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Hi am sry that due to issues the epi i sent before got erased and i couldnt type it back as am using mobile to update.
Coiming to story
Alll chorus :no
Pri. What no .come one sweeties grow up and understand the situation and behave
All. K with a prout
Due to prabhi and prabul fight even yok has to delay.they stayed together as they already were departed with eleders.the road was also not smooth
Pra. Cant u drive properly why r u driving so harshly
Abhi oooo mam can i call for lord krishna to drive u a chariot
Yok. Come on buji she never suits lord arjuna he s so smart and cute
Pra i dont want to b as i love karna the most
Bul (teasingly) haan our breeze would give tons and tons of love to her lover like lord karana do
Pur: of course she would and whoever he may b should b lucky to have her
Ab,pra,yok laughed to taunt pra,rab
They travelled like fighting like this suddenly pra shouted swinggggssss in joy

They found a bigbbanyan tree near by with strings they played a little while there and hurried from there .abhi always see around the nature and pragya mumering for him not looking n front
Yok .stop stop with loud
Pra y r u shouting idiot
Yok breeze i culd her a brook
Pur. Bhootham u r really a elephant da as it only can sense a water bodies 3miles away
Abhi. Kanna stop teasing i can all hear it
Bul. He y a brrrooooook
they stop the bikes and went near it.a stream flowing with sweet sound and making the fishes in it dance from one stone to other .they water with so small beautiful fishes jumped and ran like a kid after school runing for a fall.they hopping fishes splashed water in our sweeties little feet.they were admiring it with open mouth.
Pra. Soo beautiful na
Pur ammazing i have been here to this temple many times but i havnt seen it before
Bul. Mavbonda when have ur eyes seen something good
Pur oooo why cant my eyes while this devil can(pointing her)

Before the continue
Yok. See there ooo poor champ wait am coming to free you(on seeing a fish struk on a small stones)
Abhi. Noooo
Yok stoped with one leg down and other little above ground with y dude face
Pra. Oooii bhootham u cant do this .This s a new born and this is its first lesson it has to battle it and learn from it .u stop it struggling as it wont able to face the real problem waiting for it in future so allow it to deal with its problems so that it becomes strong to face its lifelife
Abhi admired her and surprised to see her knowledge on many more things.hes thoughts were distracted when they say the tiny baby fish fliping its tail and got out and following its fellows.all were happy at it and yok overexcited and missed his balance and fall on the bank all laughed as he too did and left the place
It started to get dark

Guys sry for late update thank u for the comments and say me if its boring or bad.and abt the content as i said before am typing with mobile so am sry for the small updates

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  1. Really nice ya.Your way decripe the nature its amazing. Keep rocking

  2. Very nice dear…

  3. Saranya24

    Its so cute dear????

  4. Sira

    Really super…loved to core..

  5. cool epi yaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Princesskrisha

    Awesome n wonderful rithi dr

  7. Nice episode.. I love nature. I liked it a lot…

  8. Nice episode awesome narration loved it

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