The previous day, all of them were busy in doing the arrangements for the puja so none of them had any time to talk about the other issues of their lives. The elders were happy seeing their children together and the youngsters were happy and enjoying their time with each other, laughing and teasing each other.


Aniruddh, Omkara and Sakshi sat for doing the rituals while the rest of the family members were sitting behind them. The puja was going on and everyone was praying that Ranjit and Damini’s soul rests in peace, and that their children stay happy and safe.

After the puja, everyone was tired and decided to take rest. They all returned to their respective hotels.


Shivaay was busy with his mobile phone, Anika came out of the washroom and frowned seeing him with her sautan,

Anika: Shivaay….
Shivaay: Bolo Anika…. (Still looking at his phone)….

Anika didn’t say anything and feeling the silence; Shivaay looked up from his phone and saw Anika glaring at him,

Anika: Nothing can happen of you…. You’ll never change….
Shivaay: Anika, kya hua…. Why are you angry…? I do not understand anything….
Anika: So many years have passed since our marriage but you…. You haven’t changed at all…. You don’t have time for me at all…. All the time it is you, your work and your phone…. (She said and turned the other side)….

Shivaay immediately got up from his place, he walked to her, he made her face him, and he lifted her face and made her look at him,

Shivaay: Anika…. You know naa how busy I am…. I have many works to manage…. (Anika looked at him in disbelief)…. But never think that I have no time for you…. When it comes to my Anika…. I have all the time in the world…. (Shivaay smiled and Anika also smiled at him)….
Anika: Shivaay…. Sometimes I still wonder that how could I be so lucky to have you in my life….
Shivaay: No Anika…. I am luckier than you…. That I have you in my life….

Shivaay and Anika smile at each other and Anika hugs him resting her head on his chest and he covers her with his arms,

Anika: I love you Shivaay….
Shivaay: I love you Anika….


Priyanka was smiling to herself; Ranveer saw her and was confused,

Ranveer: What has happened Priyanka…. You are smiling a lot today….
Priyanka: I am smiling because I am so happy today…. Finally our family is together again….
Ranveer: Even I am happy….

Priyanka hugs Ranveer,

Priyanka: Ranveer, I just want one thing that our family always stays together like this only…. I love our family a lot…. I just hope that now no one gives anymore sadness to the family….
Ranveer (thinking): How do I tell you Priyanka…? That I am also going to give sadness to our family…. I don’t know how you all will react when you will know the truth I have hidden from everyone…. Even my best friends Shivaay and Om don’t know about this…. How will they react when they’ll know that their friend lied to them for years…?

Priyanka breaks the hug and looks at Ranveer, who was lost in his thoughts, she clicked her fingers and broke his chain of thoughts,

Priyanka: Where are you lost Mr. ACP?
Ranveer: Just thinking about how lucky I have to have you in my life…. You gave me such a loving and caring family….
Priyanka: I didn’t do anything…. You have won their hearts with your love and care….

Priyanka smiles at him and he smiles back,

Ranveer: I love you Priyanka…. I love you a lot….
Priyanka: I love you too Ranveer….


Ishana: I just hope that after going back to Mumbai…. We are able to convince Om to stay back…. I really want to stay with everyone….
Aniruddh: Because of Om and me…. You all also had to suffer so much naa…. You all didn’t want to leave Mumbai at all but you all left it because of us….
Ishana: It is true that we didn’t want to leave Mumbai…. But it is also true that we could never leave you two alone….

Ishana kept her hand on Aniruddh’s hand and he looked at her, she smiled and he smiled back,

Aniruddh: Ishana, thank you so much for always being with me…. If you weren’t there I don’t know what I would have done….
Ishana: How could I leave you alone…? I know I was upset with your decision but I always cared for you…. I could never ever think of leaving you alone…. And with the passage of time I have understood that you too missed everybody just like me…. I knew even you wished to go back to Mumbai and stay with everyone…. I could see your pain in your eyes….

Aniruddh hugs Ishana and she hugs him back,

Aniruddh: Ishana…. You are the best thing that has happened to me…. I love you a lot….
Ishana: I love you Aniruddh….


Ahana: Aniruddh toh has agreed to stay back but I don’t know how are we going to convince Om?

Ahana sits down on the bed worried, Arjun sits beside her,

Arjun: Don’t worry Ahana…. We’ll think of something and now we are all together…. Such a big family…. We can easily convince one family member….
Ahana: But last time also we had to convince one family member only…. But we couldn’t do it also….
Arjun: Last time was a different case…. Om had just learnt the truth and he took a decision spontaneously…. But now it has been three years…. He must have also reflected back on his decisions…. He just needs time…. And I am sure once he stays with us all he wouldn’t be able to leave us all….
Ahana: I hope so that it happens as you are saying…. I just want Maa and Papa to smile again…. You saw naa how happy they were when they saw Aniruddh…. I just want them to be happy like that always….
Arjun: Ahana…. You love our family so much….
Ahana: Why wouldn’t I…. This is our family and I love them all….
Arjun: And I love you the most….

Ahana smiles at him and kisses his cheek,

Ahana: And I too love you the most….

They smile at each other.


Vidhi was setting the bed when Yash comes there; he sits on the couch, Vidhi looks at him,

Yash: Finally Ishu is back…. I missed her so much…. Life felt so incomplete without her….

Vidhi sits beside him,

Vidhi: You are right Yash…. All our mornings would start with Ishu and her talks…. She was the lifeline of our house…. I know how much Papa and you pampered her…. And now see how that Ishu handles her own family and life….
Yash: You are right Vidhi…. Ishu has changed a lot…. She has grown up from Dad’s princess to a responsible wife…. I still remember how she used to come to us for even small things and now see how she solved all her problems….
Vidhi: I am happy that Ishu is happy in her life…. And I wish that God always keeps her happy like this…. I just hope we convince Om to stay back….
Yash: Don’t worry Vidhi…. I am sure Aniruddh and Sakshi will definitely convince him to stay back….
Vidhi: I pray that what you are saying only happens….
Yash: It will happen…. And now you don’t take tension and keep all your worries aside….

Yash kissed Vidhi’s forehead and she hugs him,

Vidhi: Yash…. I love you a lot….

Yash smiles at her,

Yash: And I love you too Vidhi….


Rudra was smiling a lot and constantly checking his phone, Soumya had been keenly observing the weird yet cute doings of her husband, finally not able to control her curiosity for longer, she asked him,

Soumya: Rudra, what are you doing? You are constantly checking your phone and then smiling like an idiot….
Rudra: Sumo…. I am busy…. Don’t disturb me now…. We’ll talk later….
Soumya: Busy and you…. Definitely it is not something serious…. Must be some time pass only….

Rudra looked at her and frowned,

Rudra: Sumo, what do you mean by time pass…. FYI, even I have important works to handle….

Soumya now start laughing adding more to Rudra’s annoyance,

Soumya: You and important work…. Rudra, are you fine…. I think you need a doctor….
Rudra: Sumo, not fair yaar…. You always underestimate my strength….

Saying this Rudra made a sad face and sat down on the bed, Soumya saw him and composed herself, she sat beside Rudra,

Soumya: Awww Rudra…. You look so cute when make this face…. (She pulled his cheek)…. My crybaby…. (She smiles)….
Rudra: Sumo yaar…. You always bring this smile and I forget that I have to be upset with you….
Soumya: That is why I do it…. I know my smile is your weakness….
Rudra: Not only this smile…. Everything about my cute wife is my weakness…. Sumo, I love you so much…. (He pulled her cheeks)….
Soumya: And I love you a lot crybaby…. (She too pulled his cheeks)….

They both look at each other and the room was filled with their laughter.


Gauri was looking out from the window when Om saw her staring outside the window; he also stood beside her and spoke,

Omkara: Gauri, what are you thinking? You seem to be lost in your own thoughts….
Gauri: Nothing Om…. I was thinking about the past few days…. We met everybody after years but it feels like we all were together only…. Nothing has changed between all of us….
Omkara: That is what family is Gauri…. No matter how far you live or how long you are away…. At the end of the day…. They are all that you have and nothing changes in a family….
Gauri: Om, sometimes I wonder how could a person like you, who values family so much, think of leaving the people he loved so much, whom he cared for…. (Before Gauri could continue, Om interrupted her)….
Omkara: Gauri, please I don’t want to talk about it….
Gauri: Not talking is not going to help Om…. I thought after seeing them after three years, you would change your decision but I guess I was wrong….

Gauri turned to go but Om held her hand, she looked at him,

Omkara: Gauri, do you trust me?
Gauri: Of course Om, I trust you….
Omkara: Then just trust me that I know whatever I am doing….

Gauri nodded feeling that Om had definitely thought something and then taken the decision.

Omkara: Thank you Gauri…. You are the best…. I love you so much….
Gauri: I love you too Om….

They smiled at each other.


Sonakshi was sitting in front of the mirror, applying lotion to her arms; Dev was sitting, busy in his phone,

Sonakshi: Dev…. (Dev looked at her)…. When I first went to Shillong, I was so anxious…. I was continuously praying to God that please make my guess correct…. And….
Dev: And then what…. What had happened then Sona?
Sonakshi: And then when I saw Sakshi and I knew my guess was right…. I felt like life coming back to me….
Dev: You love the family a lot naa….
Sonakshi: I cannot tell you Dev…. Words aren’t enough to explain how much they all mean to me…. They supported me, took care of me and gave me love and affection when I thought I had lost everything…. (Tears collect in her eyes as she remembers her parent’s accident)….

Dev got up from the bed, and sat in front of her, he wiped her tears, and looked at her,

Dev: Don’t worry Sona…. You wouldn’t lose your family again…. I won’t let it happen again…. I know last time I couldn’t do much but I promise this time I’ll not let it happen again….
Sonakshi: I know Dev…. I trust you….
Dev: Then don’t cry and give me that smile…. Wo smile jiska main deewaana hoon….

Sona playfully hit him and smiled,

Sonakshi: Don’t start with those cheesy lines…. I know all your tricks to make me smile….
Dev: So what I can do anything to make my wife smile….
Sonakshi: Dev…. I love you…
Dev: And I love my Sona….

Sonakshi kissed on his cheek and he smiled at her, she smiles at him.


From the time they had returned to the room Sakshi’s excitement was clearly seen on her face, Vikrant could do nothing but just smile at his adorable wife,

Sakshi: Vikrant…. Finally…. After three years it is happening…. We are going to Mumbai…. I am so happy…. I cannot tell you….
Vikrant: You don’t have to tell me…. Your face is clearly reflecting all your happiness….

Sakshi hugged Vikrant and he hugged her back,

Sakshi: Vikrant, I just want this happiness to stay like this forever…. I hope Om Bhaiya agrees….
Vikrant: Don’t think too much Sakshi…. I am sure once Om is back in Mumbai and his house, he wouldn’t be able to leave them at all….
Sakshi: I hope so that the same happens…. Vikrant…. I have always wanted a family that loves me, cares for me and protects me…. I don’t want to lose them Vikrant…. I don’t want to….

Vikrant made Sakshi face him and cupped her face,

Vikrant: You won’t lose anyone Sakshi…. I know you have lost a lot in your life but I promise that this time you won’t lose anything….
Sakshi: Vikrant, I hope that this happens….
Vikrant: It will happen Sakshi…. And for that you have to be strong and be your family’s support….

Sakshi smiles at him,

Sakshi: Thank you Vikrant for coming in my life…. I love you so much….
Vikrant: And I love you Sakshi….

Vikrant smiles at her.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It has been a long time that I wrote about the couples, so thought to dedicate this update to all our lovely couples. I hope all the fans like it and I didn’t disappoint any fans.


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