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Next morning pati called everyone and said they will b going to their village temple after 4.30pm
Pra:kanvi(bul bul) so we are leaving at eve y cant we see the village till then
Bul:k breeze (pragya) can we call bubbly too
Pra:we should call kanna too(purab)
Bul: what abt buji he s also in rgt
Pra : fine k
Meqnwhile they informed abt their outing and got ready by 9am
Abhi:were r going first
Bul: first to lake
Pra:lake will there b boating.
Pur: come on breeze its village …..

They went to lake .its a big one half felled with lotus and quater filled woth some polls and other with limit line nets (usualy the people will swim in and limits were done to avoid them getting into deep) .lake s surrounded by many banyan trees and on the other side there r green medows and a few cows grazing.
Pra: wow cool place yar its really a treat to eyes
Abhi:haan karuvachi if u had grewn here then u wont be getting treat with a screan before ur eye.
Pra: see he s teasing my specs were he himself look weak konthavaranga
Bul:ooo stop ur fight na see fresh air and sweetness of nature just enjoy it
Pur : the great nature friend said na listen to her
Yok:kanna dont tease kanvi what she said is crt only na
Pur : s boosss so please dont hug me for it u will crush me like a sugarcan jucer
All had enjoyed the trip and came home by 3.30
Pri: breeze wre r been u are gonna be late
Pra : i wont take 1hr
Pri: u will becoz only traditional dress to temple i mean u have to wear a half saree
Pra&abhi: whattttt?
Pri : what happened buji
Abhi: vo vo nothing ma
Pri: breeze take kanvi’s help and now go get ready

Before pragya leave abhi left dragging purab
Abhi s shown with red shirt with dothy walking in veranda.
Abhi: ooops why cant thos dothy stay on my waist it gets untide all the time
He entered a room nearby to adjust
Pra : ooo were the hell this kanvi went i still couldnt adjust my pallu
She just notice some one entering the room ( yeah its abhi )he didnt see pra when he raised his eye pra pallu fell off.they turned there back to one other and stood still
Abhi: am…am… Sr..y that i didnt notice .acctuuaallly i …i .jus..t came….
Pra: its fine if u wana adjust u can do it there
Abhi:what here.

Tutned and realised that sje was in changing room now
All went down and
Kumar: so all ready actuality s that the temple s in deep forest near by so all will be leaving in bikes and i wnt everyone to be connected otherwise u will miss the route
Pati : hhan and we have 3 bikes and 1single rider so i think me kum &pri will go in one kanna&kanvi in 1and buji &breeze in 1 and bubbly in single rider
Abhi pra pur bul yok: all together(noooi)

Hi .sry for late update .abhi will b with pur but supports bul and yok,pra will b with bul but supports purab and tease yok .yok s common supports everyone and always got teased by pur and pra so our abhi pra pur bul yok has two names one s pet names used all and other s used by the others to taunt them.thanks for ur comments and say if i did any mistake
Thank you

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    Pls update nxt part soon..

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    Lovely dr

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  5. Superb episode loved the village atmosphere

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