Dhhai Kilo Prem 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Piyush surprises Deepu, Guru kidnaps Tushar

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The Episode starts with Rahul trying to make Rukmini go from house. Deepu comes home and shouts at Rahul. Rukmini says he is kicking me out of house. Deepu slaps him. Rahul says Maa made Meghna fall and spilled oil on floor. Deepu asks Meghna if you want Tai ji to leave. Meghna says no. Deepu says this is good values, and says she thought of your good, says your son is trying to kick you out of house. Rahul says she will have the same pain which she gave to others. Deepu says tai ji will hate you also from now. She tells that parents blessings and support can solve any problems of ours, and asks Meghna to take Tai ji stuff inside. She then asks Rahul to apologize to Rukmini. Rahul touches her feet. Rukmini cries and hugs him. Rahul says sorry to Deepu and goes. Rukmini tells Deepu that she couldn’t know whenher own blood start hating her. Deepu asks her not to worry. Rukmini apologizes to her and Ragini and touches her feet. Deepu hugs her and says you are like my mum, that’s why I came for you. Rukmini says I thought bad about you, and you said that my taunt will be good for you. She blesses Deepu and Piyush and asks her to be happy. She apologizes. Deepu asks her to accept Meghna and touches her feet. Rukmini hugs her and cries.

Madhuri writes the list and asks him to take out the stuff (dry fruits, ghee etc) from the shop for her son Piyush. Guru says he will become fat if eat this. Madhuri says he is already fat and taking part in dance competition. Guru says he is already fat and don’t know how he will be in future, he needs to diet. Madhuri scolds him and asks if his mum don’t teach him values. She then apologizes for talking about his mum, and says all mum teaches good values to her kids. Guru says all mums are not good and leave their children on road. Madhuri says no mum can do this and asks him to give list, so that she can take the stuff herself.

Piyush comes to shop to pick Deepu for dinner. Deepu says you are looking tired. He says you are not looking as a queen. Deepu laughs. He says he will take her to special dinner and asks her to close eyes. He gets inside and ties blind fold on her eyes. He asks her to be there for 2 mins. He makes the special arrangements with candles, lights and rose petals etc. Dhhai kilo prem plays….He opens the blind fold. Deepu sees the table decorated by him. Rang De Tu song plays…He gives a flower to her. Deepu smiles and says what did you do? Piyush says it is a special day of us in Agra style. He ties flower in her hairs. They dances in the shop. Rang De song plays……He bend down on his knees and asks her to come for special dinner.

Guru breaks into Pankaj’s house through the window. Tushar comes to room while talking to his friend. Guru hides. After Tushar goes, Guru checks the stuff and thinks this is Maati’s stuff. He opens a box and sees his childhood stuff. He sees his childhood pic and keeps Madhuri pic with his. He says why don’t you love me like you love your kids. Tushar comes and asks what you are doing at night. He shouts mummy. Guru holds him and pushes him on bed. Tushar’s head is hit on the bed and he gets injured. Piyush and Deepu come home.

Madhuri says I will serve food. Deepu says Piyush made her have food in the shop. Madhuri calls Tushar for having food. Piyush says he might be out and calls him. Piyush says he might be in room. Madhuri calls him. Piyush and Deepu also go there. They see the room messed up. Madhuri says something happened for sure. Deepu says window is open and Tushar is missing. Piyush sees blood and signs Deepu. He hides it. Piyush calls Kunal and tells that Tushar is missing and asks him to search. Madhuri sees the box open and keeps the stuff inside. She finds Rishi’s pic missing and gets a letter left by him. Madhuri is shocked and says nothing can happen to him. Piyush says whatever happened is not good, who will raise hand on the boy. Deepu prays for his well being.

Guru’s friend asks what did he make him smell and says if he is dead. Guru says let him die and throws water on his face. Tushar gains consciousness and asks him to leave him else Piyush Bhaiyya will not leave him. Madhuri is walking on the road and prays for Tushar’s safety.

Piyush beats Guru while Kunal and his constable looks on. Madhuri asks Piyush not to beat him. Piyush asks why you are protecting him. Madhuri says as he is my son. Piyush, Kunal, Sarika, Namrata, Pragya, Deepu, Tushar and Pankaj are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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