Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 27 By Aahana

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Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 27
Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments on previous part. Hope everyone are liking the track of my story. And thanks for those who commented on my other ff also. I am really happy. I cant express u all how happy i am with the response. Thanks everyone once again and now i will start my story.

Everyone is happy. Elders are happy as their children are ready to handle the business and they have faith on them that they will take business to new heights. Youngsters are happy as they are able to work on their interests only.
DP : u all are joining office from tomorrow. I will get all the papers ready and u 4 sign them
Avantika : no bhai. They will not join tomorrow. I will speak with panditji and fix a good date. On that day they will sign the papers and starts their new work. Is it ok with u bhai and Harish u too
Harish and DP : no problem. Avantika speaks with panditji and he gives the date after few days. All agrees to it. All are happy with the changes in their life. Adi cames to know that pankhuri went to their village on some emergency and will come after a month. Viren and ragsan convinces him to speak to her after she comes. He agrees. All 4 decides to go to office and check the previous files and gain some knowledge

Next day morning
Ragsan decides to go together but san gets a call from one of their old client to come and meet him. So san goes to meet him and rags goes to office. While driving suddenly a small boy comes infront of the car and rags tries to save him and turns the car to other side and hits to a tree. She hits her head to the steering and falls unconscious.
Here san feels restless but don’t know why? He reaches clients office and goes inside. He forgot the phone in the car itself.
Some people saw the accident and came near car. They called the ambulance and tries to call someone of her family using her mobile but it is locked. So they were unable to inform anyone. At that time only adi calls to rags to speak with her and the person who has the mobile lifts it and informs adi about accident. Adi is shocked but composes himself and asks them to get her to their hospital only. He calls and informs to viren, harisg and DP. Harish, DP and adi reaches hospital and viren who was already in hospital is standing outside the hospital with stretcher and few doctors. They all tried to call san but he didn’t lift (it is in car)

The ambulance came and she was taken into hospital. They all sighs in relief when they comes to know that there is no problem to her and she fainted because of shock but she has injury on her leg and there is a injury on forehead too. Then they calls avantika and informs her and she too comes there. Al tries to call san but he doesn’t lift phone. They called to office and came to know that san is in an important meeting with their old client. Viren takes rags phone and calls san using it (don’t doubt how viren knows her password. It has finer touch technology and all their fingerprints are registered.) as he knows that san will call rags immediately after seeing rags number

After sometime san comes out after completing his work and checks for his mobile to speak with his princess as he is feeling restless. He doesn’t find it and remembers that he left it in car. He goes near car and checks for mobile. He is shocked to see many calls from the whole family. He immediately calls rags number and viren lifts the call. Viren explains him everything and san starts his car and goes tothe hospital. He is very scared eventhough viren told that she is fit and fine. He can’t lose her, she is the reason of his life. His eyes are covered with tears and they are flowing on his cheeks.

He drives as fast as possible and reaches the hospital. He is unable to control his tears. He rushes into the hospital and to the special ward area viren told him. He sees his whole family except rags standing there and runs towards them. Adi is the one who saw san running and says SANSKAR. All turns and sees him. He comes near adi and asks where is rags. Adi points to a room and san runs inside without speaking a word. Adi thought of stopping him but harish stops adi. Harish says let him go adi, he needs an assurance that she is fine and will get it after seeing her only. Adi nods
Here san enters into the room and sighs after seeing her sleeping. He goes and sits beside the bed, holds her hand and cries. He is unable to explain what he felt when he heard about her accident. His mind stopped working after listening to that news. His world stopped revolving. He cant live without her. He continues to cry for some more time. All sees this from the door. Advi doesn’t understand why san is crying even after knowing that she is fine but elders understand why he is behaving like this. Viren thinks to go inside but DP stops him
Viren : papa let me go inside. I can’t see bhai like this. Why is he behaving like that? Nothing happened to ragu. She is perfectly fine. Adi too supports him.
DP : it is not as easy as u are thinking viren. I can guess what he might have gone through after listening about her accident. She is not only his lover or would be wife. She is his life, his mothers replica and his possession. You know why san always takes care of her, because she is the last gift his mother gave to him. He cant live without her
Viren and adi stares at him and DP goes from there. They sees towards Harish and Avantika.
Adi : papa u say clearly what mamu want to say. Rags is san’s gift from Avni mami. We didn’t understand anything
Harish : adi from childhood i used to say that san is more mature than u inspite of being you older. Adi nods his head as yes. You both don’t know the bitter truth of our lives. Do u know avni didn’t die due to accident but because of cancer. AdVi are shocked listening this. Just by listening to this only u are shocked but once think how san might have felt when he had known this truth. This is a shock to them. Harish continues he knows about Avni’s health. He saw her every suffering. He acted mature and didn’t let viren know anything. He always took care of viren. He used to cry alone in the room or in front of us. He didn’t cry infront of DP because he don’t want to give more pain to DP. He always stood as a support to us when we used to feel stress regarding her health. He stood as a support to us when we should be support to him. One day doctors told that she has only few hours. We all are shocked. We were unable to control san. Then avni told him that rags is his from then and he should take care of her every wish. She is her replica and god sent her to him because he is taking Avni away. He should always be support of ragu and never let a single tear drop from her eyes.

From that day san never let anything harm her. He is very possessive. He had a fera that he will lose her also and now it became more.
All had tears in their eyes. After sometime in rags room san is stilly crying. Rags get conscious and sfeels some weight on her hand. She turns and sees san and observes that san is crying. She moves the hand which san held and he immediately lifts his face. Rags is shocked seeing his state. San smiles seeing her fit and fine. He helps her to sit. Rags is just staring at his face.
San is trying to control his tears but as soon as san as rags says sanskar he hugs her and cries like a small child. Rags too has tears in her eyes seeing his condition.
Rags : sanky see i am fine. Its just a small accident. Please don’t cry i cant see u like this. Please sanky. But san doesn’t say anything. He hugs her. At that time vviren comes inside to see if rags woke up. He goes near them and hugs both. San wipes his tears and comes out of the hug. He smiles at them
Viren : rags what is this ha? U should have been careful. Don’t ever repeat this. U have to be careful. He calls everyone and all comes inside. They speaks for sometime. San all the time didn’t leave her hand and sat beside her only. All thinks to go home as doctor suggested her to stay for a day. San says that he will stay with her and all goes. He again hugs her and says never leave me mishty. I cant live without u.
Rags : sanky where will i go? No one can separate us both. So please don’t cry. See you are not at all looking good. She tickles him and atlast he laughs. She feels happy and hugs him. Both stays like that for some time.
Few days passes and everything comes back to normal. They took rags home next day only and all took care of her. San too came out of that incident but never left her alone. He was like a shadow to her all the days. All admired their bond. Rags used to fight with him when he forces her to follow diet or take medicines but he never obeyed her. He always took care of her and fought with her and made her agree to take medicines. One week passes like this.
One day evening
Everyone is in the hall and some arrangements are going on in the house. The arrangements are for puja which is going to be held next day morning. After puja the 4 are going to take up the new challenges (their new responsibilities or say posts). They decided to call all the relatives and introduce the 4 to them.

At night
Rags is in her room and seeing some album. Other 3 comes there and asks what she is doing. Rags says that she went into the store room to get some items for puja and found old albums there. She is seeing that only. Other 3 joins her and are seeing all their albums. There are 4-5 albums and all are seeing one each and remembering all their past moments and laughing
Episode ends on their smiling faces

Precap : puja and rags new look

Hope everyone liked it. Thanks everyone for the valuable comments. Hope everyone respond to this part also in the same way. I know this part is an emotional one but i want to show the bond of ragsan and also sanskar’s sensitive side. So i tried it and please comment, it can be both positive and negative but please comment so that i can change my type of writing
Thanks everyone

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