Ranveer looked at Priyanka and she just nodded her head.

Priyanka: You guys talk…. I’ll go downstairs….

Priyanka left as she knew that they were friends before and relatives later…. She knew they would handle each other….

Ranveer: Guys sit down…. I need to tell you something really important….

ShivKara nodded and sat down on the couch.

Ranveer began with his talks and told them everything that he had told Priyanka…. There was silence in the entire room…. Neither Shivaay nor Omkara knew how to react….
Tears flowed from Om’s eyes…. Shivaay was expressionless…. Ranveer was quiet and was waiting for either of them to speak…. But sensing that they won’t speak he broke the silence….

Ranveer: Shivaay…. Om….

He was not able to complete his sentence as his best friends hugged him tightly…. Ranveer was shocked for a moment but soon hugged them back…. Tears flowed from their eyes…. After some time they broke the hug and wiped each other’s tears….

Shivaay: Ranveer, why didn’t you tell us earlier…. We have known each other for years…. We would have helped you…. We would have fought for Ishika….
Omkara: Shivaay is right…. Why didn’t you tell us earlier yaar…. We are best friends…. We would have stood by you in all those hard times….
Ranveer: I am sorry guys…. I know I should have told you earlier but I just didn’t have the courage…. I didn’t know how and what to tell you all….
Shivaay: But what has happened suddenly that you told Prinku the truth….
Omkara: Ranveer is it related to the phone call you received yesterday….
Ranveer: Yes…. The caller knows that I share relation with the Ranas…. I don’t know who it is that knows the truth…. As far as I know we never disclosed this to anyone outside Rana family….
Shivaay: Maybe some rival of the Ranas or someone who has enmity with you….
Omkara: Or maybe Roop bua and Kaveri bua….

Shivaay and Ranveer looked at Om,

Ranveer: But how can they know?
Shivaay: As far as I know bua, well she can use any means to find whatever she wants to know…. She knows that Prinku is our weakness and you are Prinku’s weakness…. She might have thought to use you and maybe start finding about anything that can hurt you…. She must have found out by hook or crook….
Omkara: Shivaay is right…. This is not the first time that bua is planning against our family….
Ranveer: If it is so we have to find out soon…. And stop them from whatever they are planning to do….
Shivaay: We will definitely stop them…. This time we will stop them before they do anything with our family….
Omkara: Well, at least their blackmailing Ranveer won’t work now…. The way Prinku reacted and understood Ranveer…. I think their first step of the plan only failed….

The trio smile at each other.

Ranveer: I’ll freshen up…. And then we will tell our family also…. They too deserve to know the truth….
Omkara: Ranveer, you can take your time…. I mean there is no need to tell them everything now itself….
Ranveer: No Om, this is the right time…. No worries I’ll be fine after all my best friends and my wife are there to support me….
Shivaay: Okay then, you freshen up and come down…. We all are waiting for you….



The entire family was sitting there when Ranveer came down, he looked at everyone and then made up his mind to tell them the truth…. He walked down and stood in front of them…. All of them looked at him while ShivOmPri prayed that everything remains fine….

Dadi: Ranveer puttar, where were you…. You didn’t come for breakfast also….
Ranveer: Dadi, actually last night I slept late so woke up also late….
Sumitra: Don’t stress yourself so much Ranveer…. You should take care of your health also….
Ranveer: Yes aunty, I understand and don’t worry I am fine…. Actually there is something really important that I need to tell you all…. (Everyone could notice the worry in his voice)…. I know I should have told you all earlier only but I didn’t have the courage to face the truth….
Gauri: Ranveer Bhaiya, you are sounding tensed…. Please tell us clearly….
Ranveer: Actually…. (And he tells them everything he told to ShivOmPri)….

All of them were still listening to whatever Ranveer told them…. Tears collected in their eyes…. Priyanka held Ranveer’s hand giving him assurance that she was there with him, today and forever…. ShivOm also signed though their eyes to not worry at all…. No one was saying anything nor was anyone reacting…. The first one to react was Soumya…. She wiped her tears and hugged Ranveer….

Soumya: I know that my words won’t bring back Ishika nor will they erase the memories that hurt you Bhaiya…. But still I will say that you have so much of courage and strength that you kept all these memories in your heart knowing that they would give you immense pain…. Bhaiya I am so proud of you that you fought until you got justice for your sister…. Also never think that you are alone…. I am your sister and I’ll always be with you….

Ranveer was moved by Soumya’s words and caressed her hair…. Seeing Soumya and Ranveer…. Gauri also joined their hug….

Gauri: Bhaiya, you are the best brother in this world….

Ishana walks to Ranveer,

Ishana: Bhaiya never think that you have lost your Ishu…. I am there naa, this Ishu will always be with you….

Ranveer smiles at her and she hugs him. All smile seeing them.

Ranveer walked to Dadi and folded his hands and bent his head in front of her,

Ranveer: I am really sorry Dadi…. I know I should have told you all the truth before marrying Priyanka…. I am really sorry…. I have broken your trust and I know whatever I say now won’t fix anything…. I was scared that I would lose Priyanka…. I just could not gather the courage to tell you all everything…. I know whatever I say now it won’t lessen my mistake…. Dadi…. You all please give me the punishment I deserve…. And if possible forgive me….

He sat down with his head bent down, and all the others were waiting for Dadi to say something,

Dadi: Ranveer…. Whatever you did was because of the fear of losing everyone in your life…. And we very well understand that fear…. Even we had lived with it for so many years…. We also hid truth from our family…. So how can we punish you for the mistake we also did in our life….
Janhvi: Mummy ji is saying the correct thing…. Even we never disclosed the truth to our children for so many years…. We understand your situation well Ranveer and we know what all you must have gone through….

Shekhar made Ranveer stand and hugged him,

Shekhar: Ranveer…. We are glad that today you could gather this courage and tell us the truth…. Even we never could gather the courage to tell the truth…. If the truth had not been unfolded that day, we don’t know for how many more years we would have hidden it….

Tej kept his hand on Ranveer’s head,

Tej: We very well know Ranveer how difficult it is to live with such a truth hidden in your heart…. Maa is right…. We cannot punish you for a mistake we had also committed…. In fact we are proud of you that you did so much for Ishika…. And that you fought till the end and got her justice….

Ranveer hugged Tej and then Shakti.

Dadi: But Ranveer puttar, how come you decided to tell us everything today….
Omkara: Dadi, wo actually…. (And he tells about the phone call and then their discussion)….
Pinky: OMM this Roop and that Kaveri…. They won’t let us live in peace at all….
Sakshi: Yes Choti maa…. I know Kaveri bua very well…. She can stoop to any level….
Anika: Whatever they had planned…. They won’t be successful…. It is impossible to break our family like this….
Arjun: Well let them do whatever they want…. We’ll also answer back with full strength….
Rudra: Correct Arjun Bhaiya…. They haven’t seen what we can do….
Ishana: Well when we all are together…. We don’t have to worry at all….

They all smile at each other.


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