Dhhai Kilo Prem 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Deepu reveals Guru’s truth that he is Pragya’s son

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The Episode starts with Madhuri telling Piyush that this house needs you, your Bau ji needs you and asks him not to stop her, she has to go. Deepu comes and says no mummy ji. She says everyone of us, Papa ji and this house needs you. You can get weak as you are the one who gives us strength. She says mummy ji is lying, and you trust is so weak that you can’t understand her. Madhuri is about to give her promise, but Deepu gives her promise and says until when you will cover up. She tells Pankaj that the guy whom he is calling goon is actually son of the house. Pankaj asks what you are saying? Deepu says I am telling truth, Guru is blood of this house as he is Bua ji’s son. Everyone is shocked. Pankaj is shocked. Pragya shouts at Deepu and says have you gone mad. You are trying to do, putting Madhuri’s sin on my head. She asks Pankaj to scold Deepu. Pankaj looks at Pragya. Pragya says Madhuri and her children are conspiring against me and wants to kick me out of house. Deepu says nobody wants to kick you, we just wants Rishi to get his rights. Piyush says they want to listen to truth.

Pankaj asks Madhuri to say the truth. Pragya says she is putting her doings on me. Pankaj says I know her well, she can give her life for others. He says we were together since 30 years and have seen many ups and down, you stood with me when everyone was against me, you thought of my defeat as yours, I respect you and love you also. He says I trust you blindly and will not agree even if you tell lie.. he says I have accepted when you said that Guru is your son, but when Deepu said, I want to know truth from your mouth.

Madhuri says when Piyush was 6 months old and was having high fever. I went to hospital. A fb is shown, Nurse tells her that a woman left her son immediately after birth, I was shocked to see that the baby’s mum was Pragya. Fb ends. She says Jiji went to do yoga for 3 months, nobody knew that she was pregnant at that time. Pankaj is shocked. Madhuri says she wanted to bring that boy home, but hospital people said that they have to adopt him and till then have to keep baby in orphanage. She says I knew that you will not agree to adopt someone else baby, as we already had two kids and third kid was on the way. She says our financial position was weak so I thought to earn some money so that I can take care of him. I used to visit orphanage and take care of his needs. He used to call me Maati and always used to ask me to take him home. I could just assure to take him home, but I can’t bring him home. She says then the ashram was burnt in fire accident and many kids died. I tried to search him, but I couldn’t find him, and he searched me and found. Pankaj asks Pragya how can you leave your own son.

Pragya says I was alone and scared and asks Pankaj to punish her. Pankaj says you were alone all life, there is no forgiveness for this. Piyush asks Pankaj to apologize to Madhuri and says we all showed trust on her, except you. He asks him to apologize to him else she will not talk to him. Pankaj goes to his room. Madhuri cries hugging her kids. Mishra ji thinks to call deepu and thinks don’t know what is happening there. I didn’t think that Pragya was Guru’s mum and Madhuri kept her sin on her. Meghna comes and says she shall be there, as Papa might be shouting at his mum. Rukmini asks Meghna to go. Mishra ji says Pankaj will get much angry seeing her. Rukmini says she will take her and will apologize to Pankaj. She says she will convince her. Meghna hugs her happily.

Piyush tells Madhuri that Pankaj and Pragya are stubborn. Namrata says they didn’t apologize to you. Madhuri says pragya is elder than me, why she will apologize to me. Piyush says Babu ji’s tana shahi will not go on, and asks Madhuri not to apologize to him. He says Deepu and he used to trust a lot, but Babu ji doubted you. Deepu sees Pankaj hearing them and comes out to talk to him. She sees Pragya leaving and takes her bag, saying you can’t go. Pragya says she has to go. Deepu says she didn’t tell the truth for this, but to protect Madhuri. Deepu says I won’t let you go. Pragya recalls kicking her out of house and says I tried to kick you out and always scolded Madhuri. She says I don’t deserve your sympathy and let me go. Deepu says we shall stand together in all situations and says I told you that I will keep the family united. Pragya says I remember and hugs her. Deepu says now even Rishi will come in this house. Pragya smiles. Pankaj hears them.

Namrata tells that Guru’s call is not connecting. Deepu says I know where is he? Sarika asks Guru to come and says time has come to go home. As Sarika brings Guru to Pankaj’s house. Pankaj stops him and asks who called you here. Madhuri says I called him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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