Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni coming to Shivani and asking her to speak to Karan to teach her accounts. Shivani says she will speak to Karan in the morning.

Shivani prepares breakfast for the family. Vivek and Baburam like the breakfast and praise Shivani. Baburam asks about Latha. Sumitra says Latha went out some time back. Latha comes back and says she brought someone back, Bela and Nishi come from behind. Nishi says naani brought us back here. Shivani gets happy and says Bela that it is good she came back. Roopesh says Latha insisted them to come back, so they came. Lathat says Nishi is ill, so she could not let her alone. Raghu gets worried asks what happened to Nishi. Latha says she will be alright as she has come back to her house and says she is going to Vaishnav devi temple with her relatives/friends. Baburam says he can relax once Latha goes and says he will book Latha and her friend’s tickets. Maya says Sumitra that one enemy is going and another has come in. Sumitra says she does not want to spoil her mood with these talks now.

Shivani asks Nishi what she wants to have. Nishi says she wants to have chocolate and ice cream. Shivani says until she gets well, she can’t have chocolate and ice cream and says she will prepare soup for her. Baburam says even he wants to have healthy soup. Shivani checks kitchen and finds no vegetables. She says she will go out and bring vegetables. Raghu says he will bring vegetables. Sumitra says she will go with Raghu and bring vegetable. They both are about to go when Bela asks Sumitra to prepare tea for her. Sumitra says babyji will prepare her food. Bela says she wants to have tea from her hand. Raghu asks Sumitra to stay and he goes. Sumitra thinks as soon as Bela came, she is trying to separate her from Raghu, she will teach Bela a lesson.

Raghu’s phone rings. Shivani picks call and sees Sanjeev calling. Sanjeev says Raghu has to deliver an important product. Shivani says he delivered products yesterday. Sanjeev says she must have misunderstood, Raghu did not come to office yesterday at all. Shivani thinks if Raghu had not gone to office, where had he gone then.

Karan teaches accounts to Ginni. Ginni just watches his face instead listening to his teachings. Karan asks if she understood his teachings. She says she understood and says he is very intelligent. Karan then starts teaching again. Ginni says she is enjoying his teachings a lot and thanks god for sending Karan.

Shvani goes out of the house searching for Raghu and finds him buying vegetables. She gives Raghu his mobile phone who thanks her and says he forgot it at home. He sees her serious face and asks her if she is fine. She asks if he went to deliver the product yesterday. Raghu says yes and he went to deliver important products, he asks why she wants to know about it. Shivani says she wants to know as he is lying. Raghu asks what is she telling? Shivani says she spoke to Sanjeev and he told you did not go to office at all. Raghu says he is not lying. Shivani says he is doing it purposefully to prove that he does not care for her now. Raghu says whatever he told is the truth. Shivani asks if he had gone to work, then how did Karan come there.
Raghu says she has to understand that his priorities have changed, he has to look after his family and Sumitra whom he is marrying. She asks if he does not care for her. He says yes and says and goes from there. Shivani thinks he is telling lie and she will prove that.

Karan sees Ginni walking on the road and says he will drop her. She resists at first and then agrees. She gets happy that he is dominating now. She sits in his car and just looks at him and thinks love’s first step is domination. She says she wants to have ice cream. Karan agrees and says he will take her to ice cream parlour.

Shivani sees roadside loafers standing on the road and thinks of making Raghu jealous. She introduces her to the loafers and starts conversation with them. Vegetables vendors shows Shivani talking to loafers. Raghu goes to them and looks at Shivani angrily.

Maya sees Sumitra dressed as a bride and asks her how did she get so much money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Raghu and Shivani is real jokers lol……………..

      1. Hi naina
        How u doing
        I’m so sick of all these serials
        They getting so borin

  2. Another one bites the dust. I am beginning tO think that Indian writers don’t have any respect for LOVE. soon, my whole night will be free again.

  3. zee tv or whoever has a problem

  4. that’s how em sees life….. viewers are gettin fed up and bored cuz all these shows make out of evilness and sadness

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