Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update : Rukmini humiliates Pankaj and Namrata

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Dhhai Kilo Prem 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Deepu asking Meghna to have food and says she will drop her. Pragya says she will get late. Deepu gives her roti roll and she gives. Pankaj comes. Deepu serves him food and says she will drop him. Pankaj says he will go. Pragya says car works on petrol. Deepu says if car is not drive then it will not work. Guru comes to Meghna and says Rahul sent him. His mum is searching girl for him. Meghna says how can she do this.. Sarika sees him talking to Meghna and thinks he might be teasing her. She comes and asks what he is doing? Guru asks if she is jealous to see him talking to someone. She takes Meghna with her. Guru asks her to talk with love. Pankaj says she said right, and asks Deepu to drive car whenever she wants and asks her not to worry about Petrol, says shop is working well. Deepu says she goes to market or her parents’ house. She then tells Pankaj that Piyush needs car and tells that he loves his car very much and asks her to be careful. Madhuri says she has handed over house responsibility to Deepu and says they shall give responsibility to kids now. Sarika asks Meghna if that man teased her. She says no and tells that she is worried as bag fell down. Sarika thinks if Meghna is hiding something from her.

A man comes to Piyush and asks him to give his scooter keys. Piyush says why will he give? He says he has bought it. Piyush says he didn’t sell his scooter. Tushar comes and tells that Pankaj has sold it. Piyush gives bike keys and emotionally look at his scooter asking the new owner to take care of it. He says ok and goes. Piyush comes home and asks Madhuri, how he will go to office now. Pankaj comes and says on 4 wheels and calls Deepu. Piyush says Deepu can’t drop me daily. Pankaj says he is thinking wrong and calls Deepu. She gives him keys. Pankaj gives car keys to Piyush. Piyush gets happy and thanks him with a hug. Piyush says he will drive carefully. Pankaj says if it gets any scratch then he will get it repaired. Piyush tells Deepu that Pankaj realized his value. Deepu asks for treat. Madhuri asks him to take Deepu. They come out. Piyush takes his mobile out and keys falls down. He picks Amit’s call and tells him that Pankaj gave him car keys. He searches for the keys. Deepu signs him towards the keys. They both try to pick it. Rang De plays….Piyush says it fell by mistake. He says where to go. They both tell triple cheese pizza. Deepu asks if the car will start.

Namrata comes to Pankaj’s house and asks for the masala. Rukmini comes and asks for match stick and kerosene oil. Pankaj is furious to see her. Rukmini says your daughter needs it. Namrata asks what nonsense? Rukmini says how dare you to get my son do job and says I will not let my son wash someone’s utensils. Pankaj asks her to go. Rukmini tells that she is getting her son married and asks him to get Meghna married before people knows about her. He calls goon and says he will be a good match for her, or can get sold too at good price. Pankaj gets furious. Namrata slaps her hard twice for talking ill about her sister.

Rukmini asks man what he will give for Meghna. Goon says 50000 Rs. Pankaj beats him with rod while Namrata slaps Rukmini. Rukmini tears her clothes. Namrata cries. Rukmini asks if she shall bring 2-3 people to insult them and says if your daughter is brought here then you don’t know what else I could do with your daughter. The people there tells that their daughter looks innocent, but she is….Pankaj cries and is about to faint. Namrata tries to make him get up. Madhuri tells Deepu that all good things happening because of her. Namrata brings Pankaj home. Deepu and Madhuri are shocked. They ask what happened to her clothes. Meghna and Pragya also come there. Piyush asks what happened. Deepu covers Namrata’s blouse. Pankaj is about to faint. Deepu and Piyush are shocked.

Piyush asks Meghna to forget that Rahul and says he don’t want to have any relations with that cheap people.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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