Different Shades Of Love – Episode 3

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Episode 3

Swara was walking on the road when she stopped on listening some voices.

She stopped and followed the voices.

On reaching there she was shocked on seeing some people fighting.

A young man ofcourse Sanskar was seen fighting with the goons.

Swara immediately called the police and informed about the fight to them.

She stayed there and saw that. She was afraid to go as if someone will see her and she will be caught. She was shivering with fear.

She saw him fighting very efficiently. She saw a lady and a child hiding behind a wall.
May be that man (Sanskar) is saving his family she thought.
She felt bad on the thought of his family.

On seeing him for the first time, she felt attracted to him.

She stood there and finally she saw police coming. She ran towards them and left the place.
On her way, she keeps on thinking about the incident whole way and about that man.

Swara, she is a simple girl with lots of dreams. She is shy and gets afraid easily. Can’t stand in fights. But is completely dedicated towards her work.

On the other side.
While Sanskar was fighting with the goons. Police reached there and helped him and took them all away. But one goon came from behind and hit Sanskar hard on his head without getting noticed.

All immediately turned towards him and police caught him somehow while Sanskar was taken to the hospital.

Swara’s pov.

I saw a fight in the morning. A man fighting with many goons total filmy scene. I was so lost in his charm for the first time. Then I realised and called up the police.

After sometime they came and I left the place being afraid.

But while whole journey I could not help but to think of him. I dont know that man. Maybe he is having a family too. But still I am attracted towards him.

When I was thinking this. Nurse came running inside my room.

“Doctor. Doctor. A man is badly injured on his head. Come fast” she said.

I don’t know why I felt pain. This was not something new for me but still. I left the place and came to I.C.U. where the patient was present. And he was the same guy. No. How could this be possible.

I treated him and he was taken in O.T. This was so confusing for me.

Police officer came and told me everything. I felt very bad for him.

After complete diagnosis. I came to know that some major part of his brain is being hit. So he lost his consciousness. His brain is damaged and he skipped into the coma.

It is very hard for him to recover. 95% of the chances for him to gain consciousness are not there.

But this is not impossible too.

I will make this possible somehow.

Swara’s pov ends.

After few days,

During this period, she took proper care of him.

She felt more attracted towards him even in this state.

Swara’s pov.

It has been 4 weeks since he came here. He showed no improvement in the state.

But I do talk to him for long hours. Dont know if he is able to hear me or not..?? But I love spending time with him.

I was checking him. When suddenly I heard a voice of firing.

I started to shiver in fear again.
I hated this. I am afraid.

No. Who are they.? What they wanted?

“We will not harm anyone. Just tell us where is Sanskar Maheshwari.?” They asked to one of the hospital staff. I saw from the glass wall.

What they wnt from Sanskar? Are they here to harm him? What if they are same goons?
I need to do something.

I thought something and immediately shifted him in the room which is near his room from the back door. That room is more like a store room now, which was first a room. No one knew about it much.

The goons entered the room in which he was.

“Where is your patient, Sanskar Maheshwari?” he asked.

“he. He.. wo… he was…” I stammered to complete the sentence. Sweat was clearly present on my forhead.

I am afraid if they get to know about Sanskar…then??.

“stop stammering.??.. tell us where is he.? Otherwise we will kill you” they said being angry?.

“No. No. Wait. He is discharged today. Someone came and took him with himself. I dont know where he is now.” I lied.

“His address?” he asked?

“we dont have as he was in hurry. So they have not given the information.” I lied again sweating badly??.

I m so afraid now. If they get to know that I lied. What will happen.? To other patients. Other people and Sanskar.

“Ok. But if he come again. Do tell us. Otherwise we will not think once before killing all.” He threatened me. I shivered and nodded.

He left and I relaxed.

I lied for the first time. I dont know how much lives I kept at risk but I cant imagine if something happened to him.

“Doctor Swara. Does Sanskar really left.? Otherwise we have to tell them we cant take this much risk for one life” she said.
What the hell??

“How can you say this? He is our patient and it is our responsibility to save him. And you huhhhh” i sounded angry.

She was shocked to see me angry as this was the first time i got angry.

I dont know what is happening to me.? But i know i cant see him in pain and he is not safe here. I need to shift him.

I thought and at late night. When no one was around I somehow managed him to take home. I make a room perfectly ready for him and all the equipment’s.

I settled him completely and after that came to my room.

Why those goons are behind him? What they want from him?
My mind was filled with numerous questions.

I sat on the bed and opened the laptop and searched for Sanskar Maheshwari.

Sanskar Maheshwari, a big business tycoon. An orphan. 28 yrs old. Loves his business and always helps others.

There is a long list of his business rivals. May be someone from them wanted to kill him. I thought.

And what about his wife and child. I tried searching but everytime it showed he is still single. May be they were someone else whom he was helping. My heart fluttered on the thought.

I opened the images and get throw each and every one..
I felt as if I am talking to him. I felt a different feeling for him rising in my heart.

His good soul, lovely charm, and a caring nature for everyone which can be seen in the number of orphanages he opened.

“The pain I felt, I don’t want others to feel the same. As long as I am alive, I will try to save each child from that black hole. Being orphan is not your fault but being dependent is yours. I will show you the path but you have to walk on it”
His saying. Touched my heart. The respect for him increased in my heart.

He started frm polishing the shoes of people then eventually started 2-3 works at the same time.

He collected the money for himself and joined in the school.
He worked and studied that is why he is here at this stage. Because of his continuous efforts.

His story brought tears in my eyes.

Now I only want him to get back to his feet.

Swara’s pov ends.

Her mind was totally captured by Sanskar. She completely forget herself. She was always busy admiring him talking to him.

If some one asked for him she replied harshly and kept herself busy in day time in the lab and finding something that can help him and night talking to him.

She eventually fell for him and realised it.

After 2 years. Finally she got something which she was longing for.

She somehow brought him to the hospital hiding from everyone.

She made him lye in the special ward and did the many tests and required procedure.

After 2 days, finally she got some success and some part of his brain started recovering.

But good things generally doesn’t last long.

Those people get to know about presence of Sanskar in the hospital.

Sanskar’s pov.

I was going in my car when one lady and her child came and asked for my help. They were being attacked by some goons send by her in laws to kill that lady and the child.

They asked for my help and I did. I dont want them to suffer.
While i was fighting and dont know from where the police came and took them away. But while going some one hit on my head hard. I turned around and saw one of the goon.

“We will not leave you” he said and police took them. Then everything went blank.

Then nothing gets registered. I was always able to see a black long never ending hole.

But I was always able to hear some melodious voice of a girl.

She always stay by my side and tell her all secrets. Firstally i found it weird but later on always waited for her to come and talk to me.

That was the time i felt happy and relaxed even in the black. I wanted to talk back but i was unable.

I dont know what will happen to me but i wanted to see her once before dieing.

Today. She brought me outside. Don’t know which place is this.?
But i felt comfortable when she is around.

She came near and talked to me.

“Sanskar. I will not let anything happen to you. My promise. I need to do something fast but what i have to do” she said.

She is stressed. What happened to her? Are those goons still behind me? Wanted to kill me.? If they harm her?
Noooo… i never wanted this to happen. Never.
But i am unable to do anything.

Sanskar’s pov ends..

Swara was sitting beside Sanskar when goons entered the room and started moving in.

“Stop. Stop. Right there. Otherwise…” she said.

“What will you do otherwise.? You can do nothing. Nd u lied to us? U have to bear the consequences.” He said angrily??.

Swara’s pov.

Now what will I do. I cant do anything. What i am supposed to do know.? But i have to save sanskar at any cost. I cant let anything happen to her.

But i m scared.

My fear is nothing in front of love for him. The obsession which i have for him. The obsession to make him right and to make him mine.

I thought and some positive energies get filled inside my heart.

I dialled the police number and indirectly let them know where we are.

Now i have to stop them till police comes.

I looked around and found a rod
which i have kept for emergency purposes.

I picked it up quickly and stood bin front of the bed where Sanskar lied.

They started coming near and my heart started beating faster.

I started sweating hard but soon the goon moved away from me towards the Sanskar and was about to stab him with knife. But instead i hit him with rod on his head.

He screamed in pain and fell down. His members started approaching me and i closed my eyes and hit them all.

I can only hear there screaming sounds.

‘Swara. Swara. Calm down. They all are gone.” Some one said me.

I didn’t recognised the voice and opened my eyes to look for the person.

I was shocked. Shocked to death on seeing the person.

Swara’s pov ends.

Sanskar’s pov.

I heard some screaming sound.
Dont know what is happening around me. But this restlessness will kill me. If something happened to her. No i cant bear it.

I cant bear if something will happen to her. I tried my best to open my eyes and to move around but nothing moved then i heard other screams and one of them were her too.
My heart ached and i immediately opened my eyes and saw her.

She was standing with the rod in her hand and was hitting them aimlessly with her eyes closed
At that moment my heart started beating faster. I was lost in her when another scream from her mouth brought me back to the reality.

After a lot of struggles i finally started to move my body parts and stood on my feet.

At that time police came and take them all along.

But she was still screaming and hitting the rod in the air(??).

“Swara. Swara. Calm down. They all are gone.” I said.

She opened her eyes and was shocked to see me standing in front of her. I can easily guess from her eyes.

She came and hugged me tight.

I responded to her hug.

Sanskar’s pov ends.

“I am so happy, Sanskar. I love you. I love you so much. You dont know i have waited for this day for many years.” She said.

“i know swara. I know everything. I love you too. I was unable to respond but was able to sense anything.” He confessed too.

They stood there hugging each other.

“OBSESSION is a feeling which makes u do anything to get a person in your life.”

“Her obsession saved him. Not once but thrice. Her madness for him never let him go anywhere. She forget herself for him, her love, and her obsession.”

The End.
I am soo sorry guys. I know this is very boring??

Wrote with burnt hand. It is not the same way i planned for but written somehow.?
Soo sorry for boring you?.

#Last chapter’s question:-
Do you think Sanskar deserved swara’s love in episode 2?

Thank you. ?

The winner of the last round is Chandu: declared by Ridhima.

Ur prize is: You can ask anything from RiSha?

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  1. Deeksha gupta

    awsm yr .loved it ..

  2. Simin

    Ani its amazing
    U burnt ur hand oh dear plz take care dont stress ur hand

  3. Deeksha

    Awesome dear… Continue soon

  4. Pooja26

    superb dear 😉
    loved it !!!!!!!!

  5. nice..nt boring..tc..

  6. Arshaanya

    N ans to d que is a big NO..
    He hd a bad past n alwayz feared of losing people he loved… he loved swara bt d way he bhvd was not acptble… vinayz accdnt, dun knw wat he did wid laksh n wid swara slaping, pulling hair, forcing.. he bcme psycho in his obsession… swara loved him truly n she was d only one who cud ve made him normal n she did it even aftr all d tortue…
    He was lucky in dat case

  7. SNY

    It was such cute story.!!!
    Nxt one soon.!!!
    And tc dr….

  8. Soujanya


  9. Urghhhhh that rod…. it was from which company? i need it … need it badlyyyy to beat SR cvs… !!!
    Ty Anisha. !! ;-*
    TC …

  10. Simi


  11. Anisha

    The episode is by Ridhima not me

  12. Mica

    as i said before.. love doesn’t know the word “deserve”
    in Swara’s case.. which one will win… her love feeling to Sanskar or her mind that declare it’s wrong, animal action.. but seem her love become winner…

    in this episode, seems there is not about obsession, it just her love feeling that change her to become someone new…

    1. Mica

      haa…. in women center, domestic violence victim, many wives the same as Swara conditions, got torture from her husband, but still, they back again and again to their husband even though we tried to save them, and the reasON is, they still love their husband…. well we can addressed it as obsession too rite ?

    2. Ridhima

      Thank you.

      I know dear instead of obsession it became sweet
      my hand burnt so i have to cut most of the story ?????…
      m soo sorryy..

      1. Mica

        waaa.. get well soon dear..

  13. Abdul hafiz(Uma)


    Well,answer of the question is”No”… I admit that sanky loses his family but it doesn’t mean that he will torture swara like hell…Sanky ne jisse pyar ka naam de raha hain it’s just a obsession,nothing else..Bcz we all know that relation trust ki upar bante hain.. It’s the main base of every relation…But unfortunately, sanky didn’t trust her…Vo obsession main aake he did vinay accident,laksh I don’t know what he did with him, he forcefully made physical relation with swara,he slapped her,pulled her hair etc.. All are crime which is not acceptable…Pyar mein esa koi nehi karta…That’s it..

    Oh, you burned your hand,plz take care of it.. Don’t give stress yourself.. Get well soon.. Keep smiling??..

  14. Awesome…!! But I didn’t feel this story anywhere as obession..!!
    Last chappy…since he has changed finally…it is ok…!! But I feel he doesn’t deserve her love…if he still might not have got changed. She is not any property. I would never be in support in this type of obession of having someone,by giving them pain and forcing them. I feel, if he truely loves her, he would never think of hurting her.

    Being the winner of last epi, I thought of asking anisha’s heartbeat and ridhima’s ‘she and her tenant’ soon(if she is same ridhima)..!!! But see…your hands are burnt…!! 🙁 Take care…and get well soon…and give us updates…!!

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