Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani goiong to check the shadow outside window and is surprised to see a thread with chilli lemon on floor. Madhavi comes back and asks what is she holding. Shivani says someone threw this. Madhavi checks and says nobody is there and it is just her imagination, asks her to come out to the hall soon. Shivani thinks she definitely saw someone there, puts lemon chilli in dustbin and goes from there.

Sumitra’s mother says she is feeling happy seeing Saharia family like this and asks Sumitra to arrange food while she washes her hands and feet. Sumitra says when we have somany servants, why will she wash and asks Latha to wash her parent’s extremities. Bela says she will wash. Rajesh says she cannot exchange servant like that. Sumitra says let her wash and asks her to bring water.

Sumitra praises Rajesh for taking care of her parents and says her mother that her son-in-law is like a diamond. Maya adds something in water and says they will not ask someone to wash their feet.

Veer’s parents cut their wedding cake with everyone clapping for them. Daada jokes with daadi to eat more cake as it is sugar-free. Daadi jokes that he cannot eat it as it not fat-free. They both feed cake to everyone. Daada asks to play music and dances with daadi on mannn mast magan…. song. Even Shivani/Raghu, Veer/Madhavi and Sunand/her husband dance with them. Madhavi stumbles loses chance to win. Even Sunanda and her husband lose their chance. Raghu and Shivani dance till the end and win the competition. Shivani and Raghu both engross into each other’s eyes romantically. Everyone clap for them. Sunanda gets annoyed with their win. Raghu and Shivani continue to dance passionately on mann mast magan… song. He thinks why is he feeling this intamacy which he did not feel before. Sunanda drops cool drings on floor and smirks, but gets angry when Raghu and Shivani don’t fall and continue dancing with people clapping for them.

Maya says Bela there is nothing wrong in washing Sumitra’s parent’s feets as they are like our parents. Bela says she is right and washes their feet. Sumitra asks Bela to wash her feet also. Bela agrees and washes Sumitra’s feet while Maya smirks. Sumitra and her parents start feeling itching and start scratching their feet. Maya signals Baburam that she did it. Nishi, Baburam and whole family laugh on them. Sumitra asks Bela what did she add in water. Bela says she added Rajesh’s gulab jal. Sumitra scolds Rajesh. Rajesh takes them up with him to wash their feet with hot water. Bela and Maya start laughing on them. Baburam says he is happy relieved seeing them scrathing. Maya says this is the beginning, wait and watch what happens next.

Daada announces Shivani and Raghua as dance competition’s winners while Sunanda gets annoyed hearing that. Everyone clap for them. Shivani thanks daada/daadi and thanks Raghu also saying it was possible because of him. Veer’s director congratulates them and says Veer that why is he auditioning outside when he has a performer at home and says Shivani fits in their story role well. Veer says even he feels the same and asks Raghu’s opinion. Raghu says Shivani is ill. Veer says he will take care of her during shooting. Raghu says it is Shivani’s wish now. Veer’s director asks Shivani to accept the role. Raghu says Shivani cannot act. Daadi asks Shivani to say yes as Raghu is feeling jealous and it is best way to arouse love in him. Shivani says Veer that he and his family helped her a lot, so she cannot deny his offer and accepts it. Raghu is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Shivani sees someone walking around the house and near the well and goes out to find who is he/she.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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