Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 22 By Aahana

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Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 22
Hi everyone. Hope everyone liked 21st part.please comment or else how will i know whether u all are liking it or not. It can be positive and negative but please comment. And haa as i said about Adi’s love i will present his story in todays part. And about my new story i will start it on jan 26th but will give an intro and character sketch on Sunday. Now i will start the story

Its night and everyone are in their rooms and everyone slept except our ragsan. They are too happy and want to spend some time together but are afraid that if advi find out them they will tease a lot. Both are moving on their beds but unable to sleep. They thinks to go to terrace(individually).
First ragini reaches terrace and sits on the swing. She sees the moon and remembers how everything in her life changed. Morning she was sad that her san loves someone and now she is so much happy to know that san is only hers. She was thinking all this and didn’t notice his presence.
San who was climbing stairs felt rags was near to him. He reached the terrace and saw her who is sitting on the swing and is in some other land. (ofcourse san ka love land). He without making any sound closes the terrace door and goes near her and sits beside her. She then notices his presence and sees him.
San : why didn’t u sleep? Its too late.

Rags : you too didn’t slept. Why?
San : by holding her hand and moving close to her i asked you first MISHTY.
Rags : who is mishty ha? (by seeing around terrace)
San : my life, my soul, my ragu. Rags smiles and hugs him keeping her head on his chest. I love u sanky. I love u so much. Please never leave me. I cant live without you. I will die. San keeps his palm on her lips to stop her and nods no.
San too hugs her and says : never say like that mishty. I cant live without u. U are the reason of my breathe. I love u too may not be more than you love me but definitely not less. She smiles listening to his words and snuggles close to him
He too hugs her tight and kisses on her hair. I want the time to stop here ragu. This is the most precious day of my life and i will never forget it. Rags just smiles and hugs him more (as if it is possible. Kya ragu kabhi tho chodo san ko, subah se aise hi chipak rahe ho. Wink)

After sometime say ragu why didn’t you sleep till now. Rags : i didn’t get sleep. I wanted to spend sometime with u but if that viren see us than he will tease us a lot. So i didn’t come to ur room, she says with a pout. He smiles nad kisses on her hair and says i too didn’t get sleep mishty, i thought advi will tease u and will make u embarrass, so i didn’t come to ur room. Rags just says hmmm.
San : what happened mishty, are u sleepy come lets go down.
Rags ; no sanky i am just thinking that till few days back we used to enter each others rooms without any hesitation and now we are thinking that they may tease. Doesn’t it look different
San : haa mishty, we never used to think like that and now everything changed but what ever happened is good. The feeling that u belongs to me and I belong to u or better to say that we belong to eachother gives me a satisfaction, a different type of pleasure. I feel different and i cant explain it to u.
Rags : i know sanky. I too feel the same. The feeling of being yours is making me feel special about myself. San smiles and holds her face and kisses on her forehead
San : lets go mishty. We should sleep. We will speak tomorrow. She nods and both goes down holding eachothers hands. They reaches near her room. They enters and she sits on bed. He asks her to lay down. She does as he says and he covers her with duvet, kisses on her forehead. He turns back and about to leave but stops as rags holds his hand. He turns towards her and asks what happened? She signs him to come near her. He goes towards her. She asks him to bend and he does the same. She suddenly kisses him on his cheek and hides her face under the duvet.
Firstly san is shocked and then smiles. He says love u mishty good night and goes from there.

Rags slowly peeps out from her duvet and sees him near the door going out.
She says i love u too sanky. He turns and smiles. She feels shy and again hides her face in the pillow. He smiles saying pagal and goes out. Rags too smiles and closes her eyes to sleep and dream about her prince charming.
San while going to his room observes light in adi’s room
San (thinks) ; adi didn’t sleep till now. Might be he slept while working, i will switch off the light. He then enters the room and shocked to see adi on the chair and thinking something so deeply that he didn’t notice san’s presence.
San keeps hand on adi’s shoulder and adi gets tensed and turns back. He sees san and relaxes.
Adi ; sanky u here. Didn’t u sleep?
San ; i came to drink water and saw light in your room. What happened adi, u can share it with me.
Adi : nothing san. I didn’t get sleep thats it. He says this by not seeing him
San understands that he is hiding some thing and asks adi u can share it with me. I know u are hesitating and if u want sometime, it is ok.
san is about to go but adi holds his hand and says i want to share it with u san. Come and sit i will say but i want u to hide it from anyone. I will say it to everyone when the time comes. San nods and both sits on the couch in adis room
adi : san i love someone

san just smiles. Adi says aren’t u shocked to know that.
San : i know that and i am waiting when u will disclose it. If i am not wrong then the girl is Pankhudi.
Adi stares him without giving any reply. San smiles and pushes him a bit. Adi : san how do u know all these, i didn’t even propose her. I am afraid whether she agrees to me. She is friendly to me but never crossed her limits. She respects all and bla bla bla…
San laughs and says i know her adi, i only appointed her in the office. Why don’t u propose her.

Adi : she is from higher middle class family, will our parents accept her. If they don’t understand her then she cant bear it. She is very sensitive. So i am afraid but when today everyone is speaking about my marriage, i felt that i am going far away from her. So i am tensed
San : ad i know her personally and she is right for our family. She is the best u can get so propose her. And about her family do u think they will care about status. They will give importance to the girl and her behaviour. She was my classmate and a very good student. She is obedient and sincere. So don’t lose her.
Adi nods. San says think about it before it becomes late. I Heard her family is seeing matches for her. So don’t be late. San goes

Part ends on Adi’s tensed face

Precap: intro of pankhudi and their way back to MG VILLA
Its done. Hope everyone likes it. I thought to give it yesterday but then i thought today is 22nd so i will give my 22nd part on 22nd only. So i am late. Sorry. Please comment. If there any mistakes excuse me please. It is not proof read. Please suggest few titles for new story. I will post CS by evening

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