Dhhai Kilo Prem 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Piyush telling Deepu that he signed her many times that he don’t want to marry her. Deepu asks what you are saying? Piyush says he never wanted to marry her, and this day is very auspicious in his life. Deepu asks if you are joking with me again and says she don’t like jokes. Piyush says destiny made joke of my life. Deepu says but, you likes me. Piyush asks did you see yourself in mirror and says he dreamt to marry Deepika Padukone, but got married to fat girl. Deepu is shocked and says you have made joke of my life, love and marriage. How can you break my dreams on wedding night. Piyush says he is trying to break the marriage since long, and says he had added salt in the food on roka day, persuade Bua to asked dowry and have so much to break the marriage. He calls her

buffalo. Deepu asks if he didn’t get his sherwani stitched, and says I thought you wrong, you are a part of a dirty crowd. She says I thought you are a nice man, I was bowled over by your goodness. Piyush asks did you see your size?

Deepu asks did you see yourself and asks him to see himself in mirror. She says if I am not like Deepika Padukone then you are also not Hritik Roshan. She asks why did you add salt in the food. You would have told me directly that you don’t want to marry me. Piyush says he will never accept her as his wife, even though he will stay with her. Deepu refuses to accept him as her husband. She says how can you think that I will stay with you, who don’t love me. Piyush says I love Sarika and not you. Deepu is shocked. He tells that he confessed her love thinking her to be Sarika. Deepu is shocked.

She says Sarika knows about this and is about to faint. Piyush holds her hand. Deepu brushes off his hand and cries badly. Piyush says look Deepu and asks her to understand his talks. Piyush says enough. She says I have dreamt all life with you and thought you are perfect. She says she is going for forever. She says she don’t want to see his face in her life. Piyush says you can’t go in night. Deepu says she will go anywhere, but will not stay here. She removes her ghunghat and goes out of house. She cries walking on the road. Piyush spoils decorated bed. Pyaar Hai Ya Saza plays…..She thinks Piyush telling that he loves Sarika. Meghna calls Rahul and asks if he is fine. Rahul says he is not fine, as he couldn’t meet her now. Meghna says why do you want to meet me. Rahul says he can tell only after doing her heart dissection. Meghna says you can meet me tomorrow. Tushar gets up and asks with whom she is talking to. She says her friend Priya. He checks her phone.

Deepu comes to Sarika’s house. Sarika asks if everything is alright. Deepu asks why did you hide from me that Piyush loves you. Sarika is tensed and asks her to listen. Deepu asks her to answer. Sarika says this is truth, but I don’t love him. Deepu asks why did you hide from me. She says Piyush hates me. Sarika says I am sure that he will change after seeing your love. Deepu says you both have betrayed me, and asks why did you do this? Sarika says Madhuri promised her that she will make Piyush understand. Deepu is more shocked and asks if mummy ji knows about it. She says she has to talk to her. Sarika says she went to Vaishnow Devi. Deepu tells her that she can’t go back to that house. Sarika asks her not to tell that, and says I am really tensed about your Papa. He couldn’t bear this and asks her not to tell. Deepu says he will be pained anyhow. Sarika asks her to go back for Mishra ji.

Deepu returns home and asks Piyush not to worry as she haven’t changed her heart. She says she will leave when Darshan and Rahul come to take her for pagphera. She leaves. Pankaj asks Piyush if he told something to her. Piyush says no. Pragya thinks something big happened.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice.deepu is a self respected girl.at least she didn’t beg piyush to accept her. Coz most of the serials are like that if hero didn’t accept then the heroine will clinging to them and waiting for them to accept.

  2. what a looser. Pot calling the kettle black.

  3. Sejsmiles

    Piyush is such a loser..seen 100s of such men. I want deepu to keel her self respect high n stay awy. Let this man find a girl of is kind.

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