Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 28 By Aahana

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Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 28
Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments and sorry for being late. Now without any delay i will give you the part.
Rags room
All are seeing the albums but san is seeing only one photo. Rags observes it and looks at what he is seeing. It is Avni’s pic. It was taken in sanskar’s first birthday. She is looking beautiful in it and holding san. San gets tears in his eyes seeing the photo. Rags holds his hand and he looks at her.
Rags : see how happy she is sanskar. She will be seeing us where ever she is and if you cry she will not be happy. So don’t cry and wipes his tears. He smiles at her.
Advi too joins them and viren says rags u are exactly looking like ma. But you never wear sarees and all. But your faces are same. Every one may think that u are maa if u get ready in sarees. All smiles at him.
San says maa is maa, and ragu is ragu. Maa always used to wear sarees and when i asked why don’t u wear dresses she used to say that your papa like me in sarees and i also want to be mother of my kids but not some one who doesn’t care. Then i used to say ma i will also ask my wife to wear sarees only. Will she do the same and maa told me that if I really love her and she too loves me then she will do what makes me happy and i will do what makes her happy. By saying this he smiles.
All continues speaking for sometime and shares all their funny moments. Eventhough rags is speaking but she is thinking some thing.

After sometime all decides to sleep. AdVi goes. San turns to her and says goodnight mishty. Rags stops him and asks
Rags : sanky, u want me to wear sarees
San : ragu, u took it serious. I just spoke with ma like that and shared it with u all. I don’t want u to change for me, be like u and never change for anything. Ok. rags nods and hugs hime. He too hugs her and kisses on her hair. He wishes her good night and leaves
Here rags is unable to sleep. She wants to wear saree and surprise san. She knows that san likes traditional wear a lot but will never ask her to do that as he don’t want her to change.
She thinks to ask her mother but then thinks maa has all sarees which doesn’t suits me. They are not so modern. All are of her age. She keeps on thinking. She then decides to call some boutiques and enquire. She goes to living room to get the diary which has all the numbers of her mothers designers. She sits in the living room itself and calls them but no one lifts the call as all the shops are closed. She is tensed and does self talk but a bit louder. DP listens everything as he came to living room to take water. He smiles and thinks something.
DP : ragu beta what are you doing here. Rags : nothing mamu. I will go. And she goes to her room. DP smiles and calls a maid and asks him to come to his room. The maid follows DP.
After sometime maid knocks on rags rooms door. Ragu opens it and asks does he want anything. Then she listens to DP who is back of the maid.
DP : ragu beta open the door and let him come. She opens and maid brings a movable wardrobe inside. Dp asks the maid to go and he leaves
Rags ; mamu what is this.
DP : ragu beta this wardrobe has all your mami’s (avni) jewellery and sarees. I want to give all of them to u.
Ragu ; mamu how can i take. They are mami’s
DP : beta only u have the right. I listened to your self talks beta and one or the other day only u only should have them as elder bahu of maheshwaris. So take them beta. Get ready for tomorrow and give surprise to all. Rags smiles and thanks him. He goes and she closes her door.
She opens the wardrobe and it is full of sarees and jewellery. She touches them all and thinks san will be happy if he sees me in avni maa’s saree and selects saree and jewellery for next day.
She then sleeps with a smile on her face

Next day morning
Many relatives and business associates has come for the puja. All are looking after the arrangements. Dadi and dadu too came from the village. Rags goes to get ready after checking all the arrangements. AdVi are welcoming the guests and san is checking all the required things.
Rags gets ready wearing the saree in marvadi style. She is looking like a doll.
Pandit ji calls all the family members for puja. Everyone assembles there and are waiting for rags. Rags is coming downstairs. San is speaking with panditji and is turned to other side. Other than him all sees rags and are surprised. She is looking like a pari. Mainly AdVi are shocked.
AdVi at a time says : rags/choti

At that time only san turns back and he is unable to move his gaze. He is shocked, surprised and all. He is not believing that she is his mishty. There are no words to describe her. AdVi laughs seeing san and then he comes to his senses
Rags takes blessings from dadi and dadu. Then they gives blessings and hugs her. She then goes to DP who hugs her and blesses her.
She goes to harish and avantika. They are in state of shock. They are unable to believe that their ragu became this much big ( yaar age wise as she wore saree for the first time) and hugs her. She too hugs them. Avantika keeps black dot on back of her ear. AdVi too hugs and compliments her. San just side hugs her. Though he wants to hug her and shower her with kisses but they didn’t announce their relationship and don’t want to degrade their family name. They speaks a lot with their eyes only.

All sits for puja. Dadi and dadu are doing havan and all sits back of them. DP asks ragsan to sit beside each other and they sits. Not to create a doubt to anyone adi sits beside rags and viren sits beside san. Puja completes and rags sings bhajan. All praises her voice and pandit ji blesses them and goes.
DP asks rags to give Prasad to all. She gives Prasad to everyone. Then DP and Harish announces about their plans to everyone. All congragulates them and ragsan, AdVi signs the papers.
Many business associates wants rags as their bahu and few want advisan as their son in laws. Whoever spoke with 4 asked them about their marriage plans and they are making excuses. Atlast all the guests leaves and all 4 bursts out laughing remembering their excuses.
Funny excuse was what viren made. When a lady asks viren to marry her daughter he replies that he gets fits regularly and one saint told him that if he get married then he will become nice. So i will marry your daughter. The lady runs away from there.
All are laughing and san is seeing rags only. He is very very happy. He always wants to see her in saree but never voiced it out as he want rags to be comfortable. He lost himself in her.
The part ends on ragsan face.

Precap : ragsan romance

Hope everyone likes it. Sorry for the small update. I am little bit busy. Will be waiting for the comments. I will update tereliye second part by night. this is not proof read. so sorry for any mistakes
Thanks everyone

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