Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu’s house owner coming and asking Shivani and him to get out from there. Ragh says Munna and other kids brought them here. Munna comes there and asks owners to let Shivani and Raghu stay there. Owner does not liten and throws Raghu/Shivani’s bags out.

Bela asks Ginni if she likes the groom. Ginni says she believes her family. Bela asks to give her frank opinion as she has to spend her life with that guy. Ginni says she believes her and family as she know they will not think of harming them. Bela praises her for being so mature now and asks if sh likes guy again. Ginni jokes guy is not up to her taste, but will manage. They both laugh and share a light moment.

Kids apologise Shivani for their mistake. Shivani asks them not to apologise and not to worry. Raghu and Shivani leave from their saying kids good bye.

Ginni brings tea for Latha. Latha says she just had tea but takes tea from her. Bela comes there and taunts that Ginni is going away from this house, so she wants to serve us till she is here. Ginni gets emotional and says she does not want to go. Latha says it is the ritual. All the hug emotionally. Sumitra watches them laughing and gets angry.

Ginni and Bela are walking on the road. Bike splashes dirt on them. Bela scolds biker, who starts fighting with them and asks them to go and complaint against him in police station. Ginni’s would be groom comes there and asks bike goon to apologise ladies, until then, he will not live him. Goon says he will not and calls his goon friends. Groom snatches phone from goon and calls his mother. Goon gets afraid and snatches phone back from Groom. He apologises Ginni an Bela and leaves from there. Bela and Ginni get happy with his gesture. Groom gives Ginni his kerchief to wipe her face. Ginni shyingly acceps it and thanks him.

Agarwal family and Saharia family discuss about the marriage date. Groom mother brings engagement ring for Ginni. Baburam gets happy seeing the ring and thinks before marriage, he is getting gold in his house. Latha looks at ring and likes it. She shows it to Baburam who also likes it. Groom comes with Ginni and Bela there. Latha greets groom and asks him to sit. Baburam informs Ginni that it is her engagement tomorrow. Vivek praises groom’s family and says their worries are gone now. Bela praises Groom/Rajesh and informs them how he rescued them from goon. Everyone laugh hearing the incident. Sumitra thinks let them laugh, with signature of Baburam, she will kick the whole family out.

Vivek checks loan papers and asks him to sign on them. Baburam says he will them and says Sumitra did a good thing to their family. Sumira sees him signing on the real papers and to stop him drops hot tea on him. Vivek his kerchief to wipe and asks him to check papers again and sign. Sumitra asks Baburam to wash tea stains and once he gets busy washing, she changes papers. Sumitra smirks and thinks he is signing on his destroying orders. Baburam does not sign the papers and says they have to go to bank tomorrow, so he will sign them tomorrow and orders her to bring another tea for him.

Raghu and Shivani wander on the roads with their bags tensely. Kise puchoon… song plays in the background.

Sumitra sees Baburam out of his room and thinks of taking the papers before someone sees them. She searches the whole room and finds them in cupboard. Latha sees her searching cupboard and asks what is she doing with her cupboard. Sumitra gets tensed.

Precap: Baburam takes papers and signs them. Sumitra gets happy seeing him signing papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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