Dhhai Kilo Prem 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Piyush and Deepu ordering Paneer Cheese Pizza. Sarika says your choice is same and asks Piyush about her dieting. Piyush says he is dieting. Sarika orders salad. Piyush also orders salad. Sarika asks him to have what he wants today. Piyush asks Deepu what happened between Sushant and you in Bareily. He appeared to be good man by his looks. Sarika asks Deepu and says you didn’t tell me also. Piyush says it is okay if you don’t want to tell me. Piyush says I will tell you both. She tells that she was popular in Bareilly due to her personality and studies. She tells that her classmate menka was jealous of her, and Sushant was her boyfriend. Whenever he used to meet me, he used to make me feel special. I didn’t know that Sushant was Menka’s boyfriend and they both want to tease me. She says slowly I started liking him. One day he gifted me a dress and asked me to wear that dress for a drama. She says I thought nobody wears such dress in bareilly, but as Sushant gifted me for a role. She wears the dress and come to meet him.

Sushant asks her to reveal her dress and gives his promise. Deepu reveals her dress and tells the dialogues that she can do anything for him and has no control on her emotions. She asks him to come and express his love. She says next time, he played the video in college auditorium. She says he got my posters pasted on the walls and my respect was ruined. She says Mishra ji filed Police complaint and got him arrested. She says I left my graduation and came to Agra. Sarika and Piyush hold her hand. Piyush says that Sushant needs punishment. Deepu says I will never talk about him again. Sarika says you have done hero’s work. Piyush says lets have food. He smiles seeing Sarika and asks her to take one bite. Deepu says I am not going to share. Sarika have a bite from Piyush’s pizza. Piyush smiles seeing the pizza and eats it happily. Sarika asks what happened? Piyush says I was thinking about dieting, 8 girls rejected me. Deepu says 4 guys rejected me. Piyush takes selfie with Sarika and Deepu. He then takes selfie with Sarika.

Deepu drops Piyush home, and asks what is tomorrow’s plan. She says lets go to watch film. Sarika says she is going to Agra youth festival. Piyush says it is a couple entry. Sarika says I have no boyfriend and asks will you come with me. Piyush gets happy and agrees. Sarika asks Deepu to come also. Deepu refuses and says she will watch TV. Piyush tells Sarika that you win everyone’s heart. Sarika says you are my Nirala man. Deepy waves him bye. Piyush is happy.

In the party, Piyush and Sarika are dancing on the song Janam Janam…Sarika says Nirala man knows how to dance. Piyush says if partner is good. Sarika calls him Nirala man. They dance. Piyush tells I love you. It was Piyush’s imagination. Kunal asks him to teach him nargis-rajkapoor’s romance. He asks if that girl knows about your heart. He tells that loves gives pain..and tells that he had beaten a guy for Namrata and later that man became MLA and stopped his promotion for 6 years. Piyush says you are Guru ji and asks him to teach him romance. Kunal tells that you looks like an insurance agent and asks him to become a hero. Piyush says hero. He checks his clothes and looks at Deepika Padukone’s pic and thinks of Sarika. Meghna asks Madhuri to take money from Piyush. Madhuri says she don’t want to burden him. Meghna asks her to ask him. She comes to him and hears Piyush asking money from someone. She asks him to take money from her. Piyush refuses and says I am hungry. He says he will make paneer pakodas for his mum.

Madhuri counts the money and tells that it is just 4500. Meghna comes and gives her money. Tushar comes with his piggy bank and breaks it. He gives her 2000 and tells that another 2000 is sent by Namrata. Meghna says it will be 10000 now. Deepu checks Piyush’s pics while Dhhai Kilo Prem plays…Ragini comes and asks what she is doing? Deepu says she is checking the exam papers and eating toffee on each right answer. Ragini asks her to bring her dress and says she has to go to Madhuri’s house also. Deepu buys Paneer Pakodas for Piyush and his family and thinks why her heart is restless to meet piyush.

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