Did you like Suryaputra Karn by its start?

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Suryaputra Karn started on 29th June 2015 and airs every Monday to Thursday on Sony Entertainment Television. The show will cover life journey of the Great Archer of Indian History Karna. It will take the viewers through the lesser known journey of Karna. Karna alone had all the qualities of each of the Pandavas. Karna was born to Kunti with the divine blessings of Surya Dev. Karna was known as much for his generous nature as for his valor. Loyalty was another aspect of his nature which endeared him to Duryodhan who later crowned him the King of Anga. Born to an unmarried Kunti, Karna was abandoned by her fearing social ostracism.

Baby Karna was then brought up by a childless charioteer Abhirat and his wife Radha. Adhirat is keeping a big secret of Karna being a Kshatriya and Kunti’s son. He fights against the orthodox rules of the society and for those who are willing to rise above the ordinary and he also yearns to get his foster mothers love till the end. The show will explore his relationship with his birth-mother Kunti and his foster mother Radha, his animosity towards Pandavas and his unconditional loyalty to friend, Duryodhana. Aditya Redij will play the elder Karna, Vishesh Bansal will play the younger one. Mouli Ganguly will play Radha. Priya Bhatija will play Kunti with her confidante Priyamvada, essayed by Riva Bubber. Did you like the show by its first week? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Yes I liked it …..child karna…

  2. I really loved it but I don’t lyk the way radha is treating him. he is so cute 2 be treated lyk that

  3. I love mytholgy but didnt like this the reason being, no one will know about Karan’s mother till the end. Its just Kunti’s servant. But here its shown that even Sushhil know about it.

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