Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani asking Raghu to take her on a Mumbai tour. Raghu says he has to find a job first and then he will take her on a mumbai tour. Shivani starts acting as feeling headache. Raghu holds her and asks what happened. She says she was acting to make him agree for a tour. Raghu agrees to take her on a tour. The both reach their chawl room and sees no lights on. Raghu says he told her this place is not good. Shivani says it is good and asks him to light the candles. Raghu lights on candle and silently looks at Shivani’s beauty. Shivani asks her what happened. He says nothing. They both then arrange the bed and try to sleep. Shivani asks her to sleep on mattress. Raghu says he is fine and they both go to sleep. Raghu sees dirty walls and water dropping down. He sleeps though. Shivani sees it and wakes up. She goes and sleeps next to Raghu. Raghu asks her why is she sleeping there. Shivani says she saw the water falling on him, so she came there. She insists him to sleep next to her in the bed. Raghu hesitates. Shivani keeps a pillow between bed and asks him to sleep on the other side. Raghu agrees and sleep on the bed. Kaise kab judgaye hum… song plays in the background. Shivani watches Raghu sleeping and smiles.

Raghu takes Shivbani on a Mumbai tour, near the beach. Saathiya…. song plays in the background. They both enjoy mumbai tour.

Roopesh goes to a barber shop and says his life is changing as he is trimming his hair. He asks him to keep his hair as it is valuable. He reads news papers and finds an advertisement regarding marriage alliance for a rich family. He thinks of Ginni and getting money via her marriage.

Shivani says Raghu that she did not have water to bathe, so she went out to bring water and met a good neighbour. She prepares breakfast for him and then feeds him curd as a good gesture before he going on a job hunt. Raghu asks her to take care of herself and goes on a job hunt. She prays god to get Raghu a good job.

Raghu goes on an interview. Interviewer likes Raghu’s profile and gives him a job of delivery manager with 500 rs per day salary. Raghu thinks how can he manage with only 500 rs.

Roopesh informs Baburam and Latha about the news about marriage alliance of rich family and says he is thinking about marrying Ginni to their son. He says they are very rich. Baburam gets excited hearing about money and asks Roopesh to send them an invitation. Latha asks without checking the background, how can they decide it. Sumitra hears them and says Latha is right. Roopesh says she cannot advice them when she herself does not know if her marriage is real or fake. Baburam backs Roopesh and asks her to continue her work.

Roopesh says Latha that he is son-in-law of this house and has investigated about the rich family well. He says guy is perfect for Ginni and is well cultured. Latha then approves to send an invitation. Roopesh thinks only Ginni can get his poverty away.

Ragu meets doctor, gives him jewellery, and pleads him to operate Shivani soon. Doctor says even he wants to operate Shivani soon, but he cannot go against hospital’s rule and Raghu has to arrange 5 lakhs for the operation.

Ward boy informs Raghu that he will get him money and takes him to another doctor who asks Raghu to sold his kidney for money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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