Dhhai Kilo Prem 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update: Pankaj announces retirement, Deepu suggests Piyush to take off and focus on dance

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The Episode starts with Namrata telling Piyush that he did right by standing for his rights and says there is nothing wrong in dancing. Kunal comes and says he asks him not to think about Pankaj’s likes or dislikes and says Deepu has opened your eyes and showed you right way. Piyush looks at Deepu. Kunal says it is good that you dance and not do body massage of girls, asks him to think how Pankaj would react if known. Amit comes and asks Deepu why she lied to her brother. Deepu says he gave me promise. Amit asks Piyush to pay fine. Kunal asks Piyush to dance. Namrata asks him to dance with Deepu. Piyush dances with Deepu. Mere Nazm Me plays….

Rahul talks to someone and says we will reach on time. Rukmini thinks if he is searching for a house for them. She asks Rahul and asks if he will leave her alone in this age. Rahul says I am not going anywhere, I am talking about your stuff. She says your troubles Meghna, Chachi and Deepu a lot. Rukmini says she will not go anywhere. Rahul says I talked to Papa and says you are going to old age home in the morning, I will pay for your expenses and also give 6000 Rs monthly. Rukmini is shocked.

Madhuri cries. Piyush asks what happened? Madhuri says she is fine. Piyush says he knew that Pankaj will feel bad knowing about his dance and says he will not dance if she dislikes it too. Madhuri asks him not to stop dancing and asks him to take part in dance and win too. She hugs him.

Piyush talks to his boss and says he will meet the target before month ends. Deepu comes and asks him to have food. Piyush tells her that he will come late and have to leave rehearsal also. Deepu gets tensed, stops him and asks him to take off as rehearsal is important. Piyush says he has to go as boss gave him target. Deepu asks him to take 1-2 months off from work. Piyush says if I take a break then how house will run. Deepu says she will make cooker cakes and sell it, and will do Madhuri’s stitching work also. Piyush says no. Deepu asks why is he thinking this just because she is a woman. She tells that victory is won by the person who is determined and follow his dreams. She says this is a small sacrifice, which I can do happily. She asks him to dance 7-8 hours and says if you have decided then even destiny will agree. She asks him to be focused. Piyush says if you are supporting me then ok, I will message boss that I am taking leave. He messages to his boss.

Pankaj claps hearing this and calls everyone. He tells that madness is happening here, and says this bull was a fool and now this girl is praising him high like a trainer of a money. Madhuri asks him to let them do what they wants. Pankaj says he wants to burden me all life and putting his responsibility on his wife’s head. Deepu says you have done so much for house and asks him to give sometime to Piyush. Pankaj says ok, do whatever you want, now I will do what I want. He asks them to lock his shop or sell it and says I am retiring. He puts his keys on the table and asks them to take keys and do whatever he wants. Madhuri cries. Piyush says Babu ji is right, I have to fulfill my responsibilities, dreams are fulfilled by the people who don’t have any responsibility. He says I will go to office and will handle shop also.

Deepu takes the keys just as he is about to take it. She says I will not accept defeat and will support you. I will handle the shop responsibility. She asks him to call boss and tell that he can’t do any meetings. Piyush says but. Deepu says I will manage, it is not an easy work. Madhuri says even she will earn money by stitching. Piyush says this is wrong. Kunal says Deepu wants to handle your responsibilities, it is just matter of two months. She says if you win in the competition then you will earn so much that nobody have to work. Namrata says I read somewhere, family is behind a man’s success. Deepu says surely and asks Piyush to put all his efforts on his dance and says your dream is our dream. She asks him to leave for rehearsal and she will go to shop.

Rahul is taking Rukmini out. Rukmini tries to stop him. Meghna comes and asks what is he doing? She reminds him that she is his mother. He tells that he is tired of her doings and will not let her stay here. He is not taking her permission. He says she has problem with everyone, even Papa don’t want to keep her with him. Meghna asks have you gone mad? Rahul says he has taken a decision and will not agree. Rukmini says I am not going anywhere and calls Ragini, informing her that Rahul is kicking them out. She then tells Rahul that Ragini asked her to stay at her house. Rahul asks whom you are fooling, there is no network at their place.

Deepu sells something to the customer. Customer asks about Pankaj. Deepu says Madhuri asks him to rest now and that’s why he stayed at home. Customer praises Madhuri. Deepu also praises Madhuri. He asks why did you come? Deepu says Madhuri handles home so she came. She then explains to him about the insurance plan. Customer says he will get insurance for everyone. Guru hears them. Madhuri comes to the shop and gives tiffin to Deepu, and asks her to make new guy Guru also have food. Guru recalls Madhuri feeding him food and calling him Rishi, Rishi saying raja beta will eat.

Deepu gets a call and tells Madhuri that Rahul called and said there was an emergency at home. Madhuri says she will handle shop and asks her to go. Deepu goes. Piyush asks Sarika to have food and says Deepu sent food for us. Sarika says Deepu takes care of everyone. Piyush says she is sweet. He opens the tiffin and sees lauke ki sabzi. He says he don’t like it and says he will order something from outside. Sarika says no, Deepu thinks about yourself and that’s why sent this. She says Deepu handles shop, sells policies and you are saying this. She does so much for you. Piyush says yes, but he don’t like lauki ki sabki. He says it has nothing to do with Deepu, she is good. Sarika asks did you do anything good for her. Piyush says he is practicing to win in the dance competition. Sarika says you are doing this for yourself. She asks him to do something for her and praises her lauke ki sabzi. Piyush sends her message. Sarika eats it and says it is tasty. Piyush gets Deepu’s reply and she writes that she will make same dish in the evening too. Sarika laughs. Piyush writes that magic is in her hand and not in the lauki. He writes that he will have food whatever she makes. Sarika pulls his cheeks and says you have become typical husband.

Deepu, Madhuri and Piyush see Tushar missing and blood on his bed. They get shocked. Guru kidnaps Tushar. Tushar asks him to leave him and says my brother Piyush will not leave you. Madhuri is seen running on road.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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