Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karan and Shivani’s friend telling that Karan and Shivani danced well. Karan says he just danced with Shivani. Karan says Shivani and Raghu that he will drop them. Shivani and Raghu say they will go by auto. Karan leaves. Shivani and Raghu walk on the road, Raghu says she and Karan danced well and asks how did she feel after meeting her friends. Shivani says she felt good. Raghu says even she liked her friends. He gets a call from his office manager who asks him to attend a client. Raghu asks Shivani to wait for him and goes froom there. She waits for him for one hour, but he does not return. She calls him, but his phone is not reachable. Karan comes there in his car and asks her where is Raghu. Shivani says Raghu went to finish office work and she is waiting for him, but he did not come after one hour. Karan says it is good that he came in this route and saw him, he says he will drop her. Shivani says she will wait for Raghu. Karan insists, so Shivani agrees and says she will message Raghu before.

Karan asks her to sit in the car and message him. She sits in his car and they both leave. Raghu comes from behind and sees them going. Karan drops Shivani to her home. Shivani thanks her. Karan says he should thank her for agreeing to drop her. He says she did not change since childhood. Raghu comes there and surprisingly asks Karan why did he come at this time. He then looks at Shivani and then acts as forgetting to pick her. He says it happens sometimes and thanks Karan for dropping Shivani. Shivani asks how can he forget. Raghu says he really forgot. Karan then remembers Raghu informing about a plan to pick her up so that Shivani stops believing him. Karan then starts acting and says he did not believe Raghu would forget Shivani. Raghu says he is talking as if he does not have any work other than taking care of Shivani. Karan asks Raghu how can he be so careless. Shivani asks Karan not to tell anything to Raghu. Karan goes from there. Do dil bandhe… title song plays in the background. Raghu says dunno what happened to Karan, he is talking nonsense. Shivani goes into the house.

Ginni thinks she is preparing for exams, but Raghu and Shivani are enjoying with Karan. She would have dressed well and gone to the party and Karan would have fallen for her..

Maya comes and says she should meet Karan personally. Ginni asks how can she meet him alone. Maya says she should tell Shivani to help her in studies, Shivani will then ask Karan to teach Ginni. Ginni likes her idea and hugs her happily. Maya thinks she has to do all this to get rich, hope Karan’s mind stops working and he likes Ginni.

Shivani asks Raghu how can he leave her in a stranded bus stand at 10 p.m. alone and forget about her. She says he did not do it before. Raghu says she is dragging the issue and says she has grown up now, he takes her of her, but he had some work, so what is weird in it. Karan came to help her, so she should not be bothered. He says he wants to sleep and will speak to her later. Shivani asks what happened to him, why is she talking to her like, she was her responsibility and he did not want to leave her alone. She asks to tell her mistake. Raghu says he cannot tell anything and says like a person changes with time, his priorities also change. He was his worker and used to get money to take care of her, it was his duty. Shivani asks if that is what he thought about her. She says she is his wife. Raghu says she is not his wife.

Raghu feels bad and says he cannot tolerate troubling her and asks her sorry. He says she will be happy soon once she accepts Karan. Shivani is also sad on the other side. Maula mere…. song plays in the background. She remembers time spent with Raghu. She then remembers him telling that he used to get money to take care o f her and their relationship was only work for him.

Precap: Shivani says Sanjeev that Raghu left his phone here and asks his message for Raghu. Sanjeev says Raghu has a product delivery today. Shivani says he did it last night. Sanjeev says she must be mistaken as Raghu did not come to office yesterday. Shivani thinks where did Raghu go yesterday then.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  2. Raghu …. Wat the hell u doing…. Wait till u come to know who Karan mother is………

  3. Who is Karen mother.

    1. Renuka aunty

  4. Yes…. Renuka aunty………. That’s Karan’s mom
    Hi naina..

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