

      Thank you!

  12. Superbb one pixie…..

  13. It is nice one dear… Eagerly waiting for the next update…

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing… Its good their misunderstandings are cleared.

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