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After the revelations in the previous episode, I thought to introduce the characters again so that no one in confused. If you have any doubts, they will be cleared in the upcoming episodes and you’ll understand the story better.

 Omkara Singh Oberoi – Main Lead
 Aniruddh Raichand – Om’s lookalike – Main lead
 Ishana Mittal – Main Lead
 Gauri Maheshwari – Omkara’s fiancé
 Shivaay Singh Oberoi – Omkara’s cousin
 Karan Mehra – Doctor at St. Stephen Hospital
 Natasha Malhotra – Doctor at St. Stephen Hospital
 Ranveer Singh Randhawa – ACP in Mumbai Police

 Anika Singh Oberoi – Shivaay’s wife
 Rudra Singh Oberoi – Omkara’s younger brother
 Soumya Singh Oberoi – Rudra’s wife
 Priyanka Singh Oberoi – Omkara’s younger sister
 Tej and Janhvi Singh Oberoi – Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka’s parents
 Shakti and Pinky Singh Oberoi – Shivaay’s parents
 Kalyani Singh Oberoi – Tej and Shakti’s mother
 Vikram and Meera Mittal – Ishana’s parents
 Yash Mittal – Ishana’s elder brother
 Vidhi Mittal – Yash’s wife
 Sanjay and Sandhya Maheshwari – Gauri’s parents
 Shekhar and Sumitra Raichand – Aniruddh’s parents (Their story will be revealed soon)
 Arjun Raichand – Aniruddh’s elder brother
 Ahana Raichand – Arjun’s wife




Ranveer was waiting for Shivaay and Gauri. The doorbell rang and Ranveer goes to open the door.

Ranveer: I was waiting for you only.

He looks up and is shocked to see Priyanka.

Priyanka: You were waiting for me, but I didn’t tell you that I am coming here. (She smiles at him)
Ranveer: Priyanka, what are you doing here?
Priyanka: Why, I cannot come here? If that is so, I’ll go.
Ranveer: No, I didn’t mean that. I am sorry…

Priyanka laughs seeing his condition.

Priyanka: Ranveer, it is okay. By the way, can I come inside or are we going to talk like this only?
Ranveer: Oh yes, please come inside. (Thinks) I have to tell Shivaay and Gauri not to come here, otherwise everything will get messed up.

Priyanka sees him lost in his thoughts,

Priyanka: Mr. ACP, kaha kho gaye.
Ranveer: Nowhere, I am coming.

He takes Priyanka to the living room and makes her sit on the sofa.

Ranveer: You wait here; I’ll get water for you.
Priyanka: That’s not needed, I am fine. Actually, I wanted to talk to you.
Ranveer (thinking): If I sit here, how’ll I inform Shivaay?
Priyanka: Ranveer…. Ranveer (She clicks her fingers and Ranveer comes out of his thoughts)… What happened, I think you didn’t like me coming here?
Ranveer: No Priyanka, nothing like that…. You were saying something….
Priyanka: Wo…. Whatever I tell you, please don’t tell any of this to Shivaay Bhaiya or anyone (Ranveer looks at her confused)
Ranveer: What happened Priyanka, you seem worried?
Priyanka: Yesterday I saw you and Bhaiya at the hospital (Ranveer looks at her shocked)…. I was there to meet a friend when I saw both of you…. But before I could meet you both, Anika Bhabhi called me home and I had to leave (Ranveer feels relieved hearing this)…. I just want to know, why were you there?
Ranveer: Wo… Actually two doctors, Karan and Natasha are Shivaay and my friends, so we were there to meet them. Don’t worry; we were there to meet our friends.

Priyanka smiles hearing this,

Priyanka: Thank God. I was so worried thinking what had happened but now you have made me worry free. (Ranveer feels bad lying to her)
Ranveer (thinking): I am sorry Priyanka but I cannot tell you the truth.
Priyanka: I should be leaving; I have to go somewhere else also.
Ranveer: It’s okay. Even I have to go out for some work.

Priyanka gets up to leave, Ranveer also stood up.

Priyanka: Bye and thank you.
Ranveer: No need of saying thank you.

Priyanka leaves and Ranveer feels relieved.

Ranveer: Thank God, she left before Shivaay and Gauri came.

Ranveer was about to close the door when Shivaay and Gauri come there,

Shivaay: Are yaar, first let us come inside, then close the door.

Ranveer smiles seeing Shivaay and Gauri.

Ranveer: Ha tu mat aa, I’ll only allow my sister to come.
Gauri: You both will never change.

They enter inside and get seated in the living room.

Gauri: Shivaay Bhaiya, now tell me, what did you want to tell me?
Ranveer: Relax Gauri, we’ll tell you.
Shivaay: Gauri…. Natasha had called us yesterday to the hospital and….
Gauri: And…. What did she tell you Bhaiya…. Om is okay naa?
Ranveer: He is fine Gauri…. In fact she told us that his health is improving and if this continues Om will gain consciousness soon.

Tears flowed from Gauri’s eyes as she heard that her Om, her Om would gain consciousness soon and then he’ll come back to her and then, everything would be fine.

Gauri: Bhaiya, Om… He’ll be fine and he’ll come out of the coma (Shivaay and Ranveer smile at her)
Ranveer: Yes Gauri…. Om….

Before he could say anything, they heard a voice and turned around to see Priyanka standing at the door, they were shocked and looked at each other,

Priyanka: Om Bhaiya is in coma…. (Her eyes are filled with tears)


Everyone was having lunch when Ishana comes there, she sits beside Meera,

Vikram: Ishu, where were you? You are never late like this.
Ishana: Nothing dad, I was just talking to a friend.
Vidhi: See Ishu, today I have made your favorite dish, Paneer butter masala.
Ishana: Bhabhi, you are the best. I love you so much.
Vidhi: Love you too (She serves Ishana the food)
Yash: Dad, did you hear the latest news?
Vikram: What news, what happened?
Yash: Dad, the Raichands are returning back to India.

Ishana looks up hearing the name,

Ishana (thinking): Raichands, is Aniruddh related to them?
Vikram: But they were in London for so long.
Meera: Yes, even I remember we had met them last when they left to London. After that we had no contact with them.
Yash: Even I heard the same but guess they want to come back to India. We’ll meet them again soon.
Ishana (thinking): I’ll talk to him and ask him only.

They have their lunch talking about other things.



Janhvi: What are you saying Tej?
Tej: Yes Janhvi, whatever I said is right only. The Raichands are coming back to India.

Janhvi sits down on the bed, tears collect in her eyes, Tej feels sad seeing her, he sits beside her and she rests her head on his shoulder,

Janhvi: Tej, I don’t want anyone to know the truth, I cannot face everyone if the truth is out.
Tej: Don’t worry Janhvi; no one will know the truth. Before that only, I’ll talk to Shekhar and Sumitra.
Janhvi: I just want Om and Gauri’s wedding to happen without any problems.
Tej: I understand your concern Janhvi, but I am there naa. I’ll make everything fine.
Janhvi: I know Tej, I know you’ll make everything fine.


Aniruddh was talking to someone on the phone,

Aniruddh: Bhai, why didn’t you all tell me earlier…. And how did you all decide to come back to India suddenly?
Arjun: I thought my brother would be happy hearing that we are coming back but I guess you are not happy.
Aniruddh: No Bhai, I didn’t mean it like that…
Arjun: Relax yaar, I was just kidding…. Even I didn’t know…. Mom-Dad decided everything and you know how Dad is, once he decides something, it has to happen…. Anyways I called to tell you, we are coming day after tomorrow…. So meet you soon….
Aniruddh: See you soon Bhai….

Aniruddh disconnects the call and start thinking,

Aniruddh (thinking): I thought once Omkara is fine…. I’ll go back to London and this chapter will be over…. But now my family is coming here…. I cannot handle both the families at one time…. I have to do something but before that I have to talk to Shivaay….


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