Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 20 By Aahana

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Do dil bandhe ek dori se part 20
Hi everyone. hope you all liked the previous part. It was the part with no ragsan moments. I know many might have been angry on me for that. Now i will cooldown their anger as this part mostly contains ragsan. In this they confess their love and that too infront of the whole family. So lets see how it happens

All 5 members are in a car and san is driving. They enters the village and DP observes that san turned the car in other direction
DP ; san did u forget the way. We should go that side
San : no papa we are going to farm house and i will arrange everything there. I will confess to her in front of u all
Viren : bhai shouldn’t it be a little private. Why we all
San : its her dream during childhood that her prince should come and propose her in front of whole family. So yesterday i went to do those preperations only and in that time only all this happened
Elders smiles and viren teases him. They all reaches the farm house
San decorates the entrance with red roses and orchids as they are her favourite flowers. He arranges everything according to her wish. Viren tries to help him but san denies.
San calls to dadu and explains everything to him. Dadu was happy as now no one will be sad. San shares his plan withdadu and dadi and they agrees to get rags and adi to farm house
Other side adi and rags went to field and enjoyed for sometime. Adi feels relief after seeing her smile but he doesn’t know that she is hiding her pain to make him happy. They reaches the house and rags goes to her room
Dadu and dadi says adi everything. Initially adi gets angry on san for doing late but then understands sans feelings too and agrees to help them all.

They 4 had their lunch and adi convinces rags to come with him to farm house. After a lot of persuasion she agrees and they both leaves.
Dadi and dadu already left saying they had work and reached farmhouse
They are happy to see the arrangements. All blesses san and hopes rags too feel happy after seeing the arrangements.they will be seeing everything from the room in first floor.
Rags and adi reaches there. Adi acts as he got some phone call and asks rags to go inside.
Rags enters and sees everything dark with only candles here and there.
She steps in and feels something soft under her feet. She sees down and the floor is filled with rose petals. She doesn’t understand anything. She has a feeling that san is near to her.
Adi reaches first floor from backside steps and joins everyone.
Rags : who is here. I think some others are here and arranged it for their family. She turns to leave but stops hearing sanskars voice
San : ragu

She stops on her way after listening to him. She is not strong enough to face him. She will not be able to control her tears after seeing him
San : ragu wont u turn back
Rags : sanky nothing like that. I thought some others are here. What are u doing here.
She is stopping her tears
San turns her and now she faces him. She bends her head
He lifts her head and wipes away the tears and says ragu today i want to confess something to u
San : from the day i know the meaning of love i only loved one person and want to spend my whole life with her. You say will she be with me
Rags : sanky u are a diamond and no one wants to lose u. So go and propose her. She will never reject u. (she says all this controlling her sobs)
San smiles and says ok ragu. I will follow your words. He sits on his knees in front of her and takes a ring from his pocket
San : ragu the one about whom i told u is u only ragu. You are my love, my life. Will you marry me amd make me the happiest person the world.
Rags is shocked after listening him. She is feeling as if she is seeing a dream
San : i know ragu u might be feeling this as a dream but its not. Yesterday i was speaking with your pic and not with someone. I always loved you and will only love you. I cant see anyone in your place

Rags smiles with tears in her eyes. She is feeling that she is the happiest person in the world
San : not u ragu, i am the happiest person after confessing my love and will be luckiest too if you accept my proposal. Will u make me lucky
Rags is unable to speak and just nods. San stands and keeps his hand in front of her (asking her to give her hand)
She gives him her left palm and he inserts the ring . then only rose petals falls on them. She smiles and hugs him.
He too reciprocates and hugs her tightly
Ragu : i love u sanky. I love u somuch.
San smiles and hugs her more tightly and drags her closer (as if it is possible).
San : i love u too ragu. My princess
All are seeing it from the room and feels happy. They thinks not to disturb them and leaves from back side steps
San releases her from hug, cups her face and kisses on her forehead. She smiles feeling satisfied and again hugs him.
Part ends.

Precap : advi teasing ragsan and ragsan moments

Hope everyone liked it. I tried to make it interesting but i know its not that good. I am weak in confessing my words to others so obviously it is not so good and romantic. I will try to make it interesting. Please comment and give feedback so that i can rectify my mistakes
And as i said in previous part please tell me on which couple should i start my new story. Raglak or ragsan. In that the hero will be a police officer(IPS) and ragini is Business women. The story mainly revolves around these two and let me know whom you want the hero to be.
Thank you

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    Superb. Loved it.

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    Ragsan , raglak both are my favorite, tough to choose

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