Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani coming to the servant Shaku and says I need to ask you something. Shaku says she is busy.
Shivani says you are hiding something about that well. Shaku says I am not hiding anything. Shivani says, your were shocked when I told about it. Shaku says once she saw a woman going in the well dressed up as a bride. Shivani asks who was that woman. Shaku says I didn’t follow her. When I went near the well the other day, I saw blood, but it was not blood but sindoor. Shivani is shocked to hear that. She says some secrets are hidden in this house. Sunanda comes and asks what nonsense are you talking about. She blames Shivani for gossiping and scolds Shaku. She asks Shaku to wash the blanket. Shivani recalls seeing the same blanket on that person.

Lata, Bela and Ginny cry . Bella asks Latha why you bear this pain. Lata says I couldn’t bear Sumitra insulting God. Baburaam feels helpless. He says Raghu is not with us, it is good. He couldn’t see us suffer. Lata gets Raghu’s call. Raghu tells her that he is fine and missing her. Lata says, we too are missing you and asks how you are both. Raghu says babyji is fine. He asks her not to worry. Lata thinks they can’t tell each other about their problems. Lata shouts because of pain. Raghu asks her what happened. Lata keeps hand on her mouth. Baburaam takes the call and says don’t you miss me. Raghu asks is maa fine? I heard her shouting. Baburaam says Lata shouted after seeing cockroach in kitchen. He asks him to take care of babyji and himself and asks him to come home soon. Raghu says ok. Shivani comes there. Raghu tells her that he was talking to their family. Shivani says I am tired after shooting. Raghu tells her to take medicines and sleep.

Maya tells Lata that she was unaware of Sumitra’s plan. She apologizes Lata. Lata asks her not to apologize and says she will be more stronger. Baburaam says we have to do everything to get our house back. Maya says I did not have wine. Bela says I changed wine glass with fruit glass, she didn’t have wine. Lata says I didn’t know. I slapped her. Maya says, you did the right thing, Sumitra started trusting me because of that. Bella says Sumitra thinks our unity is broken. Maya says we will take advantage of her thinking. Lata smiles.

Shivani thinks of Shaku’s words and gets restless. She wonders who might be that woman. She says that blanket belongs to Sunanda, so is she involved? She hears someone’s noise and peeps from her room. She wonders who came out from Sunanda’s room. She thinks to find out. That person goes outside the house. Shivani follows that person who is covering himself with blanket.

Shivani goes near the well and wonders where he/she went. Shivani turns to see the person holding a hammer in his hand, and he attacks Shivani.

Shivani wakes up in the morning and wonders where that person went and who was he? Raghu comes and asks what happened? Shivani tells him that she was following someone. She asks how I came here. Raghu says I took you here. You were unconscious near well. You should have woke me up. Shivani says she saw someone going near the well and was attacked by him. Raghu asks who was he? Shivani says someone is trying to harm me. Raghu asks her not to think much and asks her to rest. He makes her lie down and says, I will be back.

Raghu brings hot salt cloth and massage on Shivani’s wound. Yeh Dhunde Din mere………..Plays………….Shivani looks at him lovingly.

Shivani tells that the wall between us has melted. That day will be not away when you confessed your feelings to me in front of everyone. She sees Dadi’s stick and thinks to give it to her. She sees colour on the stick.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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