Did Mahira and Azad’s track raise your interest in Qubool Hai?

Qubool Hai features a new unique love story between Mahira and Azad. Azad is the eldest son of Nawab Begum. Azad is gifted with supernatural powers. Mahira is a simple girl next door with braces and spectacles look. She is drawn to Azad and hence they have an unlikely love story. Khan Begum finds Kainaat to have applied a medicine prepared by Mahira on her hand. Upon questioning, Mahira tells that she gained the knowledge of herbal treatment from her father. She adds on that she had done several tests on herself and then only she applied it on Kainaat’s hand. Mahira says that she had a burning sensation on her back yesterday and it was cured with this herbal medicine. Mahira then turns around to show her back. Khan Begum and Juda use supernatural powers to find the girl with a tattoo on her back.

Juda adds that the reflection of the girl would only be visible when she steps into sunlight. Mahira is pulled by an invisible force into the sunlight. When Mahira is going to fall down, Azad rushes to her aid and saves her from falling down. Khan Begum and Juda are able to see Mahira’s hand but are unable to identify her except for the bracelet she is wearing.

Mahira takes some pictures of Azad and she clicks some photographs. She is then caught by Azad, who just asks her some questions. When Mahira checks the photographs, she finds them to be blurred and thinks that it could have been due to a defective. Khan Begum is looking for the girl with the tattoo, so she could kill her. Amad approaches Mahira for dance. Azad gets jealous seeing Mahira dance with Amad. Khan Begum too does not like Mahira dancing with Amad. Amad gets dancing with Mahira to get Azad jealous. Azad makes his mind up and decides to take innocent Mahira away from playboy Amad. Did Mahira and Azad’s track raise your interest in Qubool Hai? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. I just love it…But I think Aahil was a best one still ….

  2. yes Mahira and Azad best couple since QH exist . Azad is really handsome, attractive with a special style ,I love this new season and continue to show us mysterious scènes like in the one in the jungle

  3. very nice track going on after ahil ,sanam,shaad track

  4. I love azad and lovely innocent mahira…. Amad also looking hot…

  5. i really like this track nd i love azad and mahira a lot but still missing sanam and aahil

  6. i like azad very much. he is so cute & his smile is so nice..

  7. i like azad and mehar very much….they look cute with each other.especially azad he is so dashing.

  8. Yes I luved it bt plz dnt start dat killing track again dat has been going on for soo long we want to see intense and passionate luv triangle amid azaad mahira and amad plz dnt make khan Begum trying to kill mahira as tanveer did wid zoya sanam and seher

  9. Why can’t we comment on 10th sept episode ? thanks for answer ..anyway cute moment

  10. Asad-Zoa ke bad fir se qubool hai dekhne ka interest jaga hai,

  11. ankita khanna

    I love qubool hai juz bcoz of the azad n mahira.
    azad is so cool n handsone.. I can’t wait for the upcoming sizzling chemistry between azad n mahira..

  12. Asad and zoya had a good chemistry but azad and mahira are just awesome and i just cant miss a single epi of QH now

  13. Azra pair was realy excellant. Azaad is very handsome and dasing. Mahira is so cute and innocent. Both are thex very nice. But i also miss sahil. And writers don’t kill this pair like in previous seasons. I’m wait 4 this new couple chemistry More than asya.

  14. Azaad acting was mindblowing. Mahira is innocent. Both are they very nice. And writers don’t kill this pair like in previous seasons. I’m wait 4 this new couple chemistry.

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