Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu giving his chit to Karan. Karan reads the chit and tells his dance partner’s name as Shivani. Shivani gets shocked. Raghu goes and takes Shivani’s friend Amrita’s name. Amrita says no. Shivani feels bad. The couple hands are tied and asks them to feed icecream to their partner in 15 mins. Raghu looks at Shivani and pours icecream on Amrita’s face annoying her. Shivani and Karan are declared winner in the first round. They are then asked to fold the cloth with one hand. Karan and Shivani are declared winner in the second round too. Raghu smiles.

They are then asked to go on the dance floor and enjoy. Karan tells Shivani that he recalled their school days. Shivani looks around for Raghu and goes to see him. Shivani comes outside and sees Raghu talking with his drivers’ friend. He tells Shivani that he is their friends. Raghu introduces her as his owner. Shivani tells them that she is his wife and not owner. Shivani’s friend come out. Her driver says, Shivani ji is my bhabhi. Raghu is my school friend. Her friend says, it is so weird. Shivani asks Raghu to come inside.

Rupesh comes to Lata’s house and says he forgot to bring vegetable so came to take it from there. He asks her to give palak and gajar. Lata keeps the veggies in the bag. Rupesh drops Nishi’s prescription paper. Lata asks, what have happened. Rupesh tells her that Nishi is not well and tells his misery. He thinks he did good acting. Lata is shocked.

Shivani tells Raghu that everyone are dancing. Raghu leaves silently. Shivani wonders where is he? Raghu comes wearing the turban and asks them to stop the dance. He asks the DJ to play Rajastani song. He starts dancing on the Rajastani song. Shivani gets embarassed. Everyone look on. He irritates Shivani’s friends. Shivani comes infront of him and starts dancing. Raghu gets surprised. She takes him away and asks what you were doing. Raghu says, I was just dancing.

Shivani says I will be back and asks him to stay at the same place. Karan comes and asks what are you doing? Raghu says, I told you that I will do whatever I can to unite you both. Don’t think that I am making myself fool infront of them. I don’t know them. I don’t want to become a joke for babyji.

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Shivani hears her friends speaking ill about Raghu. They say that he don’t deserve to be here. Shivani gets angry on her friend Divya and says you can’t understand Raghu. I love him, and not his money etc. I am very happy with my husband and my life. She warns them not to say a word against her husband else she will give them a good reply. Announcement is made that Shivani and Karan get an award for their superb performance. Shivani congrats Karan. Everyone applaud for them.

They ask them to dance together. Shivani refuses. Karan says, lets do it once for old time sake. Shivani agrees. Karan and Shivani dance on the song Subhanallah……………………….Raghu looks on and thinks you will realize soon that Karan deserves to be your husband and not me. He hopes for their togetherness.

Raghu says, he forgot to take Shivani home. Karan scolds Raghu. Shivani says it is okay. Raghu says, you are saying as if I don’t have any work other than babyji. I wasted my time in the party. Shivani looks on hurt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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