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HOTEL (Where Oberois and others are residing),


All of them returned to the hotel,

Pinky: OMM…. Never thought God would fulfill our wish like this…. Thank God that we met them today….
Sumitra: Whatever happened and however it happened…. I am happy that our children are back….
Vikram: Sahi kaha aapne Bhabhi…. Now that they are here, we won’t let them leave us again….

Anika was in her thoughts Ahana noticed this,

Ahana: What are you thinking Anika?
Anika: Nothing…. I’ll talk to Shivaay…. (Anika left towards their room)….
Dadi: Let her go…. Only she can handle Billu at this time….

All agreed with Dadi and left to their respective rooms.


Shivaay entered the room, he had so many emotions suppressed within himself from the time he had seen Om, his brother, his Om who completed the Obros…. Now Shivaay couldn’t control himself any more, he sat down on his knees, tears flowing from his eyes, he remembered all the time he had spent with Om…. their childhood fun, their teenage days, their time when he was in London for studies and OmRu were in India, how Om advised him whenever needed, their Obro moments in the kitchen, cooking together, singing, teasing each other, how Om made him understand his love for Anika, how Om introduced Gauri to him, how Om met with an accident and was in a coma, how Om recovered, Om’s wedding, and then how Om left him alone three years ago…. Each moment still fresh in his mind…. He was crying….

Anika entered the room, she saw Shivaay sitting on the floor, she immediately understood what was happening with him, she walked towards him and sat beside him, she gently placed her hand on his shoulder, Shivaay felt her touch, he knew it could be none other than his Anika, he just hugged her tightly, and cried more, she could feel his pain, she just tightened their hug and caressed his hair, she knew what he was going through…. Whatever he said at the Ghat was just his anger and hurt…. And now here in this room was his real pain…. She comforted him…. After sometime they broke the hug…. Anika wiped his tears…. She then made him sit on the bed, brought water for him and made him drink it…. Now Shivaay also relaxed a little….

Anika: Shivaay….
Shivaay: No Anika…. I know what you will say; I just don’t want to hear it….
Anika: Shivaay…. For how long will you run away like this…. It has been three years now…. Let it go…. Don’t behave as if you don’t care about Om…. I know that you also want him to come back and you know it too….
Shivaay: Yes Anika…. I want him to come back…. I want it because I have promised Badi Maa that I’ll bring her Om back…. But that doesn’t mean I have forgiven him…. How could he leave us…. How could he leave Rudra and me…. He said that he isn’t an Oberoi…. I understand that but how can he say he is not my brother…. Who gave him the right to take decisions on his own….
Anika: Shivaay…. I understand that you are hurt by Om’s behavior but please don’t do this…. We tried so much to find them…. By God’s grace we met them…. But now if you behave like this…. They’ll again leave us…. Do you want that?
Shivaay: No, I wouldn’t let that happen…. This time they’ll not go anywhere…. Shivaay Singh Oberoi wouldn’t let them go….

Anika smiled seeing the determination in Shivaay’s eyes; she knew whenever Shivaay referred to himself as Shivaay Singh Oberoi he would not fail at all, she knew he would do what was needed, she felt relieved.

HOTEL (Where Om and others are staying),


Om’s condition was no different than Shivaay, he entered the room and sat down on the bed, tears were flowing from his eyes, he was feeling guilty for hurting Shivaay so much, he knew that whatever Shivaay said to him at the Ghat was his anger but deep inside was Shivaay’s pain…. He knew that Shivaay never expressed himself much in front of others and that’s why he said all those things and left…. But Om knew that even Shivaay would be crying after reaching the hotel and being alone…. He remembered all his time he had spent with Shivaay and Rudra…. Tears were not stopping from Omkara’s eyes…. He had hurt his Shivaay a lot and this guilt was hurting him….

Gauri entered the room and saw Om crying…. She felt hurt seeing Om is this state, she went and sat beside him…. Om looked at her and hugged her tightly…. Tears flowing with more speed now….

Omkara: Gauri…. I have hurt Shivaay…. I am very bad…. I hurt Shivaay…. Shivaay was always there to protect me, guide me, support me and I…. What did I do…. I just hurt him and gave him pain…. He may show that he is angry with me but I know he is deeply hurt because of me….
Gauri: Om…. Please don’t say like this…. I know you…. You didn’t do that to hurt anyone…. I know you love Shivaay Bhaiya a lot and he too loves you the same…. He cannot be angry with you for a longer time…. I know if you’ll talk to him…. He’ll understand….
Omkara: I don’t know Gauri…. How will I face him….
Gauri: Om…. You don’t have to worry about how you will face him…. I know when you both will meet again…. Things will happen on their own…. You both know what to do and how to do….


Sakshi and Vikrant were sitting their tensed thinking what was going to happen and what they were going to do,

Sakshi: I don’t know what will happen ahead…. We made them meet each other…. But now what….
Vikrant: Don’t worry Sakshi…. I am sure now that they have met each other…. They won’t let each other go away….

They were talking when Sakshi’s phone rang; it was Sonakshi’s call, she showed it to Vikrant and received the call,

Sakshi: Hello Sona….
Sonakshi: Hi Sakshi…. How are you yaar…. I never thought that our plan would turn out like this….
Sakshi: Yes yaar…. I was also thinking the same…. God knows what will happen ahead….
Sonakshi: Whatever happens we cannot fail now…. We did so much to bring them here together….
Sakshi: Yes you are right…. We cannot fail now….
Sonakshi: Did you tell anyone that we planned all this?
Sakshi: Yes, I told Vikrant everything…. I am sorry yaar…. I had to tell him….
Sonakshi: I understand Sakshi…. Even I told Dev sometime before…. He was so mad at me but I handled him….
Sakshi: But now that everyone is here and all are together…. I know everything will happen for the better only….
Sonakshi: Even I am wishing the same….
Sakshi: Anyways we are meeting tomorrow…. We all will decide something together….
Sonakshi: You are right…. Together we all will definitely succeed….
Sakshi: Okay then…. Don’t take stress and take rest…. Tomorrow is a long day….
Sonakshi: Yeah tomorrow is definitely a long day…. You too take rest…. Good night….
Sakshi: Yes…. Good night….

Sakshi disconnected the call, but she was still worried.

Vikrant: Don’t worry yaar Sakshi…. Everything will be fine….

He kissed her forehead and she rested her head on his chest, he covered her with his arms, making her feel secure and worry free.

All of them were looking forward to the next day.


Ranveer was in his thoughts,

Ranveer (thinking): I thought to talk to Priyanka about my worries…. But here things became more complicated…. Now I cannot stress everyone more…. First this problem has to be sorted…. Then I will tell about mine…. Till then I have to be with my family and be their support….

He closed his eyes to relax himself.


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  1. Fenil

    Fablous chp.

    1. Prajkta

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  2. Emotional one ❤❤…loved om and shivaay bonding…sona was behind all this…😍

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you Anjali

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