Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani calling Raghu and asking where is he. Raghu says he has come out. Shivani hears a lady’s voice who praises Raghu for helping her and asks his phone number so that she can invite him for dinner. Raghu before saying anything, lady cuts Shivani’s call. Shivani gets angry that Raghu cut her call. Lady exchanges number herself and invites Raghu for dinner. Shivani calls again asks why did he cut the call. Raghu says lady cut the call and she invited her for dinner. Shivani gets angry on lady.

Sumitra and Rajesh enjoy chicken biryani standing at the balcony while Latha’s family watch them angrily. Rajesh praises Sumitra for her witty mind and thinks he will take property from Sumitra and throw her out on streets like Saharia family. Sumitra says her stomach is full now. Rajesh asks what will we do with the remaining food.

Shivani and kids are playing cricket. Shivani hits ball near well. Kids ask her to bring ball as they are asked not to go there.

Sumitra throws chicken biryani plate in front of Latha. Latha asks why is this food stinking. Sumitra says it is hyderabadi chicken biryani and says as per her teachings, she does not want to throw food and wants to give it to poor people like them. Bela asks Sumitra how dare she to bring nonveg in her house. Sumitra says it is her house now and she can do anything at her house. Latha curses Sumitra for spoiling her house. Sumitra laughs on her. Maya says Sumitra cannot spoil her house as she is not so rich by values and says she will get her bad days soon. Sumitra says Saharia family’s bad days will not go now instead.

Shivani comes near well in search of ball and finds it in the well. She afraidly enters the well and picks ball and is suprised to see her hair there. She picks her hair and tries to go but her legs get stuck. She shouts for help. Veer hears her voice and comes to rescue her. Raghu also comes there. Veer says she must have come to pick ball, but got stuck in a shrub. Shivani says she felt someone holding her leg. Raghu takes her from there.

Baburam and Roopesh come back tiredly without finding a house. Baburam says we will spend a night here and I will search house in the morning again. Municipalty worker comes there and forcefully shoos them away from there. Baburam and family sadly walk from there looking at the neighbors silently watching them.

Rajesh comes out and gives municipalty worker for his good acting. He happily takes money and goes from there.

Raghu scolds Shivani for going there when she is afraid of dark. Shivani says someone for sure held her leg. Raghu says I also came there and there was nobody there. Shivani says there is something wrong as she saw her cut hair there. She says when she was combing her hair in the afternoon, she felt them short and is sure someone cut her hair.

Precap: Raghu comes home at midnight. Shivani asks where was he. He says he had gone to a hotel for guard’s duty. She sees nail marks on his neck and asks about it. He says he got it at Veer’s office. He then hides money in cupboard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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