Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumitra telling to Raghu’s family that she won’t give any money for them to buy something. She will get all the vegetables from the garden and all the work will do Raghu! Raghu gets shocked. Raghu says that he won’t work for her! Sumitra tells to Raghu and Shivani that they will have to work as servants. Sumitra asks to Raghu, I didn’t hear you tell me again. Tell me! Raghu again says that he won’t work for her. Sumitra smiles and comes near to Raghu. She says to Raghu: you really want your family to stay outside and ask for money? Sumitra smiling says if you don’t want your family to suffer then you will have to be my servant. She tells him there is no other way for you. Says didn’t you tell me that you would not leave Shivani well now just like your family you will have to be my servants. All are shocked and listen to her words. Sumitra then leaves from there. Shivani is worried about it.

In the next scene. The family and Sumitra are outside of their house. All the family are working except Sumitra and Shivani. Sumitra having them work in the garden smiling about all the fresh vegetables she will get. She tells to Raghu to work faster. Raghu is digging dirt and hits something and picks it up. Shivani ask him what is it? he does not know it but it looks like a clay plate he ask his father. It looks like it’s the familys plan to get the house from Sumitra. His father says you have found it here? He shows the floor. Raghu says yes, he tells him what is our kismat, it is nothing. Sumitra taunts and tells them to throw it. Shivani stops and wants to look at it. Shivani says it is not worthless has some kind of stamp. Sumitra says it is worthless throw it. Now Shivani taunts Sumitra that because she did not go to school she does not realize it is worth! Shivani says it is a antique, tells a story about a woman discovering an antique turned it in and got 3 crore for it. Sumitra gets shocked hearing that. Shivani tells Bella that all this old and antique things are worth and you will get a lot of money. Sumitra is thinking. Shivani says you need to contact and antique dealer to find out. Baburam is all happy about the money and says that his dream of being rich will happen very soon. Baburam takes it from Shivani and tells I will become rich and then Sumitra gets angry and takes it from him and says that she will be rich. Sumitra asks Shivani who to call. Raghu ask bella she knows an archaleogist. Bella says yes I know. Raghu asks her if she remembers his name. Bella says no. Raghu tells her to ask Rupesh. Bella says ok he should know. Sumitra says call him she is greedy. Tells Raghu to continue to see if they can find more they find more things.

In the next scene. A person is there examine the things and praising there worth. Sumitra asks how the guy says it will be at least 1 lak. The Sehyaria family has a liitle smirk. Sumitra gets happy and wants to know when she gets the money. He calls someone and tells him he checked everything. The guy says all of this need to be cleared by gov’t.

Shivani asking raghu it is a long process, he says yes because everyone will be involved, the police govt’. The family saying the gov’t will take everything, Baburam further increases her fears. She says this is my house and i will go to court if I have to. Sumitra gets irriated and walks away.

The family smirking and laughing after she goes. It was their plan! Roopesh comes with the architect it is Karan with long hair. 😀 Sumitra comes running and starts telling the guy let me tell you clearly but then she stops and looks at him and says I feel like I have seen you before. She gets confused. Another guy comes and says the gov’t has sent him he is from aboard, he has been in the news and on tv that is where you may know him from. He looks at the stuff and says very good tells the guy quickly grab the house. Sumitra says how can you? this is my house. The guy brings out a paper and says sign this,,she ask what is it he tells her the papers for the property she refuses. Karan character Mr. Clinton ask is there a problem, the other guy says no, SUmi says Mr. Clinton I will not sign the papers it is my house. Tells Sumitra that if you don’t sign the papers then I will take it from you. She yells at him tells him this is my house you will have to quietly leave. Mr Clinton tells her do not shout at me Sumitra shocked. The other guy says what have you done why are you making the gov’t mad. He sits in her house Sumitra she is angry screams for him to get out. The other guy says you are going to get paid for the house then what’s the problem.. She tells him it is not about money tells them to get out.

Raghu comes towards Sumitra and tells her to come with him. She follows him. The family starts smiling. Shivani looks at Karan with a smile on her face. Raghu says to Sumitra why are you getting angry? He says I will talk to him, Sumitra says why will you talk to him for me? He tells her I will not talk to him for you! I will do it only for my family! Raghu Tells her if you talk to him this way he will remain stubborn. He tells her to go upstair he will talk to him. Sumitra leaves.

In the next scene. Raghu Shivani goes to Mr. Clinton’s room. (Mr. Clinton is Karan) Shivani says Mr. Clinton, Raghu closes the door. Karan turns around and says it is very hot in her and removes his disquise. Raghu and Shivani are starting laughing. Shivani praising Karan’s acting tells him it was full of fun. She thanks him for helping them. Karan tells to Shivani that he is angry at her and asks why she didn’t tell him that she was sick? Shivani says forget about that it is old news, see I am fine now. And then she says that Raghu was with me and as long as he is with me there is no tension. Karan then asks whose Idea was it to make a fool of Sumitra? Raghu says that it was Shivani’s. Karan says to Shivani you have become smart hun?? 😀 Shivani tells him what do you mean? I was always like this. Shivani says it is fun making a fool out of Sumitra. She says that she didn’t know, she is this much stupid that she can’t tell the difference between real and fake. Karan offers to give them money for a new house. But then Shivani says no and tells him that this way Sumitra will win. The way she betrayed dad, we will also betray her the same way. Raghu and Karam looking at Shivani.

Episode ends.

Precap: Mr. CLinton ask Sumitra if she has thought about his offer, she says I will not give up the house, she walks away, he calls her and says the govt will not give 10 -15 laks but 50 laks Sumitra and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Naz.Karam

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