Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Veer’s parents asking Shivani why the bed is on couch. Shivani says their marriage… Mom says seeing you both, nobody can that Raghu does not love you. Shivani says he loves. Mom and dad says Raghu loves you a lot and they both will help them close closer.

Baburam’s neighbour ladies see his family sleeping on road and say they saw Sumitra kicking them out of the house. They say Baburam that he would not have believed Sumitra so much. They hear a music playing and see Sumitra and her boyfriend coming. Sumitra says she has become rich now, so she is celebrating. They both take their pic and then Baburam’s family’s pic. Sumitra says she will let them stay in house with a condition that they have to be her servant.

Veer’s parents dance on music while whole family watches them. Masterji says they both dance well. Shivani comes there and asks Madhavi what is happening. Madhavi says it is mummy/pappa’s marriage anniversary, so they are rehearsing dance like always. Mom says this time it will be different, instead of them dancing, the whole family should dance. She says they will have dance competition and whoever will win will get a gift. Sunanda thinks she will have to win.

Bela scolds Sumitra for insulting her family and says she cannot break her family’s unity. Sumitra says Nishi is ill, even then she is so arrogant. She asks Maya to come and stay at her home, but as a servant. Maya agrees, gets up, goes near Sumitra.

Veer says his dad that he cannot dance. Dad asks when he can dance, why can’t he. He says Raghu that he will have to dance with Shivani. Raghu says he does not know to dance. Mom says masterji will teach you. Dad insists he has to dance with Shivani, else he will feel bad.

Maya says Sumitra if she has not heard Bela and says it was her mistake that she believed her. She says she now realized that her family is her biggest asset and says she will stay with family and die with them. Sumira angrily asks them to die then. Maya says she got a beautiful necklace on road and wants to give it to her. She brings a slipper garland and forcefully puts it on Sumitra. Sumitra and her boyfriend get angry while neighbours and Baburam’s family get happy. She asks musicians to start music for their heroine. They start music. She asks photographer to click Sumitra’s pic who clicks it. Sumitra’s boyfriend asks photographer to delete that pic. Baburam asks him to let it be as Sumitra is looking like a vamp and asks him to make a large pic and give it to Sumitra. Sumitra and her boyfriend angrily go from there while baburam’s family happily hug each other.

Raghu and Shivani dance on mann mast magan… song. Raghu hesitantly dances while Shivani enjoys. Shivani falls on the ground. Sunanda claps and says Shivani did dance very well. She asks choreographer to go and rest. She laughs and says Shivani that she took her heart with her dance. She asks her not to be come like her as she will lose the dance competition. Shivani says she cannot become like her and does not want to become. She says she is dancing on daada/daadi’s insistence. Sunanda says with your down market husband, you cannot win the competition. Shivani challenges her that she will definitely win as together with Raghu as a team, nobody can defeat them.

Precap: Raghu says Shivani that he cannot dance in front of everyone. Shviani says she will tell everyone then that they are not dancing. Raghu stops her from going by holding her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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