Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with panditji asking Raghu and Shivani to wait until the aarti gets over. They both agree. A rich man comes then to the temple. Panditji greets him and asks him to start aarti. Rich man starts aarti with Raghu, Shivani and others praying behind him. Jai dev Jai dev…. religious songs plays in the background. Henchman comes and tries to kill rich man with sword, but Raghu sees him and saves the rich man on time. Rich man sees Raghu rescuing him and then running behind henchman. Henchman escapes. Raghu comes back to the temple and Shivani asks if he is injured. Raghu says he is fine. Rich man praises Raghu and asks his name. Raghu introduces himself and asks why was that man trying to kill him. Panditji says rich man is a big film producer and mafia wants to kill him for money. He praises rich man for being too courteous. Richman asks where are they from. Raghu and Shivani say they are from Jodhpur and are staying in a chawl. Rich man requests to come and stay with him in his house. Raghu says it is okay. Rich man/Veer pratap says he has to do something for them as they saved his life. Shivani says saving life is very sacred. Veer pratap gives his visiting card to Raghu and asks him to meet him soon.

Agarwal family come with an alliance for Ginni. Ginni serves them tea. Agarwal family likes Ginni. Mom asks what is she doing. Ginni says she is studying. Dad asks if she wants to work after marriage. Ginni says as her in-laws say. Sumitra asks Agarwal family to tell them about their son. She asks guy what he has studied. Guy says he is an engineer from Kanpur IIT. She asks what he earns. He says he earns 80,000 rs. She asks if he is earning so much, then why did they give advertisement on news paper and asks if they are hiding something. Mom gets angry and says they don’t want alliance from them now. Latha apologizes Agarwal family. Baburam scolds Sumitra and says Agarwal family that he believes them. Bela takes Sumitra from there and warns her not to interfere. Baburam says Agarwal family that he liked their family and their son and asks about their opinion regarding Ginni. Agarwal family says they don’t have any issues and asks boy’s opinion. Boys says he does not have any problem. He says Ginni that he liked her and wants to know her opinion. Vivek asks Ginni not to worry and to give her frank opinion. Ginni says even she likes the guy. Everyone gets happy.

Agarwal family says they will check with panditji and inform about the marriage date soon, they leave from there. Sumitra congratulates Ginni and says her blessings will be with her always. Bela asks Sumitra to keep her blessings with herself and warns her not to interfere in this family’s issues, else she will be kicked out of house. Sumitra says she was questioning for Ginni’s goodness. Latha asks her not to interfere. Maya thinks, she got caught last time because of Sumitra and now she should also scold Sumitra. She scolds Sumitra and asks her not to think bad about Ginni and her family. Latha says her whole family members are together now and says Sumitra to think 100 times before thinking of harming them. Sumitra thinks of destroying the whole family.

Shivani sees Raghu sad and asks him not to worry as they will find a way. Raghu says he got only 500 rs per day job and how will he arrange money for her operation, even Ginni’s marriage is ahead. Shivani says Ginni’s marriage will not happen until they go. Raghu says it looks like all the doors are shut. Someone knocks the door. Shivani opens the door. Lady introduces herself as Madhavi Veer Pratap Singh.

Sumitra prepares fake property papers and thinks she will destroy Saharia family with it. Bela sees her with papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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