DIFFERENT VIEWS – KKB (Episode 4) part1

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Hi lets go to story now
It started getting dark now
Pri: we will reach in 1/2 hr but i dont think they will make it before too dark
Kum: lovely wife nothing to worry kanna know the way and moreover buji s with them
Pati s so lets go and arrange the things
Screen shift to purab
He stoped the bike
Bul mavbonda why did u stoped it r u scared of darkness
Pur: deevvvilll black…..

Bul saw front and speechless
Yok: y did u stoooppped
Pra mentaly scolding abhi for not looking in front and drive saw others standing and hold abhi .abhi who felt fear in her hold turned front to seee
Abhi its its its a eeeee
Yok its not ee(housefly)
But ele …phant
Pur not one
Bul herd of elephant
Pra we came in wrong time
Yok may b their migration time
Pur gave a impossible look to him

Abhi. No worries stand still they wont do anything would go by their way
The elephants herd just abt to pass them but a she elephant who s guiding others turned towards them all were shocked it slowly approched abhi he stood steadyly not even a bit feared pra graped abhi’s arms tightly. The elephant just raised its trunk and kept it on abhi’s head at the same time the temple bells started to hit one another and made sound pri kum pati were shown concerned here the elephant after blessing went back. yok almost fainted but purbul s confused .they reached temple .
Pati did u have a safe ride
Pri did anything happened while coming
Pur haan ma its really a puzzle
Bul thank god we were not crushed and explained everything

Kum fine everyone ready to see ur beds (to change the topic)
All. Ss we r so tired
He took them to a place were there a bed made of some leaf hanging tied to the trees .they looked like humming birds nest not exactly.2faceing each other and other 3 a little dis from the before ones .all r excited and went to sleep.
Pra did u see him kanvi idiot he has no fear at all
Bul whom
Pra dont u know whom how bold cha pakka na
Abhi she s really not dump as i thought
Yok whom
Pur then its not u

Yok am not shhhee
Pur it thought its u soo sad its not u
Abhi stop how could she know this much
Yok whom
Pur hhhaaan ur dream girl
Pati r nt u all slept sleep soon

I know its small but sry i will update its next part soon

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  1. Nice…

  2. update nxt epic soon. I am eagerly waiting.

  3. Saranya24

    Nice dear but pps gve some punctuations and spaces to avoid comfusion da pls loved it love u???

  4. lovely dear……………..

  5. Nice episode waiting for the next update

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