After returning to Mumbai, the Mittals and Maheshwaris decided to go back to their own houses, although Dadi tried to convince them to stay with them, they denied thinking that the family needed their own time to think.

Priveer also invited Devakshi to stay with them at their house, Sonakshi immediately agreed and they also left to Priveer’s house from the airport.

Rikara, Anish and Vikshi were confused seeing the new mansion, they thought they were either going to Oberoi Mansion or Raichand Mansion but this was neither of the two.
They all got down from their cars, and soon staff came and took their luggage inside.

Dadi: Chalo let us go inside…. I am sure all of you must be tired….
Aniruddh: Dadi, where are we…. I mean this is not our house….
Sumitra: This is our house only…. Don’t be so confused and come let us go inside….
Gauri: But why are we staying here?
Rudra: Bhabhi, actually after you all left…. We all missed you so much and couldn’t stay at Oberoi Mansion…. Then Shivaay Bhaiya and Arjun Bhaiya came up with this idea that we buy a new house…. Where we all could stay together…. So that we would miss you all a little less….

Rikara, Anish and Vikshi feel sad that their family had left their house because of them.

Pinky: Okay enough…. No emotional talk now…. Let us go inside….

All smile at Pinky and then start walking towards the entrance, as Gauri and Ishana were about to enter, Ahana stops them,

Ahana: Gauri…. Ishu…. You both wait here and don’t come in….
Ishana: What has happened Bhabhi…. Why we both cannot come in?
Ahana: Wait here, I’ll just come…. Anika, you also come with me….
Anika: Thank God Ahana you remembered…. I had completely forgotten about this….

Anika also understood what was in Ahana’s mind and she followed her. Everyone was confused not knowing what were they going to do.

After few minutes, Ahana and Anika came back with aarti thali, kalash filled with rice grains and plate with kumkum water, the elder ladies smile seeing their daughter-in-
laws, the men also understood,

Dadi: Dekha Sumitra, Janhvi aur Pinky…. We forgot but our daughters remember all our traditions….

Anika and Ahana smiled seeing hearing this, they placed the kumkum water plate and kalash, one in front of Gauri and one in front of Ishana, and they smiled seeing this,

Dadi: Aniruddh…. Om…. Will we both give you special invitation…? (They looked confused at Dadi)…. Go and stand with your wives…. (They nodded and walked to their wives)….
Anika: Badi Maa, Sumitra aunty…. Come and welcome your daughter-in-laws….
Janhvi: No, not us…. Now this is Ahana and your duty….
Sumitra: Absolutely correct Janhvi…. Anika, Ahana…. You both have to now take ahead this family tradition…. So you both only do it….

Shivaay and Arjun feel proud seeing their wives and the bonds they had made with their family.

Ahana did the aarti for Anish and Anika did it for Rikara. IshRi hit the kalash with their feet and slowly with the help of their husbands, place their feet in the kumkum water and then place their first steps in their house. The two couples enter their house.

The entire family is happy seeing them, the last time they were all worried and even though they had welcomed their daughter-in-laws with great love and affection, the circumstances were hard for everyone but today, there was only happiness and happiness, the lost happiness had finally entered their house and their lives.

All were now sitting in the living room,

Sakshi: The interiors of the house are all so beautiful…. I really love everything about the place….
Shakti: Sakshi beta, this credit goes only to Anika, Ahana and Soumya…. They took care of everything according to everyone’s choices….
Sakshi: I must say I have got all talented Bhabhis…. In Shillong also, all interiors were done by Ishu Bhabhi and Gauri Bhabhi only….
Pinky: This will only happen naa…. All our daughters are talented….
Shekhar: Sahi kaha Pinky Bhabhi…. All our daughters are talented…. We are lucky to have them in our family….
Arjun: Bas even your sons are talented…. But tareef to sirf betiyon ki ho rahi hai, not fair….
Shivaay: I agree with Arjun…. Koi hume bhi thoda credit de de….
Anika: Kuch kiya hoga to credit denge naa….
Ahana: Correct Anika, tareef wale kaam kare pehle aap log…. Phir tareef bhi mil jayegi…. Kyun Maa?
Sumitra: Bilkul sahi kaha Ahana….
Arjun: I always knew Maa toh beti ki hi side lengi….
Tej: Why not our daughters are worth taking sides….

All the girls happily hug their elders; the boys give whatever wala looks.

Dadi: Acha bas…. Other talks can happen later…. Now, you all go and take rest…. All must be tired from the journey….

All of them take leave and go to their respective rooms. Anika, Ahana and Soumya were taking Rikara, Anish and Vikshi to their rooms, when Rudra called Aniruddh and Om, Shivaay and Arjun also stop hearing him,

Omkara: What has happened Rudra…. Why did you stop us…?
Rudra: O…. Aniruddh Bhaiya…. I know you all were welcomed as newlywed couples but don’t become naughty and disturb my Bhabhis…. Let them take some rest…. You have other nights also to….

Before he could complete,

AniOm: Shut up Rudra….

Aniruddh and Om glared at him angrily, IshRi felt shy, Shivika, Vikshi and Arhana were laughing and Soumya hit her forehead seeing her impossible husband and his talks.

At night, all had dinner together, everyone was talking to each other and there was fun and laughter, for the day they had kept all their worries aside and were enjoying all moments with each other.

After dinner everyone went to their respective rooms.

Sakshi was not getting sleep when she saw that the light of Dadi’s room was on, she thought to check once as to why Dadi was still awake, she walked to the door and was about to knock the door when Dadi saw her, they smiled at each other,

Dadi: Sakshi puttar…. Come in…. You don’t have to knock to enter your Dadi’s room….

Sakshi came in and Dadi made her sit beside her,

Sakshi: Dadi, you did not sleep till now…. You should take rest…. You must be tired from the hectic days and journey….
Dadi: You also are still awake…. You also must be tired….
Sakshi: Haa Dadi, but what to do…. I tried sleeping but I couldn’t sleep….
Dadi: You are missing your parents…. Hai naa….

Sakshi looked at Dadi surprised,

Sakshi: How did you know Dadi…. I didn’t tell anyone….
Dadi: Puttar, I have learnt a lot from experience…. I have raised four grandchildren…. So I know what words cannot express, eyes convey that…. (She cupped Sakshi’s face)…. And your eyes are telling me that you are missing Ranjit and Damini….

Sakshi hugs Dadi and Dadi just caressed her hair,

Sakshi: Dadi, no one has ever understood me like you understood…. When I was younger and I used to miss Mumma and Papa…. Bua used to tell me to forget all that and focus on my aim…. She did a lot for me, but I always had something missing in my life…. (She wiped her tears and looked at Dadi)…. I always wished for this love, care and affection…. Vikrant loves me a lot and he always did everything for me…. But I always missed my family…. And when I got a family…. I lost them because of my doings…. And because of me even Bhaiyas and Bhabhis lost their family….

Tears now flow from Sakshi’s eyes and Dadi gently wiped them,

Dadi: No puttar, never think like this again…. You didn’t do anything…. Everything happened according to the situation…. Om and Aniruddh discovered a truth that questioned their entire life as a lie…. I don’t know much about Aniruddh’s thinking but I know Om very well…. For him truth always mattered more than anything…. He thought that the only way to support the truth is to leave everything that he saw as a lie at that point of time…. Although deep down in his heart even Om knew that it wasn’t about truth or lie…. But just to make things right according to him, he chose that way…. But I am sure with time even he must have thought that he took a very spontaneous decision that did wrong more than right…. But now he just needs time to reframe his decision and I am sure this time Om will take the right decision….

Sakshi: Dadi, you know Om Bhaiya so well…. I don’t think anyone knows him like this….

Dadi smiled at Sakshi’s statement,

Dadi: Of course I know my grandchildren well…. But now I wish to know my granddaughter also…. (Sakshi felt happy hearing this from Dadi)….

Sakshi smiled and then they talked about each other.

Vikrant who had come looking for Sakshi heard their conversation; he smiled and quietly left to his room.

Even Om had heard Dadi and Sakshi’s conversation, he felt happy that his Dadi knew him so well and also that Sakshi was finally getting back everything that she had lost, he smiled at his sister and Dadi and walked back to his room.


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