Dhhai Kilo Prem 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Guru makes Madhuri confess that he is her son, Pankaj shattered

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The Episode starts with Guru’s friend Ankit calling Sarika and informing her that Guru has gone mad. Sarika hears Tushar shouting Maa and Guru beating him. She asks if he is Tushar. Tushar asks Guru to leave him. Ankit asks her to save him. Guru slaps Ankit hard and says you are becoming Chaudhary. Tushar pleads infront of him. Guru says I won’t leave you. Piyush tells Deepu that they shall search Tushar. Deepu says they shall wait at home and take care of Madhuri. Pragya hears them. Piyush says Tushar went missing. Deepu says don’t know where he has gone. Pragya sees blood on the side wall of bed and gets shocked. She asks where is Madhuri? Piyush runs out of house. Pragya thinks if Tushar eloped from house and closes the window. She keeps the clothes back in the suitcase and happens to see the letter written by Guru for Madhuri.

She reads it and is shocked. Madhuri goes to meet Guru and runs on the road. Pragya shows the letter to Pankaj. Pankaj says she went alone. Kunal says why that man had written letter on Madhuri’s name. Pragya says may be Madhuri have done something. Sarika calls Deepu and tells that Guru has kidnapped Tushar. Everyone is shocked. Sarika says she is going to Guru’s house. Deepu says no and tells that they are going to akbar bagh as Tushar’s kidnapper stays there. Sarika says Guru’s house is there. Deepu tells everyone that Guru has kidnapped Tushar. Madhuri comes to Guru’s house and sees Tushar tied. Tushar asks her to save him. Guru says you might be feeling pain seeing your son tied. Madhuri says you are angry as I talked rudely to you. Guru says no and tells that her doings are not justified.

Madhuri asks him to leave him. Guru asks if she would have loved all kids same. Madhuri says she loves all her kids equally. Guru says you forgot the count and says you forgot your 5 years old son. Madhuri asks what you are saying? Guru says he is talking about himself. He shows the pic. Madhuri is shocked and is in pain. Guru asks why didn’t I get your love like other kids. Madhuri says you. Guru says I am the same Rishi whom you left me at orphanage. He says you used to brought food for me and promised to take me home, but that day never came. You lied to me. Madhuri gets emotional and touches his face. Guru says till now I haven’t realized why did you do this? He says you might be happy when that orphanage got burnt. Tushar is in shock to hear that.

Guru asks Madhuri to tell what is truth. She asks her to tell Tushar that she is his mum, his Maati. Tushar cries as Guru keeps knife on his neck asking madhuri to confess. Madhuri confesses that she is his mother. Everyone is shocked to hear that as they come. Madhuri says I am your Maati and apologizes to him and says I have done injustice with you. She says when a child needs his parents then I left you, but later on when the Orphanage was burnt, I tried to search you and was ready to accept that you are my son. Guru says you have confessed infront of all, and that is enough for me. Madhuri turns and sees her family. Pragya asks what is this story. Piyush says Maa made a good story to save Tushar. He beats Guru. Madhuri asks Tushar not to beat him. Kunal asks why you are saving him. Madhuri says as he is my son. Pankaj is shattered and goes.

Deepu tells Madhuri that she is with her and asks her not to take tension. Piyush is also taking Madhuri with him. Guru says he wants his family to hate her just as people hates him. Piyush gets angry.

At home, Pragya throws Madhuri’s stuff and says now that woman can’t stay here, she has betrayed Bhaiyya big. Namrata says Mummy said that to save Tushar. Kunal says it was needed to save Tushar. Pragya asks why did she stop you from arresting Guru. Madhuri says I have deep relation with him. Pankaj gets angry and is about to slap Madhuri, but Piyush stops and holds his hand. Pragya says don’t know where did she blackened her face and asks her to say where are her sons roaming. Piyush asks her to stop it. Pankaj says she has ruined my respect. Deepu takes Madhuri’s side and tells that she can’t be the reason to ruin the respect, She says a mum had hidden a son from everyone and there must be a big reason. She asks Madhuri to tell what the matter is? Madhuri says I don’t want to say anything further.

Pankaj asks Madhuri to talk to Rishi infront of everyone and asks what she wants. Madhuri says she wants Rishi to stay in the house. Pankaj, Piyush and others are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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