Differences between Love (Riansh Episode 3)

Hi guy’s I know I am super duper late I am really sorry for not active on Tu. I know no one will miss me no more bakwaas 

agar aap sb story bhul gye h toh yd dila dun previous episode about vansh selected ridhima as siya physiotherapist. So I will start from ridhima entry on vr mansion

So let’s start 

Rk mansion

ridhima is leaving her house for going vr mansion

VR mansion

dadi: vansh siya ki physiotherapist kab aayegi(vansh when will siya’s physiotherapist will come) 

Vansh:she will be at 10:00  clock , ishani where is siya I didn’t see her in her room siya is fine na say something ishani

Ishani:bhai relax she is with aryan on terrace

Vansh :ok

Ridhima came out from her car

Ridhima pov’s

I must say Mr vansh maintained her mansion very well security is tight he loves her family a lot

Ridhima was on garden suddenly he hears someone voice

Vansh: good morning ridhima I must say you are punctual

Ridhima:good morning vansh

Vansh: you are coming  inside or not

Ridhima: of course I will come but why are you asking this question

Vansh: because you are standing on garden

Suddenly vansh hear someone voice

Servant :vansh sir dadi is calling you inside

Vansh :ok Turing toward ridhima can we go inside

Ridhima:of course

Ridhima and vansh came inside

Vansh:dadi she is ridhima siya’s physiotherapist and ridhima she is my grandmother

Ridhima touched dadi feets

Ridhima: my dad always say that we should always take our orders ones blessing this is the way to give our older one’s respect if you don’t like it then sorry mam

Dadi is overwhelmed from ridhima’nature

Dadi: I like it when you touched my feet and don’t say sorry beta you are like my grandchild so don’t call me mam call me dadi

Ridhima:ok mam sorry dadi

Dadi hugged ridhima

Dadi: kush raho

Vansh liked ridhima nature he is smiling

Ishani came along with siya, aryan, chachi, uma

Uma: vansh who is she

Vansh : siya’s physiotherapist ridhima and ridhima she is my mom

Ridhima: nice to meet you mam

Uma : don’t call me mam you are like my child

Aryan: phir mein kon hoon making fake angry face

Uma smiled and said you are also my child aryan

Ishani: no one loves me

Uma said you , vansh, ridhima, siya , angre , aryan all are my child

Vansh introduce left of family to ridhima


I know it’s short .I will try to post soon . Please take care of yourself and your family till then

Be happy and be safe

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