After the party was over, all the guests left, now it was only family members, they were all seated in the living room,

Mallika: I should also get going…. Everyone must be waiting at home….
Omkara: Come Mallika, I’ll drop you then….
Mallika: That is not needed Om…. Sid had already sent a driver for me…. I thought he would come but I guess I was wrong….
Shivaay: He must have some important work otherwise he would have come….

The Oberois and Mallika look surprised at Shivaay.

Pinky: OMM…. Shivaay…. Is everything okay with you?
Mallika: Are you alright Shivaay…. You are taking Sid, your business rival’s side….
Shivaay: Nothing like that…. I said because even I sometimes miss events because of work…. And please it has been years now…. Siddharth and I may not be friends as such but we are not rivals also….
Anika: Mallika, next time you have to stay with us….
Mallika: I’ll definitely but before that you all have to come to our house also yaar…. Every time I only come, next time you all will come….
Dadi: Haa puttar, next time we will definitely come….

Mallika smiles while others are surprised hearing Dadi.

Mallika then greets everyone and leaves.


Mallika was about to sit in the car when she sees Ranveer,

Mallika: Ranveer….

Ranveer hears her and walks to her,

Ranveer: Yes Mallika, any problem….
Mallika: No problem…. I just wanted to say that our family is incomplete without Prinku and you….

Ranveer is shocked hearing her,

Ranveer: You know it….
Mallika: Yeah…. Sid had told me long ago…. I didn’t mention it earlier as I didn’t wish to make you feel hurt…. I know Ranveer whatever happened is not easy to let go but still please think about it…. Mom, Dad and Sid, they miss you a lot…. There is not a single day when they regret that they didn’t support you…. They are all in their guilt…. Sid didn’t come today because he thought that he won’t be able to face you….
Ranveer: I understand whatever you are saying…. But it is not easy Mallika…. But I assure you that I’ll definitely think about it….
Mallika: That’s all I want….

She smiles at him and he smiles back, Mallika gets into the car and leaves, while Ranveer is lost in his thoughts.


All were talking with each other,

Vikram: Even we should leave now…. It is late and all must be tired now….
Sandhya: This was a great time…. All the children had done great arrangements….
Meenakshi: Sachi mein, all our children are praise worthy….
Rudra: Yeh to hoga hi na Aai…. After all main born talented you….
Omkara: Shut up Rudra…. They are definitely not counting you in their praises….

ShivKara share a hi-fi while Rudy makes a puppy face.

Sumitra: Chup karo tum dono…. Always teasing my poor Rudra….
Rudra: Thank you aunty…. At least you understand me….

All laugh at his antics.

Mittals, Maheshwaris and Tendulkars also leave.

Shivaay signs something to Om, Om nods his head and they both smile,

Omkara: Ab toh Dadi’s birthday also happened with great fun…. So….
Rudra: So, what O….
Omkara: Even we should go back to Shillong….

All except Shivaay are shocked hearing this and stand up from their seats,

Sakshi: But Bhaiya….
Omkara: What Sakshi, I had already told you that we’ll stay till Dadi’s birthday only…. And you all had agreed….
Rudra: O, how can you say this…. I thought after staying with us for so many days, you won’t even think of leaving us….
Soumya: Please BBW Bhaiya, don’t so this….
Omkara: Please everyone…. I had never said that we will stay forever…. I had made myself clear earlier only….
Pinky: Om…. Why are you doing this…. You know naa we missed you all so much…. Then how can you think of leaving us again….
Shekhar: Om beta…. Think once again…. Don’t take another decision in a hurry….
Anika: Shivaay, you explain Om…. He won’t say no to you….
Shivaay: Don’t involve me in this Anika…. (All are shocked hearing this)…. I had already known that he is so stubborn and that is why I had made up my mind that he will again leave us…. I didn’t keep any false hopes and neither should you all have kept…. It was going to hurt you all in the end…. I am not going to say anything to anyone…. All are free to do what they want….

Saying so Shivaay left the place, he looked at Om once before leaving, all were shocked, Shivaay was smiling seeing everyone’s reactions.

Omkara: Shivaay is right…. You all shouldn’t have kept any hopes…. But one more thing…. This time I am not forcing anyone to come with me…. (He looked at Gauri, Anish and Vikshi)…. If you all want to stay here, you can…. But I am not going to stay here….
Gauri, Anish and Vikshi were shocked, Om also didn’t wait for anyone’s reply and left the place.

Now ShivKara were hiding and waiting for their family’s reaction.

Janhvi: The way Om was behaving from the last few days, I thought I had got my Om back…. But I guess I was living in an illusion world of mine….

Tears flow from her eyes as she sits down on the sofa, Pinky and Prinku console her.

Sumitra: Not only you Janhvi…. We were all living in that world….

She too sat down while Ahana and Sonakshi sat beside her.

Aniruddh: No, I won’t listen to Om this time…. Neither we’ll go anywhere nor we’ll we let him go….

He was about to go when Rudra holds his hand, Aniruddh looks surprised at him,

Rudra: Don’t do this Aniruddh Bhaiya…. I know O very well…. He won’t listen to you…. Don’t argue with him…. And please don’t leave my O alone…. You all also go with him….

All are surprised hearing this especially ShivKara; they look at each other with tears.

Tej: Rudra is right…. Om won’t change his mind…. But you all please don’t leave him alone, always be with him….

All were sitting dejected, none of them knew how to console the other, they were all sitting lost in their thoughts, seeing their family’s condition ShivKara thought to go
and tell everyone the truth.

Shivaay and Om walk down to the living room, all look at them, and they walk and stand in the center near the stairs,

Shivaay: Why are you all still sitting here like this…?
Rudra: So what should we do Bhaiya…? Celebrate that once again O is leaving us….
Shivaay: Waise celebration is not a bad idea…. Celebrate toh karna hi padega naa….

All were looking at Shivaay as if he has lost his mind,

Anika: Shivaay, I think you have gone mad…. What are you saying…. Celebration….
Omkara: Haa Bhabhi, we have to celebrate…. Shivaay is right….

Now all were looking at Om with the same expressions,

Pinky: OMM…. Looks like both the brothers have gone mad….

ShivKara look at each other and smiles, others are looking at them confused,

Dev: Okay guys, will you both tell us what reason we have to celebrate….
Vikrant: And why are you both smiling like this….
Shakti: I am feeling that you both are hiding something from us….
Shivaay: Om, I think we should tell them now….
Omkara: Right Shivaay…. We have to tell them before they ask any other questions….
Soumya: Bhaiyas…. Will you both stop talking to each other and tell us something….
Shivaay: Okay…. So we have to celebrate because our family is complete after three years….

All were giving him various looks, some happy, some shocked, some confused and some just had tears.

Omkara: C’mon guys won’t you all celebrate our return in the family….

Now all were on cloud nine of happiness.

Rudra: O…. (And he hugged Om and Shivaay tightly)….

There Obro hug after three years…. How complete they felt in each other’s embrace…. All feel emotional seeing the brothers….

Priyanka: You three always forget me….

The Obros look at their baby sister and immediately pull her into the hug.
Aniruddh hugs Arjun and Sonakshi.
Ishana and Gauri also hug Ranveer.
Anika hugs Soumya, Ahana hugs Sakshi and Vikrant hugs Dev.

All elders smile seeing their children together.

After some time, Om hugs Tej, Janhvi, Pinky, Shakti and Dadi, he then takes their blessings, after that he moved to Shekhar and Sumitra and hug them after taking their blessings.

Om sits in front of Janhvi,

Omkara: I am sorry Mom…. If I have hurt someone the most it is you…. I was being selfish that I didn’t even for once think about how you felt…. I could only see my pain and didn’t bother to look at your pain…. I am a very bad son…. Mom…. I have hurt you a lot….
Janhvi: Dare you say that you are a bad son…. My son is not bad at all, he is the best…. (Saying so she kissed Om’s forehead)….
Rudra: I always knew Mom loves O more than me…. (All look at him with “He-will-never-change” wala look and smile)….
Pinky: So what Rudra…. Your Choti Maa loves you the most….

Rudra smiled and hugged her and showed his tongue to Om, who rolled his eyes at his brother’s antics.

All were very happy to be back together as one big family.

Anika: So Shivaay you knew that Om was not going to go….
Shivaay: Of course, in fact we had planned all this in Haridwar only….
Omkara: We wanted to give you all a surprise…. And a very special gift for Dadi….

Saying so he again hugs Dadi.

Aniruddh (thinking): Thank you so much God for bringing us together again…. (He smiles seeing his family)….


A man enters the villa; three ladies are sitting in the living room, they are all chatting and laughing,

Man: Hello ladies….
Lady1: Hello beta…. Come sit with us….
Lady2: How is our plan going?
Man: According to our informers…. They all forgave Ranveer….
Lady1: This was expected from them…. They all are emotional fools….
Lady3: We all have nothing to worry…. Because our main plan will destroy everything….

The four of them look at each other and smile evilly.

Another man enters the scene,

Man2: Not fair guys….You all forgot me….
Lady1: How can we forget you…. We were waiting for you only….
Man1: Now those Oberois and Raichands will not know also what storm hit them….


  1. Oh my god…i love rudy ?❤…he is just as cute as soumya…Emotional and also drama queen….Really excited for what comes the next…You nailed this one…❤?

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