Dhhai Kilo Prem 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Madhuri decides to stay with Guru, Deepu comes across shocking truth

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The Episode starts with Madhuri telling that she will leave the house. Piyush says this house is of everyone, and even of Maa. He says you have to ask me if wants to kick anyone out. Pankaj looks down. Piyush says Deepu and I don’t want Maa to go, matter is closed now. Tushar says even I support Maa. Pankaj and Pragya are angry. Namrata says even I am with Maa. Kunal smiles. Namrata says now what you will do Bua. Kunal says I am going to keep mummy ji’s stuff inside and asks Pankaj and Pragya to say if they want to say. Pankaj and Pragya are upset. Piyush says you told that Guru is my brother and says I will not question you and if you wants, then I will bring him here. Madhuri cries. Piyush hugs her. Namrata, Tushar and Deepu hugs her. Deepu smiles. Dhhai kilo prem plays….

Guru tells Sarika that his life is also shattered like this pic and says if I was part of the family then I would have been educated and white collar guy. Sarika says you are good. Guru says if Maati was with me then I would have been suitable for you. Sarika looks on. Namrata thanks Deepu for supporting Madhuri. Deepu says we know that her heart is clean and nobody becomes bad with one thing. Piyush says Maa is hiding something from us, if we comes to know about Guru then we will find what she is hiding. Deepu says orphanage truth. Piyush says yes and says he will find out. Deepu asks Namrata to rest. Namrata says she can’t see mummy ji like this. Deepu says I am sure that truth will be out soon.

Rahul looks at Meghna. Meghna asks why you are decorating the room with flowers? Rahul says I have checked your result and you have passed with first rank. She gets happy and hugs him. Rukmini comes and asks did I come at wrong time. Meghna says I was coming to you. Rukmini says I know that your result will come today and that’s why I made Kheer and Malpua for you. She apologizes to Meghna for her doings. Meghna says no mummy ji. Rukmini says nothing will change in a day, but we can start day by apologizing. Meghna and Rahul hugs Rukmini. Mishra ji asks Deepu why didn’t she tell him. Deepu says you was away and asks him to take out info about Guru. She tells about SK hospital. Mishra ji supports her for trusting her mother in law and says she wants to help her, as she knows Madhuri can’t do anything wrong. Madhuri calls Guru. Guru realizes Madhuri is on call and gets emotional. Madhuri calls him Rishi beta. He asks what do you need. Madhuri says I called to tell you that I am not angry on you, I understand why did you take this step and all the blame was right. She says I couldn’t search you and wasn’t aware about you. She says because of me, you didn’t get a mother’s love or family’s love. Guru says it is too late now. Madhuri says I can rectify the mistake and asks him to trust his Maati once. Rishi gets emotional. Pankaj sees Madhuri talking to Rishi.

Mishra ji comes to Deepu and says he came to know something which will shock her. He tells that Guru and Piyush were born in the same hospital. He shows some papers. Deepu looks shocked. Pankaj asks Madhuri to talk to that goon Guru infront of everyone and asks what does she wants. Madhuri says she wants Rishi to stay in the house. Pragya says who is Rishi. Piyush says Guru’s real name is actually Rishi. Madhuri says Rishi has suffered much as his family was not with him, but now she wants him to stay rest of his life with them. Piyush says ok, if you want. Pragya scolds Piyush and says how can he stay in our house, we don’t know whose blood he is. Pankaj says this is his house and not any shelter home which can give shelter to any guy.. Madhuri says he is my blood. Pankaj says he might be your blood, but not mine. If you and your kids want him to stay here then its ok, I will leave the house. Madhuri says you don’t need to go. I couldn’t become his mum in childhood, but now I will go and stay with him. Tushar asks her not to go. Pankaj says she cares for that street goon more than you. Madhuri asks Tushar not to stop her and says you have everyone, but Rishi is alone. Piyush says maa? Madhuri asks him not to stop her. Piyush says I will not stop you but will go with you.

Deepu tells Pankaj that the guy whom he is calling goon is actually son of the house. Pankaj is shocked. Deepu says Guru is the blood of this house, as he is Bua’s son. Pragya is shocked as Pankaj looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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