Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani praying to God to unite her with Raghu. She says, I just want Raghu to fill my maang and closes her eyes. Raghu is going and the sindoor bottle falls on Shivani’s forehead. Shivani feels the sindoor and cries looking at Raghu. Raghu looks surprisingly at her. Do Dil Bandhe plays……………..Raghu says, I will clean it. Shivani says, it is not needed and asks him to go. She looks in the mirror and thinks God has listened her. She says, we are made to be one. Please stop this marriage and make me yours. Raghu leaves.

Raghu recalls sindoor falling on Shivani’s head. Shivani writes letter for Raghu. She writes that you can’t go away from me. I am going very far from here. I live with your love and will die with your love. She says, I am going because you wished. I just love you.

Neighbours praises Baburaam for spending the money in the wedding preparations. Baburaam says, I spent my money for this wedding. Rupesh thinks he is just a liar. Gini asks Bella where is Maya and Sumitra. Bella says, we have to do everything. Guest asks where is the bride? Shivani comes. Bella and Gini smiles looking at her. Nishi brings Shivani. Shivani looks sad. Bella compliments Shivani’s beauty. Sumitra is irked.

Bella asks, do you want to move on. Shivani wipes her tears and nods in a yes. Raghu comes. Shivani looks at him. Raghu gives mehendi to Bella. Kaisi teri Khudgarzi……Kabira…………..…plays…………………..Raghu looks at Shivani. They have an eye lock. Nishi takes Shivani. Bella applies mehendi on Shivani’s hands. Nishi comes and R gets written instead of K. Do dil bandhe plays……………………….Shivani looks at Raghu’s initials’ and smiles.

Ladies sitting there say that it is inauspicious. Karan comes and says what is in the name. I will marry Shivani. Sumitra smiles. Baburaam tells that he said the right thing. Sumitra says, I will dance today wholeheartedly. Nishi asks Raghu to sing for babyji. Raghu sings Suno Ek Ki Kaanch Ki Gudiya…………………….

Karan sings as well. Raghu and Karan dance on the song. Shivani looks at Raghu with tearful eyes. Raghu gets tears in his eyes. Karan brings Shivani for the dance. Sumitra tells Karan that soon you will take our babyji far from here. She asks him to tell his love story with babyji. Maya also insists. Karan tells Shivani is not only my childhood friend, but my love too. When I saw her for the first time, I realized the feeling of love. He proposes love to Shivani. He thanks Shivani.

Sumitra asks Shivani to speak when she fell for Karan. Karan says, I want to know it as well. Shivani says, I couldn’t say anything. Maya asks her to say her love story with Karan. Sumitra says, even Karan ji wants to know. You have to tell us.

Shivani looks at Karan and says I knew Karan since my school days. He is my best friend. She looks at Raghu and says he helped me in every trouble. I realized love because of him. She says, I didn’t know when friendship turned into love. She says, he would vanish my problems like a jadugar. Raghu realizes that she is speaking about him. She says, he loves me very much which is unimaginable by himself. I loves him too. Karan realizes that she is speaking for Raghu. Shivani says, this love can’t be over. Raghu says, babyji loves Karan ji very much. He tells Karan that you both are made for each other. Everyone claps for them.

Karan comes to the room and finds Shivani’s letter for Raghu. He reads it and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. Please please Karan…..
    Let Raghu marry Shivanni

  2. Yes let shivani n raghu get married..You deserve better, hooray to sumintra..shivani needs to know her limits she is very ridiculous! Raghu didn’t say he wants to marry you,yet you still sticking your face where its not needed, sumintra should slap you some more

  3. Sumitra will get what she deserves..such a crappy character she is,compared to Shivani she is just an witch..Shivani and Raghu are made for each other..RaShi rocks..

  4. I think its time for sumitra to be xposed she is just a sad girl that does not want anyone to be happy in the family and since she is waiting for shivany to go so that she can deal with all of them ,bella must be up and ready to fight the war

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